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10 Creative Mother’s Day Coffee Gifts to Spoil Your Mom!

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Mother’s Day is coming up, and that means you will need the perfect gift! Maybe it’s time to move beyond the classic box of chocolates or bouquet. If your mother, wife, or grandmother is a coffee lover, we have 10 great gift ideas for you.

Scroll down to find gifts for every mother, including gourmet beans, upgraded coffee makers, and thoughtful, affordable gifts you can make at home. And if all else fails, try our last suggestion: giving the gift of knowledge!

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Top 10 Amazing Mother’s Day Coffee Gifts:

Coffee Beans

Is there anything as convenient as having gourmet coffee delivered right to your door? Give the gift of weeks or months of amazing coffee!

1. Lifeboost Low-Acid Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee review Medium Roast

Treat your mom to fresh, ethically sourced coffee that won’t upset her stomach! Lifeboost’s coffee beans are naturally low-acid, meaning they are easy on your stomach and teeth. Did we mention that this coffee is delicious and 50% off?

2. Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club subscription Peru dark roast coffee

Want to give the gift of adventure? Atlas Coffee Club is a fun subscription featuring world-class coffee beans and colorful packaging. Your mother can travel the world through her coffee cup!

This year, Atlas is offering 50% off your first month and up to $50 off gifts. The convenient gift options include choosing a specific shipping date, adding a custom gift note, and sending your gift straight to her email if you’ve run out of time. With deals like that, why not treat yourself and your mother?

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3. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Said to be some of the world’s best coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee would make an over-the-top gift for any serious coffee lover. These beans only grow in a specific part of the Jamaican mountains — and they’re herbal, floral, and slightly nutty.

Coffee Makers

Is your mom still using a decades-old drip coffee maker? Upgrade her equipment with a new coffee or espresso maker! A great coffee maker is a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Chemex

chemex coffee maker
Image Credit: Zarak Khan, Unsplash

The Chemex is a classic pour-over brewer that makes amazing coffee and looks good doing it. Equally at home on your kitchen counter or in the Museum of Modern Art, this award-winning glass brewer can double as a flower vase!

5. Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Prodigio

Nespresso is a European company famous for its easy-to-use espresso machines. Pop in a pod, push the brew button, and you’ll have a rich, crema-topped shot of espresso in minutes. Your mother will love the convenience of this single-serve brewer — and there’s one for every budget level!

Homemade Coffee Gifts

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to cost a fortune! You can make the mom in your life feel loved with a homemade coffee gift.

6. Coffee Scrub

coffee scrub
Image credit: Julia Sudnitskaya, Shutterstock

Whip up a batch of this simple coffee scrub to treat mom to a spa day. It’s invigorating and exfoliating!

7. Help in the Garden

Coffee Plant
A small coffee plant. | Image Credit: danramirez, Pixabay

Does your mother or grandmother have a green thumb? Help with spring garden cleanup as an extra thoughtful gift! Learn about which plants like coffee grounds as fertilizer, or expand her collection by growing a coffee plant.

8. Coffee Filter Flowers

coffee filter flowers
Image Credit: Tamanna Rumee, Unsplash

This is a great last-minute gift that’s also kid-friendly. Fold a few coffee filter flowers and tie them into a beautiful bouquet. Bring it in on a breakfast-in-bed tray for extra points!

9. Colorful Lattes

beautiful beet latte
Image Credit: Maddi Bazzocco, Unsplash

Speaking of breakfast in bed, why not surprise the mother in your life with a colorful lavender, turmeric, or beet latte? Or whip up a tasty batch of chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Learn About Coffee

For the mom who has everything, we can only recommend one gift: knowledge!

10. Coffee Classes

Coffee Classes
Image Credit: StockSnap, Pixabay

Has your mother always wanted to learn more about her favorite drink? Sign her up for a coffee class or organize a coffee cupping at home!

Another great idea is to put the coffee class invitation into one of these beautiful coffee card templates from iHeartCraftyThings!

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Final Thoughts

There you have it: 10 creative and fun gift ideas to help you celebrate Mother’s Day! From gourmet coffee beans to homemade lattes, we hope you’ve found the perfect gift for the mother or grandmother in your life. And if you want to treat yourself while you’re at it, we say go for it! A delicious cup of coffee is always a good idea.


Featured image: Vlada Tikhonova, Shutterstock


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