So, who is Coffee Affection?

We blog about everything coffee. Gear, beans, types of roasts, and all the new inventions that are introduced to the industry every year.

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Our mission is to help you level up your barista skills​

Therefore, we blog daily, and constantly try to up our game by following other blogs, news, and YouTubers. Right now we publish multiple pieces each week. We’re also looking to start a YouTube channel shortly where we show you how to do different types of brewing, test different subscriptions and so much more.

We’re always up for a coffee discussion, and you can reach out to us at any time through our contact page.


To put it short:

We love coffee and want to spread our love through this blog.

Meet our team

Christian Adams author

Connect with Christian

Christian Adams: Co-founder & Managing Editor

A die-hard coffee purist and caffeine aficionado, Christian got turned on to the magic elixir in the early 90s during a visit to one of the first Starbucks chain locations to open in Chicago. The revelation of his first properly-pulled triple espresso led Christian to become the general manager and head barista of a coffeeshop in his hometown.

Decades later and thousands of miles away, Christian now lives in the Philippines where his beverage of choice is brewed from locally-grown Barako beans, also known as kapeng barako, which translates to “stud” in Philippine culture and has crack-like properties. Christian takes his barako black over ice and as strong as possible.

Connect with Kate

Kate has been a coffee enthusiast since she could reach the kitchen counter and a writer since she could hold a pen. A native of Colorado, she loves drinking amazing coffee all over the world and has an ever-growing collection of coffee gear.

She’s sipped espresso with yuzu in Thailand, goat milk caramel lattes in Mexico, buttery white coffee in Malaysia, and cream cheese coffee in Korea. At a coffee plantation in Tanzania, Kate roasted coffee beans over an open fire — and probably still smells like coffee. Trust us: you can’t get that aroma out of your hair! At home, her favorite brewing method is smooth, clear Chemex — although the Wacaco Minipresso is a close second. She enjoys writing for coffee websites and sampling every kind of coffee known to man.

Connect with Dan

Dan has been a coffee fanatic since caffeine became a necessity in college, and since then his enthusiasm has only grown. He has come a long way since his days of drinking mass-produced coffee, and he now has a love and appreciation of the entire coffee experience from farm to cup. He lives in New York with his wife, and together their love of all things coffee has expanded into Good Freakin’ Coffee Co, the coffee company they started to bring the joy of high-quality, speciality coffee to others.

His favorite brewing method is French press, which is featured in his morning ritual that also involves grinding and meticulously weighing coffee and water for the perfectly crafted cup.

Connect with Sean

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Sean’s obsession with coffee started when he received his first French press as a gift almost ten years ago. Since then, his love of coffee – and the number of coffee gadgets he owns – has grown considerably. A scientist by training, there is no stone he has left unturned in the never-ending quest for the perfect cup of coffee. He has spent many hours tuning his pour-over technique, thinking about how to best compare grind quality, and worrying about whether the Nicaraguan or Kenyan beans will make the best cold brew.

These days he favors the Hario V60, and starts each day by hand grinding his coffee before enjoying a cup prepared with care and attention to detail.

Connect with Jaimie

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Jaimie Wisniowski

Jaimie is a freelance writer fueled by coffee, whether it’s hot, iced, or made from a local coffee shop. She enjoys writing all things coffee, especially if it means trying the latest coffee shop trends (hello cold foam!). After spending years writing poems, college essays, and short stories, it only a matter of time to turn writing into a career. Writing about coffee simply combined two of her favorite things!

When she’s not drinking coffee by the minute and writing at her laptop, Jaimie spends time hiking, exercising, and living an active life. She also loves to snuggle up with a good book and her dog, Margo. If you catch her without a cup of coffee, she’s probably on her way to the coffee maker now.

Connect with Sophie

Sophie Short: Coffee Expert

With over seven years in the specialty coffee industry, Sophie is passionate about accessibility and education within the industry. She believes that resources, educational and otherwise, should be readily available for all coffee enthusiasts and professionals.

As a trainer, Sophie offers a variety of coffee education courses ranging from Barista Basics to Machine Maintenance. Additionally, Sophie has years of experience both in roastery operations and behind the bar as a barista.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Sophie started an independent consulting business – Sophie Does Coffee – and provides services such as cafe build-outs, training and more. Her clients include cafes and roasteries across the U.S. and even producers and non-profits in Africa.

Sophie loves coffee and people who love coffee.

Zack Koleinowski

My name is Zack Koleinowski and I am a freelance coffee machine repair specialist. I specialize in repairing high-end brands such as Elektra and Breville. I started my business around five years ago working for a local coffee machine service provider who specializes in high-volume service calls. During my time at this company, I started to establish myself as one of the best technicians in my area.

Four years ago, after being scouted out by as a consultant, I decided that I have enough expertise to become a freelancer. Now, I am a regular contributor to this blog. I hope you enjoy my articles and they help you out with your daily coffee routine!

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