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33 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers (Updated in 2024)


Whether you’re working on your Christmas shopping list or buying for a birthday, finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are lots of great options available for the coffee lovers in your life. We’ve put together this list of 33 great gifts so you can find one that your coffee lover is sure to treasure.

To make it easier to find the best gifts for coffee lovers, we’ve divided the gift options into coffee clubs, coffee makers, mugs, books, tools, and other accessories. Our recommendations include amazing budget and gourmet options, so no matter how much you’re looking to spend, this list can help you pick out a great gift. Let’s start shopping!

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Coffee Clubs

Any coffee lover is sure to love the convenience of beans that show up at their door. Coffee clubs send small selections of interesting beans from all over the world. Here are some great coffee clubs.

1. Bean Box Deluxe Coffee Pairing Boxes

Bean Box coffee brewing

Any foodie will enjoy Bean Box’s delicious gift boxes, which range from gourmet gift baskets to artisanal coffee and chocolate pairings.

Read our full review of Bean Box’s coffee subscription here.

2. Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club Legendary Destinations gift set with brewed Yemen coffee
Image credit: Kate | Coffee Affection

High-quality beans, an interesting range of flavors, and great customer service set the Atlas coffee club apart. Even better, you can take your gifting to another level with the new Legendary Destinations gift set, which features specialty coffees from four legendary regions: Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, Hawaii, Yemen, and Indonesia. From the fun bags to the colorful postcards, this is a gift any coffee lover won’t soon forget.

You can read our full review here.

3. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

With Blue Bottle’s gift subscription program, you can choose the amount, type, and frequency of coffee sent. This well-respected California coffee brand has a serious following, so your gift recipient is sure to enjoy their fresh-roasted beans.

4. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway coffee subscription

Help your coffee lover find his new favorite bean variety with Driftaway’s coffee club. They’ll send a tasting kit with four different coffees and let your gift recipient choose a favorite. Driftaway will take it from there, sending only coffees that match the taste profile.

5. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

If you’d like to spoil a coffee lover, try giving them a sampler of famed Blue Mountain Coffee. These specialty Jamaican beans are considered by many to be the best coffee in the world.

6. Volcanica World Traveler Deluxe Gift Box

volcanica world traveler coffee gift box with chemex

The next gift idea on our list not only includes Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee but also amazing beans like Komodo Dragon, Sumatra Mandheling, and Ethiopian Guji. You can wow even the most experienced coffee drinker with this gourmet set of the world’s best coffee beans. And did we mention the fun packaging?

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Coffee Makers

 What better gift could you give your coffee lover than a new coffee maker?

7. QUQYISO French Press

QUQYISO French Press gift

This elegant French press will wow any coffee lover. Made of sturdy borosilicate glass, this coffee maker comes in a range of good-looking metal finishes. Plus, it comes with extra filter screens!

8. Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper

Sea to Summit coffee pour over

The frequent traveler in your life will love this lightweight, highly portable pour-over. Easy to wash, attractive, and very useful, you can hardly go wrong.

9. Chemex

Chemex pour over

Has your coffee lover been wanting to upgrade to a more attractive coffee brewer? Give the gift of clear, smooth coffee in a well-designed carafe that doubles as a display piece.

10. RJ3 Cold Brew Maker

Ovalware 1.0 Liter RJ3 Airtight

Help your coffee lover learn how to make delicious cold brew at home with the handy Ovalware RJ3. This nicely designed coffee maker makes cold brew incredibly easy and can double as an iced tea or juice pitcher.

11. Nispira Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker

Nispira Belgian siphon coffee maker

A display-quality coffee brewer that actually works! Your gift recipient will love impressing his or her guests with this beautiful, functional coffee maker.

12. Breville BES870XL Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Breville Barista Express

Are you looking to go bigger with your gift? Why not give a great espresso machine like the Breville BES870XL, a semi-automatic model that overflows with great features?

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Coffee Mugs

13. Yeti Rambler

Best for an adventurous, fun-loving person, these attractive vacuum-insulated mugs come in a range of colors. They’re durable and have good lids, perfect for a commute, a cozy morning at home, or a camping trip.

14. FUBARBAR Build-On Brick Mug

building brick coffee mug

Let out your coffee lover’s inner child with this cute building block novelty mug. For extra fun, you could include some spare building block toys in the gift package.

15. BigMouth Inc. Prescription Coffee Mug

BigMouth Inc prescription coffee mug

Are you shopping for a coffee addict? Have fun with this goofy ceramic mug from BigMouth Inc. that’s designed to look like a prescription pill bottle.

16. Basketball Coffee Mug

Max'is basketball coffee mug

If your favorite coffee lover is also a sports fan, you can’t go wrong with this fun basketball mug. They can practice their layups with marshmallows or chocolate-covered espresso beans!

17. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Treat a tech-loving coffee drinker to an Ember mug that will maintain a temperature down to the degree. They’ll be able to adjust the settings through a smartphone app and charge the mug on a handy charging saucer.

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Coffee Books

 Does your coffee-lover also enjoy reading? Whether you’re looking for a beautiful coffee table book or some serious reading, here are some of your best options.

18. World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing — Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed

World Atlas of Coffee

This fun, easy-to-read reference book covers the history of coffee, as well as brewing and roasting essentials. It has everything your coffee lover needs to know about his or her favorite drink.

19. The Daily Grind: How to Open and Run a Coffee Shop That Makes Money

The Daily Grind How to open & run a coffee shop that makes money

Does your coffee lover dream of opening a coffee shop? This handy guide covers all of the basics of how to turn a profit in the coffee industry.

20. The Devil’s Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee

The Devil's Cup

This isn’t a dry encyclopedia. Anyone who loves the adventurous side of history will enjoy this book, which details coffee’s dramatic past.

21. The Craft and Science of Coffee

Craft and Science of Coffee Book

Written by Nespresso’s Coffee Science Manager, this book could be a great pick for a Nespresso fan or a lover of science. Beautiful and coffee-table-ready, this book covers coffee’s origins and the modern state of the industry.

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Coffee Tools

If you’re looking for a useful gift, you can hardly go wrong with a coffee brewing tool.

22. Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

Gooseneck kettles are the gold standard for brewing with pour-overs, so treat your friend or family member to a fun, stylish, and very practical new kettle.

23. Javapresse Manual Burr Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The JavaPresse Manual Burr Grinder is lightweight and affordable but boasts high-quality ceramic burrs and a good range of grind settings. Your gift recipient will love this grinder’s consistency. Read our full review here.

24. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

Any true lover of coffee knows that oxygen is the enemy of fresh-tasting coffee, so help your coffee lovers keep their beans fresh with an attractive ground and beans container. This model, from Coffee Gator, has a convenient one-way valve to let carbon dioxide out without letting oxygen in.

25. GDealer GS1 Digital Pocket Scale

GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket Kitchen Multifunction Food Scale

Give the gift of precision with this portable, battery-operated stainless steel scale. Your coffee lover will be able to measure a precise amount of coffee beans and water for exact coffee brewing.

26. J Scale

J Scale

Another great scale option is the J Scale, accurate down to half a gram. It’s durable, easy to use, and can work with batteries or electricity.

27. Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

For a higher-end option, you may want to buy the Fellow Stagg gooseneck kettle. With a built-in thermometer and a precision pour spout, this kettle comes in attractive copper, black, and silver colors that will look great in any coffee lover’s kitchen.

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Coffee Accessories

28. Funny Kona Coffee-Scented Candle

Coffee is Life Kona candle

If your coffee lover can’t get enough of that coffee aroma, you may want to give them a coffee-scented candle. This candle is scented with Hawaiian Kona coffee and doubles as a funny table decoration. Coffee is life!

29. Lulu Candles Espresso Bean Soy Candle

Espresso Bean Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candle

Another great option for the aroma lover in your life is the espresso bean candle from Lulu Candles. This little candle is conveniently-sized but gives off a powerful coffee smell and comes in a charming jar.

30. Coffee Bean Ice Cube Tray coffee bean ice cube tray silicone

There’s nothing quite like a chilled cold brew or iced coffee on a hot, summery day. Help your coffee lover cool drinks without ruining the flavor with this handy ice tray. Freeze coffee into coffee bean-shaped ice cubes and use it to keep any coffee drink cold!

31. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee & Chilling Stones Set

Whiskey Chilling Stones & Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Set

If you’re searching for something really unique, why not try this gift set? The beautifully-packaged set includes single-origin bourbon barrel-aged coffee and six whiskey chilling stones perfect for cooling iced coffee. For the coffee and whiskey-lover who has everything!

32. Buluh Bamboo Straws


Ditch plastic straws and protect your coffee lover’s teeth at the same time with these bamboo straws. Bamboo is environmentally friendly and doesn’t conduct heat, so it’s great for drinking hot or cold coffee.

33. Picnic at Ascot Backpack with Coffee Service

Picnic at Ascot

Equip your coffee lover for a coffee-themed picnic with this charming set, which includes a coffee service for two complete with a vacuum flask and stainless steel mugs. Best of all, the whole thing packs into a convenient backpack.

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There are so many fun and useful coffee gifts on the market. We hope this guide to our 32 favorite options helps you pick a wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life. Whether you end up choosing a fun mug, a high-quality espresso machine, or a great coffee table book, your coffee lover is sure to enjoy the gift-giving season.



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