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Bean Box Coffee Subscription Review 2021: Pros & Cons

Bean Box Coffee Subscription

Our Final Verdict

We give the Bean Box coffee subscription a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars:

Ease of Use

Review Summary

Bean Box is a coffee subscription that aims to give you the best artisan coffees from around the world. The coffees are roasted in Seattle and Portland before being sent fresh to your door.

This subscription service lets you choose from a large bag of the coffee of the month, or a four-pack of samples if you’re more adventurous. It has flavorful coffees from many countries that will expand what you know about coffee tasting.

The subscription also includes fun facts and free gifts, like chocolate, to improve your coffee experience. Take a look at everything we reviewed about this subscription and find out if it’s the one for you.

Bean Box Coffee Subscription Quick Look:

  • Coffees chosen from your preferences
  • Fresh coffee with interesting flavors
  • Multi-packs or coffee of the month
  • Customizable
  • Free gifts
  • Save 60% on your first bag!
  • Only whole bean
  • Price too high unless you pay for six months

Bean Box coffee

Coffee Quality

Good quality has a check mark here. The coffee beans from Bean Box are freshly roasted before sending, like many other great coffee subscriptions. The difference is that the beans are all roasted in Seattle and Portland. Roasting before delivery lets you taste the flavor of the coffees at their peak freshness, which is an important factor for a subscription. You don’t want to pay for artisan coffee to get the same quality you can find at the grocery store. With Bean Box, you’re definitely getting great quality coffee.

Ready to start brewing? Right now, you can save 60% on your first Bean Box order! Delicious and affordable is pretty hard to beat.


Bean Box hits it out of the park when it comes to the coffee’s flavor profiles. There are two options for subscriptions: one coffee of the month or four different smaller samples. We received the four-pack sampler, which had an excellent variety: Drip Blend, Brazil Canaan Estate, Guatemala Hunapu, and Roaster’s Choice.

The Drip Blend has tasting notes of cherry, chocolate, and caramelized sugar. The taste is smooth and sweet, and the coffee is very aromatic. The next coffee we tried was the Guatemala Hunapu, which has fruity and sweet flavors with notes of milk chocolate and pineapple. The Brazil coffee is nicknamed the “cookie dough” coffee because it tastes like chocolate and sweet cookies with a rich flavor and full body. The Roaster’s Choice is a blend of three Arabica beans, all from different countries. This produces a full-bodied dark roast that’s great for brewing a smooth, rich espresso. It’s described as a complex and clean coffee blend. The flavors are very interesting and different from each other. This is the ideal combination for a subscription. If you’re happier with getting just one coffee per month, that will also not disappoint, since Bean Box chooses its favorites for those shipments.

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The selection of coffee from Bean Box seems very broad. It has very different coffees, from a simple dark roast that’s complex and can be used for espresso, to blends that remind you of desserts with larger flavor profiles. The coffees Bean Box chooses from its roasters are from multiple different countries, which keeps the diversity. Both the blends and the single-origin coffees you’re sent are from a wide selection that should keep any subscriber happy. Bean Box has also made it possible for you to list your coffee roast and flavor preferences, so you get coffees that match what you like best.

Bean Box coffee brewing


The resources Bean Box provides are decent. The coffee in your delivery is accompanied by a few advertisements from Bean Box about its products, but not a lot about the coffee. The coffee bag is the place to find tasting notes, where the coffee was grown when it was roasted, and how to brew it. You also have the company website to rely on. It has a lot more resources to explore, like a page with a list of coffee blends to buy, a coffee blog, a page about the roasters, and a coffee forum. It may not have every piece of information you want, but it covers quite a bit.

Ease of Use

The website has a great design and is easy to navigate. When you first go to the page, the subscription isn’t thrown in your face but is still a clear option to click on. Signing up is also easy. First, choose if you want a four-pack of coffee samples or one larger coffee of the month for each delivery. Then, select what roast you prefer and the frequency of delivery (weekly through monthly). Overall, the Bean Box subscription is easy to set up and use.

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The pricing for this subscription has some good and some bad aspects. Some improvements would help the pricing. Bean Box has a discount price for buying six months worth of the subscription at once, which saves you 20%. This may be ideal for some customers, but not every customer can purchase six months at a time. They must pay the regular monthly price, which is a little too much. The discounted price is more suitable to charge all customers. There is the equivalent of four pots of coffee in both the four-sample pack and the coffee of the month. This is not enough coffee to charge the non-discount price for a fair subscription.

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Q: Do I get to choose the coffees I receive?

A: Yes, you can. You choose which roast/flavors you like the best, including light/fruity, medium/chocolaty, dark and toasty, rich espresso, or even decaf. Your shipments are based on the preferences you provide.

Q: How do I make changes to my subscription?

A: When you start your subscription, you’ll create a log-in. Use this log-in to make any changes on Bean Box’s website. The company allows you to pause, stop, or cancel your shipments any time, with no questions asked.

Q: Are there shipping charges?

A: Yes, but shipping is free after you spend $30 or more.

Ready to start brewing? Right now, you can save 60% on your first Bean Box order! Delicious and affordable is pretty hard to beat.

What Other Subscribers Say

Positive Feedback: There’s an abundance of positive responses to the Bean Box subscription, concerning many aspects of the company and the coffee.

The taste of the coffees is overall the best praise this subscription receives. Most customers rave about the taste. The coffees are from various countries that people haven’t usually had coffee from before, so it’s an exciting coffee tasting opportunity every month. The complex flavors and diverse selection keep customers satisfied.

Several customers mentioned that the website was easy to use, and they found what they were looking for quickly. This was a plus for subscribers who value ease of use for the customer. There were also quite a few customers who received the subscription as a gift or sent it as a gift. The website makes this easy to do.

The customer service was also a big positive in many of the customer reviews. They mentioned that the staff was responsive, helpful, accommodating, and friendly. For a subscription, it can be important for customer service to be this great because typically it is the only person-to-person connection and the easiest way to solve any issues.

Negative Feedback: There were two main complaints in the reviews.

The subscription’s regular monthly price was a drawback for some. The discount price for getting six months at a time seems fairer than the non-discounted price. Some people mentioned they can’t afford to pay that much at once, but that every customer deserves a fair price. This is something Bean Box could improve. If you do purchase six months of the subscription at a time, the price is decent for four pots of coffee.

A few customers mentioned that they wish the beans came with a grinder, or that the company offered the option of grinding them for you before delivery. Not all customers want to be sent whole beans, because they can’t grind them.

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Bean Box chooses the best gourmet coffees for you from its West Coast roasters depending on the preferences you choose. Beyond the excellent flavor and quality of the coffee, there’s a great company behind it. Bean Box has great customer service, and even though the price point is a little high for the amount you receive, coffee snobs will still be pleased with paying for this coffee. If you’re looking for a gourmet coffee subscription, Bean Box might be right for you.

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