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Nespresso VertuoLine vs Original 2024 Comparison: Which Model is Better?

Nespresso Virtuo vs Inissia

For espresso and mixed coffee beverages, more and more people are turning to Nespresso machines for their convenience, low cost, and ability to make consistently delicious coffee. With two different lines of devices, the VertuoLine and the original, many espresso fans are wondering what the differences are and which is right for them.

If you’re deciding between the Vertuo and the original Nespresso machines or you want to know the pros and cons of each, keep reading! We’re comparing these two espresso makers below to help you decide which suits your coffee needs better.

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Nespresso VertuoLine Overview


The VertuoLine espresso machines are very similar to the original line in that they accept Nespresso pods. They pump hot water under pressure through the coffee inside to make a delicious espresso-based drink. They include a water tank and are standalone, fully automated systems that simply need to be plugged in.

What It’s Good for/When to Choose

The primary benefit of choosing a VertuoLine machine is that it opens up the possibility of the types of coffee you can brew. You can choose to pump five different amounts of hot water through your pods, each corresponding to a different black coffee drink: espresso, double espresso, a gran lungo, an americano, and an alto XL. Although the differences between these are brewing time and water volume, the taste of each varies drastically as well.

While you’ll be able to make five different coffee beverages (as opposed to the two available with the original line of Nespresso machines) the VertuoLine machines don’t come with milk frothers. If you want a variety of black coffee beverages, the VertuoLine will be ideal for you. However, if you prefer cappuccinos, lattes, or other milk-based mixed coffee drinks, the VertuoLine isn’t suitable for you.

Additionally, the pods for the VertuoLine are a bit more expensive, so the ongoing cost will be higher with these machines, and there are fewer options as far as flavors go.

  • Makes 5 different coffee drinks
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for black coffees
  • Doesn’t include a milk frother
  • Pods are more expensive
  • Fewer flavor options

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Original Line Overview

Nespresso Inissia

The original line of Nespresso machines uses the same basic mechanics as the VertuoLine. These machines take convenient pods and pump hot water through them to create espressos or lungos. Many machines in the original line also include milk frothers for creating mixed coffee drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

What It’s Good for/When to Choose

While the VertuoLine machines can make five different black coffee drinks, those in the original line can make two: espresso and lungos. There are fewer options in terms of brewing length and water volume, but there are far more options as far as pods go. You can choose from a variety of different espressos and flavors to customize your coffee beverage fully.

Although some of the cheaper options in the original line can only make black coffees, many of them include milk frothers, which opens up the possibility of making mixed coffee drinks. The options with frothers provide freedom to create a wide variety of beverages that can be mixed with the differently flavored pods for nearly endless possibilities. If you enjoy milk-based coffee beverages the most, the original line machines that include milk frothers will better suit your needs.

The pods for the original machine are smaller, as they only need to accommodate enough coffee for shorter length shots, and they are a bit cheaper as well.

  • Offer a wide variety of flavors
  • Many include milk frothers
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Cheaper pods
  • Can only make 2 types of coffee
  • No option for longer shots

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What Kind of Nespresso Coffee Experience Do You Want?

The two Nespresso machine lines are very similar in how they work and the quality of coffee they provide, so the most significant difference between them will be the coffee experience they offer.

If you’re looking for a variety of shot lengths that can highlight different flavor nuances in coffee, then the VertuoLine will excel with its five different shot options. If you prefer a variety of flavors to choose from, then the original line will suit you better with its wide range of espresso offerings.

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Black Coffee or Mixed Beverage?

The second most prominent difference between the two Nespresso machine lines is that many of the original machines come with milk frothers. While the Vertuo machines offer variety in black coffee shots, the original devices enable you to make mixed coffee drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and cafe au laits.

If you prefer variety in your black coffee, like longer shots, or don’t mind purchasing a separate milk frother for mixed coffee drinks, then the VertuoLine will be a better option. If you mostly drink shorter shots or mixed coffee drinks, the original line will be a better choice for you.

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Nespresso VertuoLine vs Original: Which is Right for You?

Few things in this world are as personal as coffee selection! As such, you’ll have to make your own decision as to which of the Nespresso machine lines will suit you and your coffee needs better.

If you prefer black coffees and want a variety of shot lengths, or if you tend to like longer shots on an espresso machine, then the five different options for shot length on the VertuoLine will undoubtedly impress you. If you prefer a variety of flavor options, shorter shots, or mixed coffee drinks, then the original line will be your best bet.

The choice is ultimately yours, but we hope this comparison of the two Nespresso machine lines has helped you narrow down which machine is right for your personal taste and preference!

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