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10 Best Coffee Makers of 2024 – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

A Mr. Coffee machine Great coffee makers can make mornings much easier. Push a button or program a timer and you can have a delicious cup of coffee made for you. But shopping for the best machine for you can be the hard part. When it’s time to buy a new coffee maker, you may not have the time to research every model available.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. To make your shopping easier, we’ve tested all of the major brands and put together this list of the 10 best coffee makers available this year. We’ve carefully reviewed each brand, comparing features, price, design, warranty, and durability so you can be sure you’re buying a great model. To help you decide, we’ve also put together a quick buyer’s guide to walk you through the available features. Keep reading to see our favorite models.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorite Picks (Updated in 2024)

Image Product Details
Best High-End Pick
  • Attractive stainless steel and glass design
  • Lighter weight
  • Programmed rainmaker drip cycles
  • Best for the Money
    Second place
    Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable
  • Less expensive
  • Stainless steel handle and glass carafe
  • Many features
  • Best Budget Buy
    Third place
    Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Mr. Coffee 12-Cup
  • Very inexpensive
  • Simple one-button operation
  • One-year warranty
  • Keurig K-Classic Keurig K-Classic
  • Compatible with K-Cups and other brands
  • Three cup sizes
  • Straightforward interface with useful indicators
  • Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Ninja 12-Cup Programmable
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Large showerhead for even extraction
  • The 10 Best Coffee Makers

    1. OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker – Best High-End Pick

    OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

    Our favorite coffee maker, the OXO BREW 9-Cup Coffee Maker, has an attractive two-tower stainless steel and glass design and a simple, intuitive spin dial to adjust the settings. Best of all, the OXO BREW has a rainmaker water drip, making even coffee extraction much easier. The machine drips in automated cycles, including a programmed bloom cycle at the beginning.

    This 7.7-pound brewer is on the more expensive side, making it a good option if you have room in your budget. The coffee brews into a double-walled stainless steel carafe which can keep itself warm for about an hour. The package includes a coffee scoop and 10 paper filters, and the water reservoir, though not removable, has a 72-ounce capacity and is easy to read and refill.

    We did find that the machine continues to drip after brewing has finished, via a leaking brew basket. The overall machine may not be the most durable, though it does have a convenient two-year warranty.

    All in all, we think this is the best coffee maker available this year.

    • Attractive stainless steel and glass design
    • Lighter weight
    • Programmed rainmaker drip cycles
    • Large water reservoir
    • Includes a coffee scoop and 10 filters
    • More expensive
    • Water reservoir not removable
    • Brew basket may leak

    2. Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – Best Value

    Cuisinart DCC-3200

    Lower cost, though a little heavier, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Handle Programmable Coffeemaker offers quite a few features and great value.

    This moderately attractive 8.75-pound model has a stainless steel handle, a glass carafe, and a plastic body. The interface is somewhat complicated, with lots of buttons, but you can adjust settings like the keep-warm temperature. The DCC-3200 is a fully automatic machine with a self-cleaning feature, auto-off, and a small batch setting. The package includes a reusable gold-tone permanent metal filter.

    We found reports of the hot plate rusting or flaking over time, and in testing, we had some difficulty with the carafe’s pouring spout. This model is backed up by a generous three-year warranty, though you may have to pay shipping fees.

    • Less expensive
    • Stainless steel handle and glass carafe
    • Many features
    • Three-year warranty
    • Fully automatic
    • Includes reusable gold-tone filter
    • Heavier
    • Many plastic components
    • Complicated interface
    • The hot plate may rust or flake
    • The pouring spout is difficult to use

    3. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker – Best Budget Buy

    Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

    If you’re working with a tight budget, the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker could be your pick. Very inexpensive and lightweight, this streamlined model is easy to use and maintain.

    Weighing only 4.95 pounds, the 12-cup Mr. Coffee has a black plastic body and a glass carafe, with a side water level indicator. It doesn’t have auto-off or many automatic features, though the ease of a one-button start is hard to beat. This model does take longer to brew than the other models we tested.

    The plastic construction isn’t the most attractive and probably won’t last forever, but at this price point, you can always replace your model. We did find reports of the heating element giving out, but Mr. Coffee offers a one-year warranty.

    • Very inexpensive
    • Lightweight
    • Simple one-button operation
    • One-year warranty
    • Easy-to-read water level indicator
    • Large capacity
    • Few features
    • The heating element may not last
    • Longer brewing time

    4. Keurig K-Classic K55 Coffee Maker

    Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

    Do you prefer the convenience of coffee pods? The Keurig K-Classic K55 Coffee Maker could be a good option. This moderately-priced 10-pound model is compatible with K-Cups and coffee pods from other brands and brews 6, 8, and 10-ounce cups.

    With a 48-ounce water reservoir and an impressive less-than-a-minute brew time, the K55 offers quite a few features. Its black and silver plastic design is fairly attractive, and the interface is simple to use and has a good array of indicators, including water level, descaling, and heating. This model also offers a two-hour auto-off feature.

    This machine requires frequent cleaning and descaling to work well, so you may need to invest some time in maintenance. Keurig does offer a one-year warranty.

    • Compatible with K-Cups and other brands
    • Three cup sizes
    • Straightforward interface with useful indicators
    • Fast brew time
    • Fairly attractive design
    • One-year warranty
    • Must be cleaned and descaled frequently
    • Not compatible with coffee grounds

    5. Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

    Ninja Coffee Maker CE201

    The Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is moderately priced and lightweight with quite a few features. It has a reasonably attractive black plastic construction, 24-hour programmability, and comes with a reusable filter and a coffee scoop.

    This 6.48-pound model features a 60-ounce removable water tank and an extra-large showerhead for consistent coffee ground extraction. It has regular, strong, and “small batch” settings, plus an adjustable heater plate and a mid-brewing pause option.

    The interface is somewhat complicated and not very intuitive to use. The glass carafe includes a “flavor straw” to circulate the coffee as it brews, though we didn’t find this very effective. We found quite a few reports of carafes shattering. Ninja offers a one-year warranty.

    • Reasonable price
    • Lightweight
    • Large, removable water tank
    • Large showerhead for even extraction
    • Many features
    • Decent-looking black plastic body
    • One-year warranty
    • Includes reusable filter and coffee scoop
    • Complicated, non-intuitive interface
    • Carafe may not be durable

    6. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

    Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

    If you’re a Nespresso fan, the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine could be for you. This 10.85-pound model, which is the result of a collaboration with Breville, offers three buttons that can be programmed to five brewing sizes (1.35, 2.7, 5, 7.7, and 14-ounce).

    The Vertuo uses patented Centrifusion technology, spinning round coffee pods over 7,000 times a minute. The machine reads special barcodes on the pods and adjusts its settings accordingly, so you won’t have to fiddle with settings to get a delicious cup of coffee. It’s only compatible with Nespresso’s Vertuo line of pods, which can be more expensive than other pods, but you can order them online. Nespresso does include a welcome pack of pods and offers a dedicated recycling program for their plastic.

    This easy-to-use model has a removable 40-ounce water tank, a very fast 15-second heat-up time, and a 9-minute auto-off feature. It doesn’t produce very hot coffee, unfortunately, and the high price point will only work if you have a large budget. Nespresso offers a two-year warranty.

    • Five cup sizes
    • Simple interface
    • Compatible with Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods
    • Includes a welcome pack of pods
    • Dedicated recycling program
    • Very easy to use
    • Expensive and heavy
    • Coffee doesn’t come out very hot
    • Only compatible with more expensive pods

    7. Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

    Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

    Cuisinart’s SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker is a fairly heavy though reasonably-priced single-serve pod brewer that offers lots of features. The 9.5-pound silver plastic body is fairly attractive, though the blue-ringed buttons on this model’s complicated interface are pretty clunky.

    The SS-10 is conveniently compatible with K-Cups and pods from other brands. It brews five cup sizes, from four to 12 ounces, and has a removable 72-ounce water reservoir that’s easy to read from the front. With a 30-minute auto-off feature, a hot water button, a charcoal water filter, and adjustable water temperature, this model is overflowing with features.

    This model requires a fair amount of cleaning to run well, so the self-rinsing feature is very handy. Brewing is quiet and fast, though we did find quite a bit of splashing. Cuisinart offers a generous three-year warranty.

    • Many features, including self-rinsing
    • Compatible with K-Cups and other brands
    • Large water reservoir
    • Five cup sizes
    • Fairly attractive silver body
    • Reasonable price
    • Three-year warranty
    • Heavy
    • Clunky, difficult-to-use interface
    • Not compatible with coffee grounds
    • Some splashing while brewing

    8. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker


    The BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is low-cost and lightweight, with a simple interface and 24-hour programming. It has a glass carafe and rubberized buttons, but the black plastic body unfortunately has a cheap feel.

    This model doesn’t have a lot of features, though it does offer a two-hour auto-off feature and an auto-pause so you can grab a cup in the middle of the brew cycle. We found that it brewed coffee at a very high temperature. Though you can see the water level from the machine’s front, it can be difficult to read in dimmer lighting. We also found that the grounds basket can overflow very easily if you add too many grounds, so you may want to measure carefully.

    This machine doesn’t feel especially durable, so it’s handy that BLACK+DECKER offers a good two-year warranty.

    • Lightweight and very inexpensive
    • Simple interface with a 24-hour timer
    • Glass carafe and rubberized buttons
    • Two-year warranty
    • Produces very hot coffee
    • Auto-off and auto-pause features
    • Water level can be difficult to read
    • Not the most durable
    • Grounds basket overflows easily

    9. Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker

    Braun 12-Cup Coffee maker

    The Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker is a lightweight, medium-cost brewer with a 12-cup capacity and a less attractive boxy stainless steel design. It has simple buttons and a digital clock with a 24-hour programmable timer.

    You can choose between full-pot and small-batch settings, and this model includes a gold-tone reusable metal filter and a charcoal water filter. If you don’t like a lot of texture in your coffee, you may want to supplement the included filter with paper filters. The convenient self-cleaning feature can adapt to different levels of water hardness, and the machine has an auto-off feature.

    Though the outside of the model is made of expensive-feeling steel, the inside is all plastic, which feels less durable. In testing, we found that the digital clock is dimly lit, which can be hard to read in daylight. We also found that the brew basket can overflow easily if you use too fine of grounds. Braun offers a lengthy three-year warranty.

    • Lightweight and reasonably priced
    • 12-cup capacity
    • Stainless steel exterior
    • Includes gold-tone reusable filter and charcoal water filter
    • Auto-off and self-cleaning features
    • Three-year warranty
    • Digital clock can be difficult to read
    • Brew basket overflows easily
    • Reusable filter lets fine grounds through
    • Less durable plastic components
    • Boxy design

    10. Aicook 10 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

    Aicook Coffee Maker

    Our least favorite coffee maker is the Aicook 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, which has a cheap-feeling stainless steel and black plastic construction and a less-than-durable feel.

    The low-cost Aicook, which weighs a lightweight 3.9 pounds, has a 24-hour programmable clock, an LCD display, and a fairly easy-to-use interface. The 51-ounce water tank is on the smaller end, and there is a two-hour auto-off feature. The package includes a coffee spoon and a reusable mesh filter, though the filter doesn’t feel very well constructed, so you may want to replace it with a better model.

    Aicook offers a two-year warranty and guarantees that the plastic components are BPA-free.

    • Lightweight and low cost
    • 24-hour programmable timer
    • Interface is fairly easy to use
    • Includes a coffee spoon and reusable filter
    • Auto-off feature
    • Two-year warranty
    • Doesn’t feel very durable
    • Mesh filter doesn’t work well
    • Small water reservoir

    Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Coffee Maker

    Now that you’ve seen our list of the 10 best coffee makers, it’s time to start shopping. But which model is best for you? We’ve put together this quick guide to the features available so that you can think about which matters to you.


    Coffee makers are pretty big appliances that typically sit on your counter in the kitchen, so you may want to consider how your new model will look on display. Do you have a sleek, modern kitchen? You may want a stainless steel model. Do you have a more homey, old-fashioned kitchen? A plastic machine may work well for you.


    What does your budget look like? If money isn’t tight, you may be interested in the high-end construction and features of a nicer model. If you need to stretch your dollars, you may prefer one of the streamlined, low-cost models.


    It’s good to keep in mind that manufacturers generally consider a cup to be five ounces, so when you see “12-cup” or “10-cup” models, they’re not talking about 10 of your travel mugs. You may want to think about how much coffee you make each day and find a corresponding capacity. The best coffee maker for you will be able to make the right amount of coffee!


    If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, you may prefer models with programmable timers. These machines will brew your coffee for you, so all you have to do is grab it on the way out the door. If you have a little more time, you may not need or use the timer.

    Most machines also have an auto-off feature that will turn them off after varying amounts of time. Leaving a glass coffee pot on a burner for too long can be dangerous because it can end up shattering when the liquid burns off or even starting a fire. If you don’t want to have to think about turning your machine off, you may want to look for a coffee maker with a good auto-off feature.

    Ninja Coffee Bar carafe

    Pods or Grounds?

    Do you prefer to brew coffee with loose grounds, or do you like the ease of coffee pods? You’ll probably want to decide how you brew coffee before choosing a model. Pods may be more expensive, but you won’t have to grind or measure beans. On the other hand, buying bags of coffee can be cheaper and offer you more options, but you’ll have to measure and clean it up.

    Drip Head

    A showerhead-style drip head drips water gently across the brew basket, wetting the grounds more evenly and leading to better coffee extraction. Some models, like our top pick, even have a bloom feature, where the machine will automatically drip a little water on and then pause to let your grounds bloom, releasing natural oils and aromas.


    All of the machines we reviewed have at least a one-year warranty, but some offer two- or three-year warranties. Do you want the comfort of a longer warranty, or are you all right with a shorter one? When you’re looking for the best coffee makers out there, you’ll want to know if your investment is protected.

    divider 3


    Our pick for this year’s best coffee maker is the OXO BREW 9-Cup Coffee Maker, which is an attractive, high-end model with many useful features. If you’re looking for high value for money, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe could be your choice. This model is a fully automatic machine with many features and an attractive price. If your budget is really tight, you may want to look at the streamlined Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, which doesn’t offer a lot of features but is simple to operate and inexpensive.

    Shopping for a great coffee maker can be a time-consuming task. There are hundreds of models available, offering a wide range of features and price points. We hope this list of our 10 favorite models, complete with detailed reviews and a handy buyer’s guide, helps you narrow your options and pick out a great machine. Happy shopping!


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