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JavaPresse Coffee Club Subscription Review 2024: Pros & Cons

JavaPresse Coffee Subscription

Our Final Verdict

We give the JavaPresse Coffee Club subscription a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars:

Ease of Use

JavaPresse Coffee Subscription Box Review: At a Glance

JavaPresse is a solid coffee subscription company offering very fresh single-origin beans, well-designed packaging, and good customer service. As a bonus, they’ll send you a small manual burr grinder for free.

The coffee is not especially adventurous, and you don’t get much choice of flavors. This subscription could be great if you’re looking for a hands-off subscription service that offers dependable flavors.

Keep reading as we dive deeper into our JavaPresse coffee subscription review:

JavaPresse Coffee Subscription

JavaPresse Coffee Subscription Quick Look:

  • Very fresh beans that ship quickly
  • Ethically sourced from micro-lots
  • Choice of roasts and frequency
  • Well-designed packaging
  • Easy to use website
  • Includes a free manual burr grinder
  • Good customer service
  • Plenty of information about coffee
  • No flavor options or customization
  • Only one size of coffee bag
  • Only whole bean coffee
  • Non-resealable coffee bags
  • No sampler available

The Company

Started in 2015, JavaPresse is a coffee company that also produces coffee brewing equipment. They’re known for their inexpensive and popular manual burr grinder.

JavaPresse’s focus is freshness. They only ship whole bean coffee, and they ship your beans within a guaranteed two hours of roasting. This is the shortest amount of time between roasting and shipping that we’ve seen in a subscription service.

JavaPresse also works to be a responsible company, ethically sourcing coffee beans and using a portion of the profits to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. All of their coffee is grown on micro-lots, many of which are family-owned.

JavaPresse manual grinder review

The Ordering Process

JavaPresse’s website is functional but nothing fancy. When you sign up, you get a choice of roasts (light, medium, dark, or brewer’s choice), frequency, and number of bags per shipment. All of the coffee comes in 12-ounce whole-bean bags. JavaPresse also offers gift options and bulk discounts.

This coffee club charges mid-range prices, which are reasonable for the high-quality, single-origin beans and grinder you’ll receive.

This subscription is less fun than some of the others we tested. You can’t customize it to your favorite flavors, and you don’t get to browse through a range of coffees. It’s great if you’re short on time, though, because it’s quick to sign up for and doesn’t require you to make many decisions. Though you’ll receive a different kind of coffee in every shipment, it’s a curated subscription service that’s not personalized to your tastes. The company selects each coffee based on its own criteria.

Once you’ve signed up, you can access your account through the company’s website. You can see the shipment schedule and order status, and even skip specific shipments. We found the email-based customer service friendly and fast.

You won’t have to wait long for your first shipment, but while you wait, the company will email you what it calls “bonus gifts.” This includes coupons to purchase brewing equipment from their online store and links to their extensive brewing guide, called the JavaPedia, which covers everything from flavors to brewing methods.

JavaPresse Coffee Subscription

The Coffee

We ordered the Brewer’s Choice bag and received the Misty Mountain coffee from La Libertad, El Salvador. The package included a card with detailed tasting notes and information on the family that grew these beans, along with the elevation, process, and species.

The coffee beans were very fresh and aromatic, with good, well-rounded flavors of chocolate and caramel. It’s not the most exciting or adventurous coffee, but it’s a solid, flavorful variety that’s well-roasted.

The Packaging

The coffee comes in a compact patterned box. The coffee bag doesn’t have a pull tab and isn’t resealable, so you’ll probably want an airtight container to store your beans in. The bag does have an appealing design, feels high quality, and has a one-way degassing valve.

JavaPresse grinder


The first subscription order also included a free manual burr grinder, which shipped separately and arrived a few days later. We found this grinder easy to use, quiet, and compact, with a durable and good-looking stainless steel body. It’s equipped with a ceramic conical burr that you can adjust with a dial.

Since the company only sells whole bean coffee, this is very convenient, especially if you don’t already have a good grinder. You can read our detailed review of JavaPresse’s grinder or find a list of other great coffee grinders here.

JavaPresse also offers gift subscriptions with a choice of three frequencies.

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JavaPresse Coffee Club: The Verdict

The JavaPresse Coffee Club offers very fresh, high-quality beans from a range of single-origin locations. The website is easy to use and the coffee is flavorful and aromatic. As a bonus gift, you’ll receive a free manual burr grinder.

This isn’t the most exciting or fun subscription service. You don’t get to customize the coffee they send you, and you can’t order a sampler.

We hope you had fun reading our JavaPresse Coffee Club subscription review!



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