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How to Make an AeroPress Latte: Simple Steps

AeroPress latte

The AeroPress is a versatile coffee maker that makes delicious, concentrated coffee. But sometimes you’re in the mood for a latte! What to do?

The good news: you can use your AeroPress to brew a tasty latte. With just one extra ingredient (milk) and one extra piece of equipment (milk steamer), you can make an amazing latte. Keep reading to learn how close to a real latte your creation will be and what the five simple steps are. Your AeroPress latte awaits!

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Is an AeroPress Latte Really a Latte?

Before we get started, we should address an important question: can you make a real latte using an AeroPress? To make a latte, you combine a shot or two of espresso with plenty of steamed milk. Authentic espresso comes from espresso machines, which use high pressure and hot water to quickly pull shots. The AeroPress makes concentrated coffee, not espresso, so your latte won’t be exactly like your favorite barista makes it. But it will still be rich and creamy with plenty of coffee flavor. We think you’ll be impressed with your creation!

How to Make an AeroPress Latte:

  • AeroPress or AeroPress Go
  • AeroPress paper filter
  • Milk steamer, Mason jar, or whisk

1. Boil water and grind your coffee.

JavaPresse grinder

Boil about 7 ounces of water in a kettle. Pour coffee beans into a burr grinder and grind to a medium-fine level.

TIP: Want a delicious flavored latte without the sugar? Try using flavored beans like Lifeboost’s Hazelnut. Trust us — it’s delicious.

2. Set up your AeroPress.

Set up AeroPress

Set up your AeroPress as usual, filling the cap with a paper filter and coffee grounds. Place the AeroPress on a large coffee cup or mug.

3. Brew coffee using your AeroPress.

brew using AeroPressPour a small amount of hot water onto the grounds. Wait 30 seconds and then pour the rest of the water in, making sure to wet the grounds evenly. Let the coffee steep for one to three minutes, depending on how strong you like it. For a full-flavored latte, we recommend letting your coffee steep longer. Then attach the plunger and push it down, sending all of your coffee into the cup.

4. Heat and froth your milk.

AeroPress latte frothed milk

If you have a milk steamer, steam and froth your milk as usual. If not, you can heat your milk in a microwave or stovetop pan, being careful not to let it burn or boil over. Once it’s hot, pour it into a jar and shake vigorously. You can also use a whisk to froth your milk.

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5. Combine and enjoy!

AeroPress latte finished

Pour the hot, frothy milk into your coffee cup, letting it mix with the strong AeroPress coffee. You can add syrup or sugar at this point. And why not practice your latte art on your tasty homemade latte?

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We hope this guide has helped you learn how to make an AeroPress latte in five simple steps. Lattes are velvety, indulgent coffee drinks, but you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on an espresso machine to make them at home! If you have an AeroPress, you can brew up a latte in just a few minutes. This process is so easy you may forgo coffee shops entirely!

Who knew your favorite portable coffee maker was so versatile?

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