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Latte Art Tips: 6 Easy Designs for Beginners (With Pictures)

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Latte art is truly a thing of beauty, and the uncanny ability that great baristas have to make designs in milk foam is a highly coveted skill. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t try many times to make our lattes look even remotely like the ones we see on Instagram! There is something so tempting about trying to dive right into making a latte art swan. Trust us on this one: start with the basics!

We dove right into trying a phoenix, a cat face, and all kinds of unique designs when we started trying latte art, but we learned that those advanced pours take a lot of practice and immense dedication.

If you’re looking to make something beautiful in your morning cup and don’t want to dedicate months to perfecting the image, check out these easy latte art designs that are ideal for beginners. These use simple pouring methods that you can pick up in just a few practice pours, and they’ll give you a sense of accomplishment and still look pretty spectacular! Scroll down to learn how to make latte art:

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How to Make Latte Art:

1. Latte Heart

latte art heart design

This how-to from is one of our favorite methods for making gorgeous latte art because it’s simple and straightforward, and it offers an easy pour that you can perfect quickly. Impress your friends and family by showing them you have a “latte heart” for coffee art. Get it?

2. Rosetta

latte art rosetta
Image: Kgbo, Wikimedia CC 4.0

The beauty of pouring a rosetta in your latte is that they all look unique and different, so a “mistake” is just originality! This guide from will have you creating professional-looking lattes in no time. Perhaps no more trips to the local coffee shop are needed!

3. Latte Bear

latte art bear design

We know this design looks difficult, but this guide from will teach you how to do it in just a few easy steps. It’s a bit more complicated than the heart or rosetta, but look how adorable it is! We think it’s worth the extra practice.

4. Latte Tulip

latte art tulip design

Let your latte art bloom with this beautiful coffee tulip guide from This technique is a bit easier than that used to make the rosetta, and the end result is just as stunning. The size of the tulip can also be adapted to the size of the cup.

5. Sunrise

latte art sunrise

Add a little sunshine to your morning with this guide from! This design takes basic principles of the tulip and combines it with some cocoa powder and a process called “etching,” which can be done with any fine-point kitchen utensil.

6. Wave Tulip

Latte art tulip wave design
Image: Takeaway, Wikimedia CC 3.0

Another easy-to-follow guide from, this how-to takes the tulip design and expands on it a bit for a more stunning design. It’s a little more complicated, but it’s definitely still doable for beginners! Make sure to use a large cup to create this design.

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Making Latte Art: Conclusion

Latte art is not for the faint of heart, but with some dedicated practice, you can make your homemade coffee drinks look like a professional barista made them! The beauty of these designs is that they’re simple in execution, but they look impossibly challenging to make.

Featured Image: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay


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