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Amazing Nespresso Hacks: Brew Better Coffee!

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With the invention of single-serve brewing machines, many companies stood up to the challenge of making their version. Nestle’s response is the Nespresso brewing machine, one of the best coffees and espresso makers on the market. With single-use coffee pods that range in different sizes and flavors, Nespresso makers bring the café to your home. These premium coffee makers automatically adjust to the coffee pod, making them easier to use than other coffee makers.

Nespresso coffee makers are great, but there are ways to improve the coffee’s taste and quality. If you just bought a Nespresso machine and you want to make the best out of it, there are some things that you can try for a better cup of coffee. Here are some hacks and tips to up your barista game:

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Top 7 Life-Changing Nespresso Hacks

1. Use cool, filtered water.

We often don’t think much about the water we use for coffee, let alone using special water. However, even though using regular tap water is usually the way to go, it’s best to use cool, filtered water. Water that is too hot or too cold will alter the coffee beans’ taste, so room-temperature water is preferred.

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That being said, some people prefer tap water for their coffee. Since tap water varies with minerals and other regional effects, coffee made with tap water will change in taste based on location. If you intend to use tap water for your Nespresso, make sure to read about descaling on our list.

2. Clean your Nespresso machine regularly.

All coffee machines need to be cleaned regularly, but this is especially true for single-brew coffee makers that are more prone to bacteria and mildew. You should clean your Nespresso machine at least once a month, following the user manual’s directions. Maintaining your Nespresso machine will make brewing easier since any impurities building up will be gone.

It’s also essential to clean it out for your health since harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew can make you seriously ill. Even if the taste seems fine and nothing seems ‘off,’ it’s better to clean it every month to prevent anything from growing. It’ll also make the coffee taste fresher since the water reservoir will be cleaned out.

3. Use reusable pods with premium coffee.

One of the first complaints about coffee pods was that consumers couldn’t control how much coffee went into each cup or that their favorite brand of coffee wasn’t available in pods. Thankfully, the coffee industry aims to please as quickly and efficiently as possible and created a reusable coffee pod. If you have a Nespresso machine, try using a reusable pod with a premium coffee blend.

The reusable pods are also great because many coffee pods and K-cups are not biodegradable or recyclable unless you separate the cup from the filter and coffee. Since most people will simply throw them out, the reusable pod helps cut down on plastic use. You can use as much coffee as you want while helping out the planet, which is a win-win.

4. Heat your coffee cup.

One of the best barista tricks from coffee shops is heating the coffee mug before filling it with coffee. Most espresso machines have cup warmers built-in, but the Nespresso doesn’t. However, you can still heat your mug a different way, which will help keep your coffee hot for a longer time. Even though this is an old trick in the industry, few people at home replicate this technique.

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Credit: Alehandra13, Pixabay

Before heating your mug, check to make sure it can handle being heated or microwaved. Some mugs will crack or break in very hot temperatures, so only use mugs designed to be microwaved or dishwasher safe. Make sure you add water to the mug before you microwave it. You can also pour in hot water and let it sit for a few minutes.

5. Descale your machine.

For those using tap water with your Nespresso machines, it’s crucial to descale your machine at least every six months. Descaling is the process of stripping any mineral buildup, especially if you’re in a hard water region. This is in addition to cleaning, which helps reduce the amount of mineral buildup your machine will get.

Along with cleaning it routinely, descaling will improve the taste of your coffee. While minerals in water are considered safe depending on what is in the water, your machine won’t work as well if it’s got too much hard water buildup.

6. Find compatible pods from other brands.

Gourmesso Glorybrew compostable K-Cups

If you’re not a fan of reusable coffee pods, you can try to use coffee pods that are compatible with the Nespresso maker. The Nespresso shop might not carry the brand you want, so it doesn’t hurt to try an off-brand coffee pod. Many coffee companies have their own coffee pods and are adapting most brewers, which means more options for Nespresso machine owners. Our favorite option? Glorybrew’s Nespresso-compatible coffee pods — they’re delicious!

7. Reuse Nespresso coffee pods.

This hack is great for those who don’t own reusable pods, giving you the chance to use your coffee and cut down on your plastic use. Not only will this allow you to try different coffee flavors not available in the Nespresso store, but this will help cut down on costs as well. Single-serve brewers seem inexpensive initially, but some coffee pods can go for over $1 per cup.

To reuse the coffee pod, remove the foil, and spent coffee grounds. Refill it with fresh coffee grounds, using as much as you want. Seal it up with new tin foil and pop it in the machine. If it doesn’t work, smooth out the tinfoil as best as you can.

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Final Thoughts

The hunt for the perfect cup of coffee always seems endless, but there are ways to get as close as possible with a few tips and tricks. People often buy the Nespresso machine and hope for some premium coffee, but it won’t last without some maintenance.

A combination of coffee brand, water type, and cup size will completely change coffee quality, even in regular coffee makers. With proper cleaning and finding your favorite coffee type, you can hack your Nespresso into a coffee shop brewer right at home.


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