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How Much Caffeine Is in Screamin Energy Max Hit? 2024 Breakdown


With coffee becoming such a popular beverage, people are becoming accustomed to the level of caffeine it contains. This has made energy shots more popular. How much caffeine do some of these mega caffeine-based drinks actually have, though?

In the article below, we will look at Screamin Energy Max Hit. Will share not only much caffeine it has, but how it compares to coffee and other similar drinks in the same category. One packet of Screamin Energy Max hit contains 185 mg of caffeine, or 303.28 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. If you are a fan of Screamin Energy, keep reading below to get all the info you need to make an informed decision on your next shot of energy.

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What Is Screamin Energy Max Hit?

If you have not yet heard of Screamin Energy Max Hit, it is manufactured by a company called Vital4U. It was originally a vitamin company that provided complete daily nutrition to its customers.

They have since branched out with a few different energy drinks; The most popular being Screamin Energy Max Hit and Screamin Energy Ultra.

In today’s topic, we’ll be going over the Max Hit energy option which was released after the Energy Ultra. Max Hit is the “maximum strength formula that was created for hardworking people that need a fast-acting and long-lasting boost of energy”.

It is a blend of ginseng, caffeine, and various forms of vitamin B that comes in 0.6 fluid oz. With such a small container, people get a high punch of caffeine quickly and effectively.

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How Much Caffeine Does Screamin Energy Contain?

Energy Max Hit contains 185 mg of caffeine. In other words, it has 303.28 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. This is quite high compared to other beverages such as coffee, tea, matcha, and other energy drinks. Although, we will get more into that later.

Screamin Energy Max Hit Coffee Mocha Flavor

Caffeine Content in Other Vital 4U Drinks

Before we start comparing outside beverages, we wanted to take a closer look at the differences between the two Ultra4U drinks.

Screaming Energy Ultra

Interestingly enough, Screamin Energy Ultra also has 185 mg of caffeine just like the Max Hit. The difference between the two, apart from a few dietary variations, is what the two are designed to do for the consumer.

Screaming Energy Ultra

The Differences

For example, Max Hit is great for fast-acting energy. People with busy work environments, a lot of outdoor hobbies, exercise regularly, and have long study shifts benefit from Max Hit. On the other hand, Screamin Energy Ultra is best for bodybuilding, endurance, sports, weightlifting, and other strenuous activities.

The differences also have to do with the type of caffeine each one has. Max Hit, for example, has taurine, caffeine, Panax ginseng, and thiamin. Energy Ultra, on the other hand, has taurine, caffeine, L-Arginine, and tohimbine HCL.

Liquid Energy Ginseng

Ultra4U also has a third less strong option called Liquid Energy Ginseng. It is meant to be a safe, quick, and smooth energy made with coffee. Unlike the other two that are meant to give you advanced physical endurance, this one is a better option for sustained cognitive focus.

Liquid Energy Ginseng

Liquid Energy is safe for both men and women who are students, teachers, have intensive work lives, drive long distances, and generally have active lives. As the name suggests, it is made with ginseng, vitamin B, natural sweeteners, and coffee. It has 155 mg of caffeine.

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Similar Energy Drinks

Now that you know the differences between the Ultra4U brand energy drinks, let’s see how Screamin Energy Max Hit measures up to other energy drinks.

Neu Nootropic Shot

Neu Shot Extra-Strength Energy

Nootropics Screamin Energy Max Hit
175 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine

Nootropic recently put out an energy shot called Neu Shot Extra-Strength Energy. It has slightly less caffeine with 175 mg versus Max Hit with 185 mg. This alternative has zero carbs or calories, plus it is sugar-free. It also does not have ginseng or thiamin as its caffeine source. Instead, it has L-theanine and L-carnitine among other harder-to-pronounce ingredients.

5-hour ENERGY® Shot

5-hour ENERGY® Shot

5-hour ENERGY® Shot Screamin Energy Max Hit
200 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine

5-hour ENERGY® Shot was one of the first energy shots on the market. It has 200 mg of caffeine, beating out Screamin Energy Max Hit by 15 mg. It’s also important to note, many new brands put a lot more thought into the recipe and formula of their energy shots making them as healthy as possible. 5-hour ENERGY® Shot claims to have vitamins, nutrients, and to be sugar-free, but the lack of nutritional value on the bottle does leave something to be desired.

Sudden Rush Strong Guarana

Sudden Rush Strong Guarana

Sudden Rush Strong Guarana Screamin Energy Max Hit
110 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine

Unlike the last two, Sudden Rush Strong Guarana energy shot has 110 mg of caffeine. That is not the only thing that sets it apart, however. This energy booster is powered by natural guarana alone and has only organic-certified ingredients. It has a host of different vitamins and nutrients that allow you to have a clean, level energy boost without a jittery crash.

Vitamin Energy Immune

Vitamin Energy Immune

Vitamin Energy Immune Screamin Energy Max Hit
260 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine

Surprisingly, Vitamin Energy Immune Plus is among the highest caffeine levels with 260 mg. This little bottle of boost is designed to not only give you more than seven hours of non-jittery energy, but it also boosts your immune system with vitamin C, vitamin D3, and vitamin B6. It is great for the person on the go who also wants to protect themselves from colds and flu.

GummiShot Energy

GummiShot Energy Gummies Variety

GummiShot Energy Screamin Energy Max Hit
75 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine

Slightly different than our other energy shots, is the Gummy Shot Energy which is a daily gummy candy that provides you with 75 mg of natural caffeine to boost your day. They come in a variety of flavors including elderberry, tropical, and orange. Keep in mind, the gummies come in pouches of three so you can determine how many you want to take. All three would equal 225 mg of caffeine making it just under Vitamin Energy Immune.

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Popular Energy Drinks

Now that you have an idea of the differences between Screamin Energy Max Hit and other shots, let’s look at some of the more popular energy drinks that are available.


monster energy drink white
Image Credit: NeONBRAND, Unsplash
Monster Screamin Energy Max Hit
86 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine


red bull energy drink
Image Credit: Jan Kopřiva, Unsplash
Redbull Screamin Energy Max Hit
111 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine


Rockstar Energy Drink Original flavor

Rockstar Screamin Energy Max Hit
160 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine

Rockstar energy drinks have slightly less caffeine than Screamin Energy Max Hit.

Free Rain

Free Rain Screamin Energy Max Hit
18.75 mg of Caffeine 185 mg of Caffeine

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Energy Shots vs Energy Drinks

As you can see, these larger beverages have far lower caffeine than the energy shots; specifically, Screamin Energy Max Hit. Rockstar has the most with 160 mg of caffeine while Free Rain has the least with only 18.75 mg of caffeine.

Outside of the obvious difference in size, the main difference between Screamin Energy Max Hit and energy drinks is the way they are meant to be consumed. Typically, energy shots are meant to be taken down quickly to provide a fast-acting boost of caffeination.

Energy drinks, on the other hand, are meant to be savored more like coffee. While you will find many flavors within the shots, you’ll find that Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar tend to put more into their flavors. Especially, as they are giving you a larger amount; typically larger than a cup of coffee or a can of soda.

This also means that the amount of caffeine that you are getting is being consumed over a longer period. Many experts feel that energy shots walk a fine line between being safe and not due to how fast you consume large amounts of caffeine.

Although energy drinks can be higher than your average coffee or tea, you are still drinking the beverage slower giving your body more time to adjust to the rush.

While we are on the subject, let’s look at the caffeine levels for some of our traditional caffeinated beverages.

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Other Caffeinated Drink Comparisons


a white ceramic cup with coffee
Image Credit: Beyza Efe, Pexels
Coffee Screamin Energy Max Hit
95 mg per cup 185 mg of Caffeine

One of the original forms of caffeine, the average cup has about 95 mg of caffeine but that can vary depending on whether you have a cup of drip filter coffee or espresso. Coffee is a natural form of caffeine grown from the Coffea plant in many countries around the world. It is the second most consumed beverage next to alcohol.

Black Tea

a wide cup of black tea
Image Credit: all4web, Pixabay
Black Tea Screamin Energy Max Hit
47 mg per cup 185 mg of Caffeine

Tea may very well be the original form of caffeine that is consumed as a beverage. This is another natural form of caffeine that comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. The leaves are picked, dried, and then steeped in hot water. There is approximately 47 mg of caffeine.

Green Tea

green tea in a wooden cup
Image Credit: mirkostoedter, Pixabay
Green Tea Screamin Energy Max Hit
47 mg per cup 185 mg of Caffeine

Green tea is grown from the same plant as black tea, however, it is harvested at a different time. It is also processed differently. Green tea has a completely different taste than black tea and is usually combined with other herbal ingredients. There is also approximately 47 mg of caffeine per cup.


matcha tea on a table
Image Credit: owencarver, Pixabay
Matcha Screamin Energy Max Hit
35 mg per half a teaspoon 185 mg of Caffeine

Matcha is the energy shot of green tea. It is a more concentrated form as the green leaves are ground down to a powder that is then mixed with hot water. For that reason, Matcha is also more caffeinated than regular green tea or black tea. In fact, it rivals coffee at times. Matcha has approximately 35 mg of caffeine per half a teaspoon of powder.

Overall Comparison

Since we compared quite a few different caffeinated beverages to Screamin Energy Max Hit, we wanted to give you an overview of everything put together. This way, you can see how Screamin Energy Max Hit compares to other beverages we mentioned today.

Vitamin Energy Immune 260 mg of Caffeine
5-hour ENERGY® Shot 200 mg of Caffeine
Screamin Energy Max Hit 185 mg of Caffeine
Nootropics 175 mg of Caffeine
Sudden Rush Strong Guarana 110 mg of Caffeine
GummiShot Energy 75 mg of Caffeine
Rockstar 160 mg of Caffeine
Redbull 111 mg of Caffeine
Monster 86 mg of Caffeine
Free Rain 18.75 mg of Caffeine
Matcha 35 mg per half a teaspoon
Coffee 95 mg per cup
Black Tea 47 mg per cup
Green Tea 47 mg per cup

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article has shed some light on the details of Screamin Energy Max Hit, and how they compare to other caffeinated beverages. With so many different options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Depending on your taste and your lifestyle, there is an option for everyone, and we hope you have found that one today.

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