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How Much Caffeine Is in Neu Nootropic Shot? 2024 Breakdown

NEU Nootropic Extra Strength Energy Shots variety

Caffeine (serving: 2 fl oz)
350 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

While most energy drinks are made to provide a quick, caffeine-fueled boost of energy, some are starting to focus on boosting brain power instead. That includes the Neu Nootropic Shot, a 2 fluid-ounce energy shot with several ingredients you won’t find in most other energy drinks, including DMAE bitrate, CDP-choline, and others.

Neu Nootropic Shots are also made with organic coffee, but one question you might have is how much caffeine they contain. The answer is that each 2-ounce Neu Nootropic Shot contains 350 milligrams (mg) of caffeine, one of the highest amounts on the market for an energy drink or shot. Read on to find out more and see comparisons of Neu Nootropic Shots to other energy shots and drinks!

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How Much Caffeine Do Energy Shots Usually Have?

Energy shots are the younger, smaller cousin of the energy drink and feature 2-ounce that kick-start your senses and boost your focus up to maximum. That’s the sole purpose of an energy shot; it puts as much energy-producing caffeine into your body as quickly as possible so you get energized faster. Yes, Neu Nootropic Shots have a ton of caffeine, but that’s the whole point.

NEU Extra Strength Energy Shots variety

How Does Neu Nootropic Compare to Other Energy Shots?

As the chart below shows, the amount varies widely from brand to brand, but Neu definitely has the highest amount of caffeine.

Energy Shot Caffeine Content
Neu Nootropic Shot 350 mg
Ethan’s Organic Energy Shot 150 mg
XMODE Extra Strength Energy Shots 300 mg
5-Hour Energy 200 mg
Vitamin Energy Immune Shots 260 mg
Naked Fire Energy Shots 100 mg
Bang Energy Shots 300 mg (3-ounce shots)
Forto Coffee Shot Between 100 and 200 mgs

Energy Shots Compared to Coffee Drinks

For many, coffee was the first and is still the best “energy drink” on the market. After all, coffee has the one ingredient most energy drinks use to provide their energy. Without caffeine, most shots would give your body very little usable energy or mental focus and clarity. The chart below looks at some of the more popular coffee drinks and how they compare to Neu Nootropic Shots.

Energy Shot Caffeine Content
Neu Nootropic Shot 350 mg
Cappuccino 75 mg
Cold Brew Coffee 155 mg
Espresso 75 mg
Frappuccino 65 mg
Flat White Coffee 130 mg
Iced Coffee 120 mg
Instant Coffee 63 mg
Latte 80 mg

NEU Nootroopic Extra Strength Energy Shots

All About Energy Shots

What Are Energy Shots?

Because of its caffeine, coffee gives most people a quick boost of energy and mental clarity. Of course, drinking hot, black coffee takes time, so energy drunks were invented to give you more caffeine faster by letting you drink it cold. Today that’s gone a step further with energy shots, which are shots of liquid that contain insane amounts of caffeine to give you the fastest, biggest caffeine rush ever.

Yes, Neu Nootropic Shots are meant to be different and have ingredients that are supposedly good for the brain. Let’s be honest, however, and agree that the 350 milligrams of caffeine in every Neu Nootropic Shot are more likely to boost your energy through the roof than any other ingredient in its formula. Of course, caffeine is one of the best nootropics you can find.

Neu Shot Extra-Strength Energy

Fun Facts About Energy Shots

  • Between the time it was launched in 2003 and 2012, 5-hour Energy Shots went from being unknown to selling over $1 billion in energy shots.
  • Neu Nootropic Shot has one of the highest caffeine contents in the energy drink industry, with 350 milligrams in 2 ounces.
  • Energy shots are said to increase alertness, attention, and energy levels. They also, thanks to the copious amount of caffeine they contain, increase your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure.
  • The average 2-ounce energy shot has as much caffeine as two 8-ounce cups of coffee

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Final Thoughts

Energy shots are the latest in a long line of drinks meant to boost your attention and focus and improve your stamina. Neu Nootropic Shots are made to do even more and improve your brain power, but the jury is out on whether they actually do that. One thing is certain; about 15 minutes after downing a Neu Nootropic Shot, you’ll have all the energy you need to tackle the task at hand.


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