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Caffeine Calculator (Quick & Easy): Find Your Coffee Intake Limits

When you’re exhausted in the morning, a well-caffeinated cup of coffee can be pretty miraculous. But you don’t want to overdo it and end up with symptoms like jitters or a headache. And you definitely don’t want to consume a lethal dose of caffeine. So how much caffeine can kill you, and how much are you consuming every day?

This simple daily caffeine intake calculator — and caffeine overdose calculator — will help you figure out your caffeine levels and help you avoid side effects! Keep reading to learn all about caffeine and how much you can safely consume.

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What is Caffeine?

what is caffeine?
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Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in many plants, including coffee beans, tea leaves, cacao (used to make chocolate), and kola nuts (used in soda). It can help you feel more alert and less tired, which is why many people drink it to wake up in the morning.

How Much Caffeine Should You Drink?

Does espresso or coffee have more caffeine?
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Coffee is delicious, and you may want to drink it all day. Sadly, it’s possible to have too much of this good thing. According to the FDA, adults should keep their daily caffeine intake under 400 milligrams. An 8-ounce cup of black coffee contains about 95 milligrams of caffeine, which means you can safely drink a little over 4 cups of coffee a day.

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Caffeine and Calcium

caffeine and calcium
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Does consuming caffeine affect your calcium levels? Some studies show that caffeine affects calcium absorption, potentially weakening your bones. However not all studies show this, and you may be able to counteract these minor effects by having the occasional glass of milk. Just one to two tablespoons of milk can help you keep your bones happy and healthy!

Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant?

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Doctors are divided on this one. Caffeine may pass through the placenta to the fetus and could potentially affect your child’s development, but so far, the studies are inconclusive. Some doctors and experts recommend steering clear of caffeine entirely, while others say to stay below 200 or 300 milligrams a day (2-3 cups of coffee).

If you have questions, ask your doctor about drinking coffee while you’re pregnant.

Death By Coffee

death by coffee caffeine overdose
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We’ve covered the recommended caffeine limit, but how much caffeine does it take to kill you? To overdose, you would need to consume at least 10 grams of caffeine. That’s 10,000 milligrams, about 25 times the recommended daily caffeine limit!

The World's Strongest Coffee
Some coffee varieties contain a lot more caffeine, like Devil Mountain’s Black Label coffee, which contains an impressive 1,555 milligrams of caffeine in each 12-ounce cup.

The good news is that fatal caffeine overdoses are rare — in 2017, there were just 51 caffeine-related deaths. Passing the recommended caffeine limit every once in a while isn’t the end of the world, but you’ll probably want to avoid doing it too often. If you’ve already hit your limit, why not switch to a surprisingly delicious decaf? And learn why energy drinks may not be a great option!

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Caffeine Calculators: The Bottom Line

How much caffeine are you consuming every day, and are you within recommended caffeine limits? We hope this coffee calculator helps you figure that out — without having to do any math.

To recap, experts recommend drinking less than 400 mg of caffeine per day (just over four cups of black coffee or six shots of espresso). To overdose on caffeine, you’d need to drink 10,000 milligrams in one day, or 105 cups of black coffee. Keep your coffee intake in the three to five-cup range and you can enjoy the benefits of coffee — without any unwanted side effects!

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