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How Much Caffeine Is in Revive Energy Mints? 2024 Breakdown

Revive Energy Mint Revive Energy Mint

When we think of our caffeine go-to’s, an energy mint might not be at the top of our list. Most of us would grab a cup of coffee, an energy drink, a soda, or a glass of tea. Many of us crave a minty refresher throughout the day, but what if that mint also came with an energy boost?

Revive mints are made with superfoods, and essential vitamins, and they leave behind a lovely minty aftertaste we all crave. These little superstars are packed with superfoods like acai, goji berry, and mangosteen, and they provide antioxidants, amino acids, and more.

Not to mention, the mints themselves are sugarless. A single mint provides the same amount of energy as a full-sized energy drink or shot but isn’t followed by a sugar crash. Revive Energy mints state that one mint is equal to a single energy drink, but what does that mean? Each Revive mint contains 85 mg of caffeine. Keep reading to learn more!

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How Much Caffeine Do Revive Mints Contain?

Revive mints contain around 85 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per mint. It might seem like a high caffeine count for a single mint, but it is formulated to release the caffeine gradually, so it doesn’t hit you all at once. Revive mints are designed to be long-lasting, and their primary selling point is as an energy supplement.

The ingredients of Revive are no strangers to the energy and caffeine booster market: guarana, green tea, ginseng, acai, mangosteen, and goji berry. Revive Energy mints also contain vitamin C! It is not recommended to take more than three of these powerhouse mints every 12 hours.

Revive Energy Mints

Caffeine Content Comparison

The caffeine levels in beverages can vary depending on the brand, but on average, a full-sized can contains around 100mg of caffeine. In comparison, coffee, tea, and soda vary anywhere from 22mg of caffeine in soda to 96mg of caffeine in brewed coffee. Red Bull, for example, contains around 111mg of caffeine per 12-ounce (oz) can.

Rockstar Energy drinks come in 16oz cans or 24oz cans, containing 160mg and 240mg of caffeine, respectively. Brands like Monster Energy offer such a wide variety of flavors that the caffeine levels vary by flavor. The Original flavor of Monster contains 160mg per can, and the other flavors can have anywhere from 115 to 187mg of caffeine.

Bang Energy, a brand that has become extremely popular and is still dominating the energy market, holds around 300mg of caffeine per can. Revive caffeine levels are considerably lower than some of the biggest energy drink brands.

Revive Mints Versus Energy Drinks

Brand Quantity Caffeine
Revive Energy Mint 1 mint 85mg
Monster Energy 16oz can 160mg
Redbull Energy 12oz can 111mg
Rockstar Energy 16oz can 160mg
Bang Energy 16oz can 300mg

Revive Mints Versus Coffee

Brand Quantity Caffeine
Revive Energy Mints 1 mint 85mg
Brewed Black Coffee 8oz 96mg
Espresso 1oz 64mg
Instant Coffee 8oz 62mg

Revive Energy Mints sugar free

Revive Mints Versus Tea

Brand Quantity Caffeine
Revive Energy Mints 1 mint 85mg
Black Tea 8oz 47mg
Green Tea 8oz 28mg
Bottled Tea 8oz 19mg

Revive Mints Versus Soda

Brand Quantity Caffeine
Revive Energy Mints 1 mint 85mg
Diet Coke 12oz 47mg
Pepsi 12oz 39mg
Coca-Cola 12oz 34mg
Mountain Dew 12oz 54mg
Dr Pepper 12oz 41mg
Barq’s Root Beer 12oz 22mg

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How Much Caffeine Can You Have Per Day?

The average adult can handle up to 400mg of caffeine safely per day. If you add it up, that is the amount in three to four cups of our favorite 8oz cup of coffee, ten 12oz cans of soda, and about two energy drinks depending on which brand.

That may seem like a hefty amount of caffeine, but consume the drinks at different times. You may drink coffee in the morning, soda with lunch or dinner, and an energy drink later for an extra boost? That 400mg can come and go quite quickly.

It may not safe to consume more than 400mg of caffeine a day. If you drink too much regularly, not only can you become addicted (yes, caffeine is a stimulant you can become addicted to), but you can experience withdrawals. You can also have some pretty nasty side effects from caffeine. Headaches, irritability, lethargy, and more can occur when you stop drinking your morning coffee or go without your daily caffeine hit.

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