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19 Best Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Drinks in 2024: Ranked & Reviewed!

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Dutch Bros was formed in 1992 in Oregon. Today, the company has drive-thru coffee shops in 11 states, serving a variety of coffees and coffee drinks as well as specialty drinks, tea, and even their own range of energy drinks. The coffee is customizable, enabling you to choose your base, add syrups and toppings, and create your ideal brew. And, while a lot of the drinks are high in sugar, there are plenty of sugar-free options, too.

Below are 19 of the best sugar-free Dutch Bros drinks available for you to try, although your options may vary according to your local branch, so you will need to check availability when ordering. We’ll show you the best sugar-free coffee drinks, tea drinks, and energy drinks!

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The 12 Best Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Coffee Drinks:

Coffee is naturally sugar-free, but usually only if you drink it black and with no added sugar, syrup, or milk. If you want your coffee kick but without the sugary calories, Dutch Bros does have options for you:

1. 9-1-1

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 280.5 milligrams

The 9-1-1 contains 6 shots of espresso with Irish cream syrup and milk. The standard version isn’t sugar-free but you can ask for it, in which case you will get a sugar-free milk alternative and sugar-free syrup. Six shots of espresso make this a highly caffeinated drink that you can have hot, iced, or blended.

2. Americano

Americano coffee
Image credit: Unsplash
Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 93.5 milligrams

The Americano is a classic coffee drink that contains espresso and water, neither of which contains any sugar, making it the ideal caffeine kick for those that need a sugar-free drink option. Just remember that if you do add any milk, cream, or other extras, you need to take these into account when calculating your sugar intake.

3. Annihilator

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 93.5 milligrams

The Annihilator is a chocolate macadamia nut breve, which means that it naturally contains a lot of milk and chocolate macadamia nut syrup. There are sugar-free versions of both of these additives available, which means that you can enjoy a sugar-free Annihilator in most Dutch Bros outlets.

4. Blended Double Chocolate Mocha

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 101.5 milligrams

The blended double chocolate mocha is a mocha coffee with double chocolate syrup. Make it sugar-free with sugar-free syrup and milk. It still has the velvety chocolate flavor but without the sugar calories.

5. Cocomo

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 137 milligrams

Coconut has relatively low levels of naturally occurring sugars, but you still need to ask for sugar-free Cocomo, which is a coconut mocha that is made with an espresso base topped with chocolate milk, whipped cream, and coconut syrup.

6. Double Torture

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 130 milligrams

The Double Torture consists of an espresso with vanilla syrup and chocolate milk and is finished with an extra double espresso, so there’s plenty of caffeine, but you will need to order is sugar-free to make sure you don’t get any sugar from the syrup.

7. Caramelizer

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 101.5 milligrams

The Caramelizer is another mocha drink from Dutch Bros, this time including chocolate milk and caramel sauce with whipped cream on the top. It comes hot, iced, or as a blended coffee drink and it is available in a sugar-free variant.

8. Golden Eagle

a glass of caramel coffee drink with whipped cream
Image Credit: Help Ukraine, Shutterstock
Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 93.5 milligrams

The Golden Eagle is another breve drink. Breve is similar to a latte except that it uses half and half milk so it is richer and fluffier. There is less sugar in half and half than in other kinds of milk, but you will need to make sure that the barista uses a sugar-free caramel drizzle.

9. Kicker

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 93.5 milligrams

Like most of the breve drinks at Dutch Bros, the Kicker is available hot, iced, or blended. This breve drink includes Irish cream syrup and has a moderate amount of caffeine in a cup.

10. Mocha

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 101.5 milligrams

The Mocha has become a very popular coffee-based drink and consists of a latte with chocolate syrup to give it a rich and chocolatey flavor. It also serves as the basis for a lot of other specialty drinks with common variants including the mochaccino.

11. Nitro

nitro cold brew coffee
Image Credit: DG FotoStock, Shutterstock
Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 293 milligrams

Available in a can or made fresh, the Nitro-Infused Cold Brew is a cold brew coffee with an extra caffeinated kick. It packs more than double the caffeine of most other coffees on the menu, including a standard cold brew, and it is naturally sugar-free until you add syrups and other additives.

12. White Mocha

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 101.5 milligrams

The White Mocha is a take on the traditional mocha, but it uses white chocolate sauce instead of standard chocolate syrup. It also has chocolate milk and although it is traditionally served cold, you can also buy it toasted. The White Mocha is available as a sugar-free version.

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The 5 Best Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Tea Drinks

Like coffee, tea naturally contains no sugar. But, also like coffee, tea is often combined with milk and other ingredients to make it sweeter and more appealing. It’s these ingredients that give it a sugar content. Your sugar-free alternatives to a standard black tea include:

13. Decaf Ceylon Tea

glass cup with tea bag
Image Credit: AlenD, Shutterstock
Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 0 milligrams

Ceylon tea is picked in Sri Lanka and is high in antioxidants and there is some evidence to suggest that it is good for high blood pressure and weight loss. The decaf version can be sweetened or flavored with any of the brand’s sugar-free syrups if you want to create something a little different.

14. Earl Grey Tea

earl grey tea in a cup
Image Credit: auntmasako, Pixabay
Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces

One of the world’s most popular teas, Early Grey is actually black tea with bergamot orange oil added to give it flavor. It is traditionally consumed without milk or syrups as the bergamot oil gives it a somewhat citrusy flavor.

15. Green Tea

Drink Size: 16 fluid ounces

Green tea originates in China where it is drunk with no additives. It has become popular around the rest of the world for its high levels of antioxidants. It has a higher concentration of antioxidants than any other type of tea.

16. Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

Drink Size: 8 fluid ounces

Hot cinnamon spice tea comes caffeinated or decaffeinated and, as long as you don’t add honey, it doesn’t contain any sugar and has 0 calories per cup.

17. Paris Tea

Drink Size: 12 fluid ounces

Paris Tea is similar to Earl Grey except that along with the bergamot oil, it also contains vanilla and caramel flavors, which give it a sweeter flavor despite the fact that it still contains no sugars.

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The Best Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Energy Drinks

Dutch Bros also offers a range of customizable energy drinks. Essentially, it is an energy drink base and you can have any of the company’s syrups and flavors added to it. This means that you can incorporate sugar-free syrups to get the flavor without the sugar. There are several dozen different flavors available but you do have to make sure that you specify you want sugar-free if you order a customized drink.

18. Blue Rebel Sugar-Free Energy Drink

Drink Size: 8 fluid ounces
Caffeine: 80 milligrams

Blue Rebel Sugar-Free Energy Drink also comes in cans. It has a similar flavor to Red Bull and has a high caffeine content compared to most of the brand’s coffees and teas.

Sugar-Free Syrups

Dutch Bros is well known for offering its customers the chance to customize their drinks. This means that you can choose the type of milk, whether you want any flavor syrups added, and what type of cream you want on top. As well as a huge variety of several dozen different syrups, there are several sugar-free versions available. Ask for the following sugar-free syrups in your Dutch Bros drink.

  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Coconut
  • Hazelnut
  • Irish Cream
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • White Chocolate

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Dutch Bros is a popular drive-thru coffee shop. They sell a variety of coffees, teas, and some cold drinks. Drinks can be customized with chosen syrups, different kinds of milk, and other extras, and for those looking for sugar-free drinks, there is a good selection of traditional drinks and sugar-free syrups, as well as milk alternatives.

Featured Image Credit: Nicolas Nieves-Quiroz, Unsplash


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