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AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: The Differences (With Pictures)

AeroPress vs AeroPress Go

Whether you are new to the wonderful world of AeroPress or you’re curious about the latest model, we have all of the details you’re looking for. Both AeroPress brewers brew well and come with a lot of pieces — but is the Go an improvement on the original?

Some — but not all — coffee lovers will probably prefer the new model. There are some good reasons to consider sticking with the original! Here’s what you need to know — and how to decide whether to choose the AeroPress or the AeroPress Go.

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All About the AeroPress

AeroPress Review

The original AeroPress was an instant classic when it debuted in 2005. Lightweight, fast to brew with, and incredibly easy to clean, it was quickly popular with travelers and outdoors-loving coffee enthusiasts. This model weighs a mere 8 ounces, though that doesn’t include the funnel, filters, or filter holder.

The AeroPress uses a combination of steeping and pressure to produce small cups of concentrated coffee. There are a lot of AeroPress recipes and brewing methods, but the basic process involves letting the coffee grounds and water steep for 1 to 3 minutes before pushing the mixture through a paper filter using the plunger. The plunger cleans the brewer on the way out, and you can pop out a compost-ready puck of coffee grounds.

AeroPress coffee brewing setup
Everything included in the original AeroPress box.

Before the Go came out, the AeroPress was known as a very travel-friendly coffee maker. The Go has unseated it, but we’d still say the original AeroPress is a great travel option. You can opt for the version that comes with a travel bag — handy even if you’re not traveling since this brewer has so many pieces.

  • Larger capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable
  • Better stirring stick
  • Large filter holder
  • No travel mug (but travel bag available)
  • Larger & bulkier
  • Harder to use a scoop

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All About the AeroPress Go

AeroPress Go review

The AeroPress Go is the company’s latest model, redesigned to cut down on weight and space. All of its components are packed into an eight-ounce plastic cup with a rubber lid. The whole thing weighs a mere 11.5 ounces. Like the original, it comes with everything you need to start brewing, like 350 paper filters and a stirring stick. You just need to round up coffee beans and hot water!

The Go is smaller in pretty much every way, which is great for travel but can make brewing on larger mugs nearly impossible. We also disliked the Go’s stirring stick, which is long enough to potentially rip the paper filter.

What's in the box AeroPress Go
Everything included in the AeroPress Go box.

If you’re traveling, you can throw a few filters (20) into the tiny filter holder. But there’s nowhere to put the rest of the filters — unless you also have an original model, which comes with a larger filter holder.

  • Includes travel mug and lid
  • Lightweight and very compact
  • Comes with 350 paper filters
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Smaller capacity
  • Stir stick is harder to use
  • Nowhere to store extra filters

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AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: How to Choose

What do the AeroPress and the AeroPress Go have in common?

The brewing processes for the AeroPress vs AeroPress Go are essentially the same, as is the overall design. We didn’t find a measurable difference in the coffee, either. Both brewers make tasty, complex coffee that’s very concentrated. They also cost essentially the same amount. And one of the coolest design elements? Manual burr coffee grinders fit inside both the AeroPress and the AeroPress Go!

Which is better for traveling?

The AeroPress Go is specifically designed for traveling — even more than the AeroPress — so it’s the obvious choice if space is your biggest concern. The Go comes in a travel mug with a nice rubber lid. It also has a very compact filter holder to keep a few filters clean and dry.

AeroPress Go cup with lid
The AeroPress Go packs into the included travel mug.

The Go is lightweight and compact, but it may still be a little bulky if you’re backpacking. It also only comes with one mug, so if you’re traveling with a friend, you’ll have to take turns or bring a second cup.

Scoop vs Stirring Stick: Which Design is Better?

One element of the Go redesign that we especially liked was the scoop. The original AeroPress comes with a funnel, which is useful because it can be difficult to get ground coffee into the brewer without spilling. The Go doesn’t need the bulky funnel because the scoop fits inside the brewer!

Set up AeroPress
The redesigned AeroPress Go scoop fits inside the brewer.

On the other hand, the original AeroPress has the edge on the included stirring stick. The Go’s stirring stick folds, which helps it fit into the mug but makes it harder to use. The original AeroPress’ stirring stick is T-shaped, a smart design that prevents you from hitting the paper filter at the bottom. The Go’s stirring stick is longer, meaning that you have to be more careful when stirring.

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The Bottom Line

So should you choose the AeroPress vs AeroPress Go? If you mostly brew at home and only take your AeroPress on the road occasionally, you may want to stick with the original model. But if you’re buying an AeroPress specifically for traveling, camping, or backpacking, you’ll probably appreciate the lighter weight and more compact design of the AeroPress Go.

The good news is that these brewers have a lot in common — so no matter which model you choose, you’ll probably love your new coffee maker! We enjoy brewing with both the AeroPress and the AeroPress Go, and we think you will, too.

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