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Who Invented the AeroPress? History, Facts, Tips & FAQ

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The AeroPress is a great device that allows you to make café quality coffee without any expensive equipment. In fact, the AeroPress is the perfect travel, coffee maker. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself but would like to know more about it first, keep reading while we take a deep dive to find out who invented it, how long it’s been available, what the benefits of owning one are, and how to use it to make a perfect cup of coffee.

If you’re wondering who invented the AeroPress, the answer may shock you. It wasn’t a famous coffee company. No, it was a scientist and inventor by the name of Alan Adler who brought this wonderful coffee maker to life. If you’re a fan of AeroPress and want to know more about how it came to be, read on below to learn more about the man behind it and his revolutionary invention.

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Who Invented the AeroPress?

A scientist who also happens to be a coffee lover in 2005 invented the AeroPress in 2005. The scientist responsible is Alan Adler, and he went through more than 40 prototypes before settling on the design we can purchase today. Alder set out to find a better and faster way to make coffee than what was currently available. The result of his work was a coffee maker that takes less time than other methods, doesn’t require power though you must supply the hot water, and produces a cup of coffee as well as any other method.

Alan Alder also invented the Aerobie, a flying disc similar to a Frisbee with the Guinness World record for the furthest throw, 1,333 feet, the distance of almost four football fields. This amazing flying disc is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest throw. While his flying disc is quite well known, Alan Alder has several big achievements under his belt. He has created designs for military aircraft, submarines, lenses for telescopes, and nuclear reactors.

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Image Credit: Dylan McLeod, Unsplash

What Is the AeroPress?

Being a coffee lover doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about the coffee you drink. Perhaps you simply buy your favorite brew, make it at home, and enjoy it while watching television. If you’ve spent time in a coffee shop, however, you may have seen the AeroPress in action. The same could be said when visiting other coffee-loving friends. Maybe they have an AeroPress and you are wondering how it works.

The AeroPress looks like a cylinder. To use this system, a coffee filter is added to the bottom of the cylinder then coffee grounds and hot water are added. This is where you let the ground steep to your liking according to how strong you like your coffee. When the time is right, pushing down on the plunger presses the coffee into your awaiting cup for you to enjoy.

Advantages of the AeroPress

The AeroPress is about the same price as a standard home coffee maker, and its limited parts are durable and easy to clean. It doesn’t require any power, so it makes a great portable coffee maker. You can use it at the campsite by boiling water over the fire or at the hotel using the tea water usually available. The Polerlex manual Coffee Grinder fits inside so you can drink fresh ground coffee on the go.

One of our favorite things about the AeroPress is it allows you to tailor the coffee to your liking better than other methods. Finer grinds will produce a stronger coffee, as will hotter water and a longer steep time. You can also purchase different brands and different roasts, giving you a nearly endless number of options to explore while still being able to use the same coffee you always have and still get a better-tasting cup.

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How Does the AeroPress Work?

The AeroPress is remarkably easy to use, and that’s part of what makes it so great. It uses a cylinder that sits over a cup that will catch the coffee when it’s ready. At the bottom of the cylinder is a cartridge that holds a replaceable paper filter, smaller but similar to the ones you use in a standard home electric coffee maker.

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Image Credit: William Moreland, Unsplash

How To Use An AeroPress Coffee Maker:

  1. Place a new filter in the bottom of the cylinder and attach it to the included cup to hold it in position.
  2. Pour the coffee ground into the cylinder onto the filter.
  3. Pour hot water into the cylinder and allow it to sit for two minutes.
  4. Lift the cylinder and swirl it in a clockwise direction one time and place it back on the cup.
  5. Allow it to sit an additional 30 seconds.
  6. Place the included plunger into the cylinder and push the water through the coffee grounds and into the cup.
  7. When you press all of the water through the coffee grounds, pull back on the plunger to prevent it from dripping as you remove the cylinder from the cup.
  8. Remove the plunger from the cylinder, empty the grounds and paper filter into the trash, and rinse the cylinder and plunger to clean.
  9. Pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy.
  10. Repeat as needed.

How Does It Taste?

If you’re a fan of espresso, most likely you’ll love coffee made by the AeroPress due to similar brewing methods. The AeroPress, however, is designed for people who like their coffee less bitter. The finished product when using this brewing system is a smooth, pleasant taste that is free of the bitterness some cups of coffee contain.

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Image credit: Nataly Landar, Shutterstock

Is the AeroPress Expensive?

In comparison to the fancy coffee makers people can buy and bring into their homes, the AeroPress is extremely affordable at around $30. Over the years, fans of the AeroPress have invented several methods to get the most out of this coffee maker. Considering all the uses, the many recipes possible, and the delectable taste offered, the asking price of the AeroPress is something many coffee lovers will happily pay.

Where Is the Inventor Now?

In August of 2021, a Canadian holding company called Tiny Capital, Ltd. bought a controlling interest in AeroPress, Inc. This didn’t mean Alan was pushed out. No, on the contrary, he still maintains a minority interest in the business. While he reaps the benefits of the inventions he gave the world, he can witness the continuing success of his AeroPress.

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The AeroPress is an amazing coffee maker invented by Alan Adler that brews coffee in a new way that allows you to make a coffee house quality beverage with an inexpensive and portable device. It requires no power and makes the coffee faster than the French press or percolator, and you have more control over the finished product.

We hope you have enjoyed our look into this amazing device, and it has helped answer your questions. If we have convinced you to give one a try, please share our look into who invented the AeroPress on Facebook and Twitter.


Featured Image Credit: Alex Chernenko, Unsplash


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