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Ultimate Guide to Nespresso Cup Sizes (Info & Tips)

guide to Nespresso cup sizes

Nespresso machines are convenient espresso makers that can brew a wide variety of coffee drinks. They are customizable and can remember your desired settings, making them specific to your tastes. If you own a Nespresso and you’re new to the machine, calibrating the cup sizes is important to know how to do. Thankfully, these espresso-pod brewers are easy to use and can create a much tastier coffee experience than regular coffee makers. Here’s how to adjust the settings to your liking:

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Nespresso Cup Sizes at a Glance

Nespresso machines are the most well-known espresso makers in the coffee pod world, and most of their machines work relatively the same when it comes to cup sizes. The most basic model (Pixie) has two cup sizes: Espresso (40mL) and Lungo (110mL). The higher-end models have more cup sizes if you prefer stronger or weaker espresso, while with possible barista options to make lattes and macchiatos.

Nespresso Le Cube
Image Credit: Jon Åslund, Flickr

Calibrating your Nespresso Machine

One of the best features of the Nespresso makers is that the cup sizes can be adjusted, and the machine will memorize the exact amount of water to use to brew your espresso through calibration. Calibrating is simple to do on each machine and offers complete customization of the cup size options:

How to Calibrate your Nespresso Cup Size:
  • Press and hold either the espresso or Lungo cup size.
  • Keep pressing until you have your desired amount of espresso. Your machine is now calibrated to the specific amount you prefer.

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How to Calibrate & Reset Your Nespresso Cup Sizes (by Model)

Calibrating your Nespresso machine works with each model, but there are a few additional steps for some of the models. Find your Nespresso Model to get started!

 1. Nespresso Pixie

Though compact and with the basic features of the Nespresso machines, the Pixie is easy to calibrate and reset to factory settings. This is a great model for those looking for a simple Nespresso machine that doesn’t have the extra stuff with it. Here’s how to calibrate and reset the Nespresso Pixie:

Nespresso Pixie

Calibrating the Nespresso Pixie:
  • Power on the Nespresso Pixie and fill the water tank in the back with filtered water.
  • When the lights are no longer blinking, place a Nespresso pod in the pod compartment.
  • Choose the cup size that you want and hold the button down.
  • Release the button once you’ve reached your desired amount. Your Pixie will remember this exact amount until you reset it.
Resetting the Nespresso Pixie:
  • Turn off your Nespresso Pixie.
  • Hold down the Lungo button and turn it back on while holding down the button.
  • Your Nespresso Pixie is not restored to factory settings.

2. Nespresso CitiZ

The Nespresso CitiZ has the same calibration setup as the Pixie but a slightly different way to reset the memory to factory settings. The CitiZ has a great design with two cup sizes, the espresso, and the lungo. Here’s the method to save your customized cup size:

Nespresso CitiZ

Calibrating the Nespresso Citiz:
  • Turn on your Nespresso Citiz and fill the water tank.
  • After the blinking lights stop, place a capsule in the capsule compartment.
  • Choose your cup size and hold the button down until you have the amount of espresso you want, then release the button. Your Citiz will remember this exact amount until you reset it.
Resetting the Nespresso Citiz:
  • Turn off the Nespresso Citiz.
  • Hold down the Lungo button while turning it back on at the same time.
  • Release the button. Your Nespresso Citiz is back to the original settings.

3. Nespresso Essenza

The Nespresso Essenza has four cup sizes that can be adjusted to your preferences, but it also has hot water for tea. It’s a more versatile model than the Citiz and Pixie, but it doesn’t have the milk steaming options that the Latissima and the Latissima Plus. To calibrate the Nespresso Essenza, follow these instructions:

Nespresso Essenza Mini

How to Calibrate the Nespresso Essenza:
  • Hit the power button and fill the water reservoir.
  • Wait for the lights to stop flashing and place a coffee capsule in the capsule port.
  • Select your desired cup size and hold down the button.
  • Once you’ve reached the amount you want, release the button. The Essenza will pour this exact amount until you change or reset it.
How to Reset the Nespresso Essenza:
  • Power down the Nespresso Essenza
  • Press and hold the lungo button and switch on the machine again.
  • Your Nespresso Essenza is back to the original settings and can be customized again.

4. Nespresso Latissima/Latissima Plus

The Nespresso Latissima and Latissima Plus are the ‘barista-at-home’ models of the Nespresso makers, with three cup sizes (Espresso, Lungo, Ristretto) and options to make cappuccinos, macchiatos, and steamed milk. You can set both the cup sizes and milk buttons to your specific preferences, making a completely customized latte or other coffee shop drinks. Here’s how to calibrate the Latissima and Latissima Plus:

Nespresso Lattissima

How to Calibrate the Latissima/Latissima Plus:
  • Hit the power button and make sure the water reservoir and milk container are both full.
  • Wait for the lights to stop flashing, which is about 25 seconds.
  • Insert a capsule in the capsule compartment.
  • Press your desired cup size and hold it down, releasing at the amount you want. Your Latissima/Plus will brew this exact amount unless reset.
  • Choose the milk option that you want and hold down the button, releasing when you’ve reached the amount of milk desired. The button will flash three times to indicate it has been calibrated.
How to Reset the Nespresso Latissima/Latissima Plus:
  • Press and hold the power button for five seconds while the machine is switched on.
  • Wait until the lights blink three times and release the button.
  • Your Latissima and Latissima Plus are now restored to factory settings.

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Nespresso cup sizes are relatively easy to use and adjust, even though the machines seem intimidating at first. The sizes are fully adjustable, and your Nespresso maker will remember the setting, making it a great espresso maker for your home. If you have a Nespresso maker and the following doesn’t work, we recommend reading the manual to calibrate and reset it to the model’s specific method.


Featured Image: Jon Åslund, Flickr


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