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5 Best Coffee Shops in Fresno in 2024: Try One Today!

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Fresno is known as a city of beauty and class. This same influence has made its way into the coffee scene. If you’re looking for an amazing cup of coffee and good people to spend your time with, we have the coffee shops that you’ve been looking for. This is a look at the five best coffee shops in Fresno, California. In our opinion, these are perfect places to stop in, choose an exciting coffee beverage, and make new friends. The staff, surroundings, and coffee are exactly what memories are made of. Make sure you visit each one so you can see what we’re talking about.

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The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Fresno

1. Kuppa Joy Coffee Roasters

Kuppa Joy Coffee Roasters logo

  • 1900 N Echo Ave Fresno, California 93704
While Kuppa Joy offers amazing coffee, it’s the style of this coffee shop that takes visitors by surprise. The moment you walk through the door you’ll notice modern scenery and design. When you sit down for a cup of coffee, you’ll find a long list of options to choose from.

2. Hi-Top Coffee

Hi-Top Coffee logo

  • 1306 N Wishon Fresno, California

When you visit Hi-Top Coffee you’ll find amazing coffee and great people. You’ll also find bags of beans for sale, merchandise, and everything you need to spend an amazing day at a quaint coffee shop with friendly people.

3. Collect Coffee Bar

Collect Coffee Bar logo

  • 3142 E Campus Pointe Dr. Fresno, California 93710

If you want to hang out in the newest hot spot around Fresno, the Collect Coffee Bar is the place to do it. Whether you want to study, hang with friends, or simply drink coffee you’ll love your time in this coffee shop. Enjoy snacks, coffee, and delicious brews each time you walk through the door.

4. Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros. Coffee logo

  • 4982 E Ashlan Ave. Fresno, California

If you want to taste something new and exciting, Dutch Bros. Coffee is the place to be. They have a long list of cool coffee drinks you’ll be excited to try. While you’re there you can grab a bag of beans to take with you on your way home.

5. Revue

The Revue logo

  • 620 E Olive Ave Fresno, California 93728

For a coffee shop in Fresno that offers tasty treats, great coffees, beautiful surroundings, and an amazing staff, Revue is the answer. This shop has several coffee beverages to offer someone who loves coffee. Those who love great people and a perfect setting will also find themselves at home here.

Looking for more coffee shops?

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Final Thoughts

While there may be coffee shops on every corner in bigger cities, these five shops are the perfect places for true coffee lovers to find their people. Whether you enjoy sitting with others while you do your work, take your classes, or communicate with others, any of these shops will be the perfect place to do it. Go ahead, take a chance and try something new. You may find a new place and a new drink to enjoy.

Featured Image Credit: daan evers, Unsplash


Melissa Gunter

Melissa has been a fan of coffee since the first sip she stole from her Granny's cup when she was just a girl. Now, she spends each morning writing with a hot cup of coffee at her side. With a love of sweet and creamy bliss, Melissa and her daughter, Amber, stop by and try out every local coffee shop they see. Neither are afraid to try something new and have a long list of favorite coffee beverages they simply can't do without. When she's not freelance writing about her 2 passions, coffee, and pets, Melissa spends her time with her husband, 2 kids, and 5 fur babies. She also loves diving into the fiction world under her pen name, Rena Marin. If she isn't at the laptop or with the family, Melissa is out enjoying the mountains of East Tennessee she calls home.

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