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Easy Melitta Pour Over Instructions (With Pictures)

melitta pour over instructions coffee

The Melitta pour-over is a classic coffee maker that’s very easy to use. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need any brewing tips! A few straightforward instructions will help you create amazing coffee from the moment you open the Melitta box.

Here are our expert Melitta pour-over instructions, including pictures and step-by-step guides. We’ve also included information about the best coffee grind, coffee to water ratio, and water temperature so you can brew with confidence. Now let’s get started!

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How to Use a Melitta Pour Over:


1. Grind your coffee beans.

coffee grinder scoop and filters

For a Melitta pour-over, you’re going to want a medium to medium-fine grind size. Start with a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:17 or 0.7 ounces (1.4 tablespoons) of coffee for a 12-ounce cup.

2. Boil water.

Hario Tetsu-Kasuya Mini Drip kettle
We used the Hario Tetsu-Kasuya Mini Drip kettle.

Bring your filtered water to a boil. The ideal water temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit — but if you don’t have a thermometer, don’t worry! You can just let the kettle sit for 20 seconds after it reaches boiling point.

For this guide, we boiled water and then transferred it to the Hario Tetsu-Kasuya Mini Drip kettle for pouring. Read our comparison of Hario kettles (specifically designed for pour-overs)!

3. Put the pour-over on a coffee cup.

Melitta pour over set up

Add a #4 paper filter. If you want to avoid any papery taste, rinse it with a little water.

4. Pour in the coffee grounds.

Melitta pour over with coffee grounds

Carefully add the coffee grounds to the filter, tapping the sides to even the level.

5. Let the coffee bloom.

coffee bloom Melitta pour over

Pour a small amount of water into the center of the grounds. Then work in circles toward the outside, making sure you dampen all of the grounds. Wait about 30 seconds for your coffee to bloom.

6. Continue pouring water until your cup is fully brewed.

Melitta pour over brewing

Keep up the circular pouring motion, starting in the center and moving outwards. If your Melitta and cup are opaque, you may want to lift the brewer occasionally to check that you’re not over-filling the cup. You can also opt for a Melitta pour-over like the one we’re using, which has a window.

Another option? Use a kitchen scale to measure a more precise cup.

7. Take the pour-over off and discard the filter.

Melitta brewed coffee

Remove the Melitta brewer from the cup. You can throw away or compost the filter and coffee grounds. That’s it! Your delicious cup of pour-over coffee is ready to drink.

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Melitta Brewing Tips

Now that you know the basics, you may be ready to start brewing — or you may be looking for a little more information. If so, keep reading! Here is everything you need to know about brewing with a Melitta.

Where does the Melitta brewer come from?

Melitta pour over brewer

The namesake of the Melitta brewer, a German entrepreneur called Melitta Bentz, wanted to create a cleaner cup of coffee. To do that, she made holes in a brass pot and put a piece of paper inside it. Coffee brewed through her invention came out clear, rich, and flavorful — so she founded a coffee company.

The pour-over brewer and paper filter were born! Though the designs and products have modernized, the Melitta company remains a family coffee business to this day.

What kind of filters does the Melitta pour-over use?

brown vs white coffee filters

To use a Melitta pour-over, you will need a size two or four cone-shaped paper filter. The Melitta company makes and sells these filters, and you can also find generic and other brand options.

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What’s the best coffee to water ratio for a Melitta?

pour over coffee to water ratio grinding beans

Start with a 1:17 coffee-to-water ratio. That’s one part coffee to 17 parts water or about 0.7 ounces of coffee for a 12-ounce cup. Making a different amount of coffee? Let our handy coffee to water ratio calculator do the math!

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The Bottom Line

There you have it: easy Melitta pour-over instructions to help you brew a tasty cup of coffee. You’ll be impressed with the delicious coffee you can make with such a simple and inexpensive brewer! Now get out there and enjoy your expert coffee brewing skills. Your next cup of clear, flavorful coffee awaits.

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