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How to Make a Latte with a Nespresso Machine at Home: Recipe & Tips

making coffee using nespresso machine

All coffee lovers with a Nespresso machine know how versatile these machines are. In fact, a Nespresso machine is also capable of making a great latte, and this could soon become one of your favorite coffee choices!

The trick in making that perfect latte lies in your equipment and technique, and by owning a Nespresso machine, you’re already halfway there. The only other thing you’re missing is an excellent Nespresso latte recipe.

If you’d like to know how to make a latte with a Nespresso machine, check out our article below.

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The 4 Steps to Make a Latte with a Nespresso Machine


  • 1 cup of whole milk
  • Nespresso capsule per your taste
  • Syrup per your taste

1. Nespresso capsule

putting nespresso capsule to the machine
Image Credit: pixinoo, Shutterstock

The first step to making a delicious latte at home is to choose the Nespresso capsule you’d prefer to use and run it through your machine. Our suggestions are stronger coffee-flavored capsules such as Fortissio Lungo or Envivo Lungo. That said, the choice is yours as everyone enjoys their coffee at different strengths.

2. Heat and froth the milk

using handheld frother on milk
Image Credit: Nataliia Karabin, Shutterstock

Froth the milk in a metal jug or cup using your Nespresso steam wand (or a standalone steam wand if your machine does not have an included wand). Ensure you make both hot milk and a bit of frothed milk. For a delicious latte, it’s better to use whole-fat milk to get a rich flavor, although you can use other alternatives such as skimmed milk.

3. Pour the milk

splash of soy milk in iced coffee
Image Credit: K8, Unsplash

Pour the milk into the tall glass cup on top of your brewed coffee—slowly. Ensure that the steamed milk goes first by using a spoon to keep the froth inside the jug, and then top it with a layer of frothed milk.

4. Add syrup for more flavor

mocha syrup in iced coffee
Image credit: Elena Veselova, Shutterstock

Finally, if you’d like to add more flavor and sweetness to your latte, add syrup to your taste. Our suggestions are vanilla or caramel syrups if you are feeling extra decadent!

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The Latte Experience

A latte can taste very milky if you make it with a capsule that has a mild flavor. The trick in making a tasty latte is to choose a stronger coffee option as there’s a lot of milk in the beverage. When you select a milder coffee, the milk can easily overpower the coffee and cause the taste of the coffee to get diluted.

Before making a Nespresso latte, check out their website to verify the intensity of flavor of each capsule to figure out which one would work the best and provide you with the taste you would enjoy.

Should lattes be sweet or bitter?

Lattes typically have a mild flavor—they’re not sweet or bitter. Because of this, many people add sugar or syrups to add sweetness and make the latte taste unique. You can try out syrups such as hazelnut, vanilla, peppermint, caramel, or raspberry.

Why is a latte served in a tall glass cup?

Latte is an Italian beverage, and it’s served in a tall glass cup to show off the milk layers as they rise higher, making the latte look great. A tall glass cup will allow you to see all the different layers of your latte.

cup of latte with pastry on the side

Simple Nespresso Latte Recipe

Making a latte with a Nespresso machine is simple and straightforward, so you have the opportunity to switch up the recipe per your taste and add different flavors.
5 star average
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 1
Calories 157 kcal




  • Choose the Nespresso capsule of your choice.
  • Use your Nespresso steam wand to froth the milk, making both steamed and frothed milk.
  • Pour the milk on top of your coffee into the tall glass cup by first pouring steamed milk, followed by a layer of frothed milk.
  • If needed, add syrup to your taste to make your latte experience even more delicious.  


Calories: 157kcal

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Making a Nespresso latte is simple, and the final product will be delicious by following a few simple steps. Grab all the needed ingredients, follow the steps we provided throughout the article, and enjoy a tasty cup of latte from the comfort of your home.

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