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How Much Caffeine Is in Tim Hortons Coffee? 2024 Breakdown

tim horton's coffee

Caffeine (serving: 20 fl oz)
270 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

If you are a Tim Hortons coffee fan, you likely want to learn all you can about this fantastic brand. One common question is how much caffeine the coffee contains. The short answer is that a large 20-ounce Tim Hortons coffee contains about 270 milligrams (mg) per cup, but keep reading as we take a look at the other coffees and drinks available.

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How Much Caffeine in Tim Hortons Coffee?

The standard large 20-ounce coffee from Tim Hortons will provide you with 270 mg of caffeine per cup. However, several drinks on the menu can get you your daily caffeine. The small 12-ounce coffee contains only 140 mg of caffeine. Tim Hortons has three different kinds of coffee: regular, dark roast, and decaf. Its dark roast is one of the few types of coffee that contains less caffeine than the regular roast, at 260 mg of caffeine per 20-ounce cup. The decaf contains less caffeine than the other two, but there is still a bit: A large 20-ounce cup contains about 12 mg of caffeine.

a large cup of tim horton's coffee
Image Credit: Daniel Lincoln, Unsplash

Tim Hortons Caffeine Content

Type Size Caffeine in Milligrams
Regular 12 ounces 140
Regular 16 ounces 205
Regular 20 ounces 270
Regular 24 ounces 330
Dark Roast 12 ounces 130
Dark Roast 16 ounces 195
Dark Roast 20 ounces 260
Dark Roast 24 ounces 315
Decaf 12 ounces 6
Decaf 16 ounces 9
Decaf 20 ounces 12
Decaf 24 ounces 15

Why Does Tim Hortons Decaf Coffee Have Caffeine?

Unfortunately, decaffeinated coffee is not caffeine-free, and Tim Hortons coffee is no exception. The decaffeinating process helps reduce caffeine levels but doesn’t remove it completely, and you will still get a small amount from consuming it. However, there is typically less than 1 mg of caffeine per ounce of coffee.

a regular cup of tim horton's coffee
Image Credit: Erik Mclean, Unsplash

Other Tim Hortons Caffeinated Beverages

Tim Hortons has several other beverages besides coffee that can all help you start your day. The company’s Americano, cappuccino, and hot latte each have about 205 mg per serving, while the dream lattes have much less and are available in more sizes. Its large, iced coffee contains about 160 mg of caffeine, while its teas can range from 15 mg to 210 mg for an extra-large. This chart will help you see the difference in caffeine levels.

Type Size Caffeine in Milligrams
Americano 16 ounces 205
Cappuccino 16 ounces 205
Hot Latte 16 ounces 205
Caramel Latte 16 ounces 205
Vanilla Latte 16 ounces 205
English Toffee Cappuccino 16 ounces 80
French Vanilla Cappuccino 16 ounces 80
Café Mocha 16 ounces 135
Dream Latte Chocolate 16 ounces 95
Dream Latte Vanilla 16 ounces 50
Hot Chocolate 16 ounces 20
Iced Cappuccino 16 ounces 205
Steeped Tea 16 ounces 125
Decaffeinated Orange Pekoe 16 ounces 9

How Much Caffeine Is Safe to Drink?

Most experts recommend drinking no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day to minimize the risk of caffeine-related health problems. Too much caffeine can cause nervousness and anxiety. It can also make it difficult for you to fall asleep, and you may become irritable. Advanced symptoms of too much caffeine include high blood pressure and heart problems. Tim Hortons drinks are well under the 400-mg-per-day recommended allowance for caffeine, but these drinks are so good, it’s easy to drink two, which can put you over the limit. It’s also important to consider other ways that you might be consuming caffeine. This way, you can get an accurate idea of how much caffeine you consume each day and avoid any health complications.

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There are several drinks available at Tim Hortons that can satisfy your caffeine craving and give you the boost that you need to tackle your to-do list. You should stay well within recommended caffeine guidelines as long as you don’t drink multiple cups per day or drink more coffee at home. Tim Hortons coffee has a great flavor that’s perfect for any time of the day.

Featured Image Credit: Erik Mclean, Unsplash


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