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What is Deconstructed Coffee? The Trend You Should Get Behind

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Coffee trends are always on the rise, causing a stir on social media and pushing coffee shops to keep up. Cold brew coffee is a great example, which blew up on social media so quickly that coffee shops started to make their cold brew coffee seemingly overnight. Trends are necessary for growth in the coffee world since they create new niches and markets, bringing life to the coffee industry.

Sometimes, some trends may leave some scratching their heads, even if it is gaining popularity. There’s a recent trend that falls into that category: deconstructed coffee. Deconstructed coffee is a coffee drink ‘experience’ for the person ordering, rather than ordering a drink. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, consider adding this java-drinking concept to your coffee bucket list.

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Deconstructed Coffee: A Coffee Experience

When it comes to coffee, it’s hard to come up with new and exciting concepts that will leave a lasting impression. Deconstructed coffee falls into this category, whether people like it or think it’s too farfetched. It’s a concept that will either impress the consumer or confuse them, but it is becoming a popular concept regardless. But what is deconstructed coffee?

It’s basically a “build-your-own” coffee, with a double shot of espresso, hot water, and cream served separately. Add the water to the coffee and finish it with the cream, creating a completely unique-tasting drink. In other words, you’re paying to be your own barista. People usually go to a coffee shop to have their coffee made for them, but deconstructed coffee allows you to make your coffee exactly how you like it.

What are the Ingredients of Deconstructed Coffee?

Like we mentioned above, deconstructed coffee is espresso, hot water, and creamer, in three separate glasses. Although the original version of it is with espresso, cold brew coffee and strong coffee can also work. For those who don’t like or can’t have dairy, the cream can be swapped for anything. The main concept is in the creation of your own drink rather than the ingredients themselves.

The idea of building your own drink is not entirely new, as there are restaurants the serve “deconstructed” meals in upscale modern eateries. Even salad bars are technically “deconstructed”, so the concept isn’t as foreign as it may seem. Regardless, the thought of ordering coffee ingredients at a coffee shop may be too ‘hipster’ for some.

Where Can you Find Deconstructed Coffee?

Although it’s a rising trend, most coffee shops don’t have deconstructed coffee on the menu. For this coffee experience, you’ll have to go on a hunt for it. It’s not as popular as other trends and requires three glasses instead of one, so it’s not feasible at most busy coffee shops. However, if you ask around and you live in a hotbed of coffee shops, you may have some luck and be able to enjoy the latest coffee craze.

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Final Thoughts

Coffee trends seem to happen left and right, from crazy drinks that become permanent menu items to trends that fade over time. Deconstructed coffee is on the rise, but there’s no telling if it will stand the test of time. There are a few benefits to building your own coffee to taste, but most people would rather order a coffee and let the baristas work their magic. Still, if you’re a coffee enthusiast that enjoys trying the latest, give deconstructed coffee a try if you’re able to find a coffee shop that has it.

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