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12 Best Tim Hortons Drinks: Ranked & Reviewed (2024 Update)

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Tim Hortons is one of the most popular coffee shops in Canada. There are many locations in the United States too, especially in New York, Ohio, and Michigan, causing many people to wonder what the company’s most popular drinks are. If this is a question that you need an answer to, keep reading as we provide you with a list of several fan favorites and tell you a little about each one.

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The 12 Best Drinks at Tim Hortons

1. Original Blend Double Double

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Image Credit: Erik Mclean, Unsplash
Ingredients: Black coffee, cream, sugar

The Original Blend Double Double is one of the most popular beverages at Tim Hortons, and it helps many people get moving each day. It’s a regular coffee with two sugars and two creams, which is how it gets its name. While there are no fancy flavors, this great-tasting coffee is a favorite for many people.

2. White Hot Chocolate

Image Credit: Jumpstory
Ingredients: White chocolate, milk

Tim Hortons White Hot Chocolate is a popular alternative to regular old-fashioned hot chocolate. It uses white chocolate and real milk to produce a great-tasting beverage that you will enjoy, especially as the weather gets colder. This beverage is a favorite among children and adults.

3. London Fog

Ingredients: Earl Grey tea, milk, honey

London Fog is a favorite among customers who visit Tim Hortons for the tea. Many people compare it to a traditional latte, but it uses earl grey tea instead of coffee. Milk and honey are added to produce a creamy sweet flavor, perfect for someone looking for something new or for a customer looking to cut back on caffeine.

4. Roasted Hazelnut Latte

a large cup of tim horton's coffee
Image Credit: Daniel Lincoln, Unsplash
Ingredients: Espresso, steamed milk

The Roasted Hazelnut Latte has a great flavor that works well at any time of the year and is a great alternative to standard coffee when you need something different. It mixes espresso with steamed milk to produce a great-tasting coffee, and the hazelnut helps balance out the beverage’s acidic nature.

5. Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

Ingredients: Cold brew, vanilla cream

The Tim Hortons Cold Brew coffee is a perfect option for people who prefer a smoother, less bitter coffee, as the slow-brewing process produces less acid. Mix this smooth coffee with real vanilla cream, and you have a sweet drink to help you get moving, and it is perfect at any time of the year.

6. The Biebs Cold Brew

Ingredients: French vanilla, cream

The Biebs Cold Brew is a special beverage created for popstar Justin Bieber, as it’s what he likes to order when he visits. It features French vanilla flavoring and plenty of cream, for something a little different than what you usually get.

7. Caramel Iced Cappuccino

Ingredients: Caramel, whipped topping

Caramel Iced Cappuccino is one of the most popular beverages at Tim Hortons. Real caramel is used to produce a sweet drink that is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. It has whipped cream topped with caramel drizzle and makes a perfect treat any time of the day.

8. Iced Mocha Latte

Ingredients: Chocolate, coffee

The Iced Mocha Latte is a popular beverage that contains real chocolate and great-tasting coffee that work together to create a beverage with a balanced and slightly sweet flavor. It’s the perfect choice for a hot day or when you need a treat.

9. Hershey Smores Iced Cappuccino

Ingredients: Chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker

The Hershey Smores Iced Cappuccino combines chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers, like traditional smores, to create a tasty beverage perfect for the holiday season or spending time outdoors. It’s the ideal choice for any chocolate lover, and the strong coffee will boost your energy and help you finish your work.

10. Peach Real Fruit Quencher

Ingredients: Peach fruit pieces, concentrate

The Tim Horton Real Fruit Quencher is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to cut back on caffeine. It has real pieces of fruit and is similar to Starbucks Refreshers.

11. Vanilla Creamy Chill

Ingredients: cream, vanilla

The Vanilla Creamy Chill is similar to a classic vanilla milkshake, but it’s somehow even better. It’s a sweet drink with whipped cream and sprinkles, making it a great choice for children and adults.

12. Strawberry Frozen Lemonade

Ingredients: fresh strawberries, lemon juice

The classic Strawberry Frozen Lemonade is an extremely popular choice for people of all ages, and it’s the perfect beverage on a hot summer day. It’s sweet and sour at the same time, while remaining relatively low in calories.

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If you are a coffee lover visiting Tim Horton’s, it’s tough to beat its Original Blend Double Double. However, the Roasted Hazelnut Latte is a good substitute, and the Vanilla Cream Cold Brew or Caramel Iced Cappuccino is the perfect choice for a hot summer day. If you need a change from coffee or are avoiding caffeine, we recommend the White Hot Chocolate or London Fog on cooler days and the Peach Real Fruit Quencher in the summer.

Featured Image Credit: Erik Mclean, Unsplash


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