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8 Egg Coffee Recipes: Surprisingly Delicious!

Vietnamese Egg Cream Coffee

You’re probably aware that eggs and coffee can go together nicely as a breakfast, but did you know they can be combined to make something called egg coffee? Sure, it may sound a little off-putting at first. We weren’t too keen on trying egg coffee recipes initially either, but now we’re hooked!

Seriously, egg coffee is so much better than it sounds. To prove it, we put together this list of egg coffee recipes that you can try at home. You are guaranteed to have one shell of a time making them! Sorry, bad yolk (now we’re done).

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The 8 Best Egg Coffee Recipes

1. Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Cà Phê Trung)

This recipe from turned out amazing for us, and we’re sure it will blow you away too! This traditional Vietnamese egg coffee is rich, smooth, creamy, and oh-so-delicious. It tastes a bit like decadent tiramisu, and it’s sure to have you wondering why you’ve never tried egg coffee before.

2. Swedish Egg Coffee

This recipe from will make one of the smoothest cups of coffee you’ll ever have. Swedish egg coffee involves cooking the egg in water with coffee grounds, and the result is far less bitterness and acidity than regular coffee. This recipe includes the shell, but you can skip that step if you do not like eggshells in coffee.

3. Indonesian Kopi Telur

Looking for a creamier egg coffee? Try this recipe from for an Indonesian egg coffee called Topi Kelur. This delicious, custard-like concoction of whipped egg yolk, condensed milk, and coffee will make you wonder if it’s better as a breakfast or dessert drink!

4. Coffee Brandy Frappe

Fancy a devilishly smooth, alcoholic coffee beverage? We did too! This recipe from delivers a boozy, egg-white-based coffee drink that’s sure to please and impress. Let this mixed drink’s complex flavors be the star of your next dinner party.

5. Primal Egg Yolk Coffee

If you follow a keto or paleo diet or just want a super nutritious breakfast on the go, this recipe from is perfect for you! It combines the fat and protein from three egg yolks in a frothy, smooth cup of coffee. There’s also an option to use the whole egg for an even bigger serving of protein.

6. Sri Lankan Egg Coffee

This egg coffee recipe from details how to make a traditional Sri Lankan egg coffee. It’s super simple, and it includes an option for adding a shot of brandy, which is an ancient Sri Lankan cold remedy. Brandy or not, this recipe is delicious!

7. “Homemade” Egg Coffee

This recipe from is as simple as the same suggests, and it produces a very smooth and delicious cup of coffee. Although there’s no chocolate or mocha added, it has a hint of cocoa. This recipe uses just three ingredients: 1 egg, coffee, and condensed milk.

8. Vietnamese Coconut Egg Coffee

This recipe from is a unique variation of the traditional Vietnamese egg coffee mentioned earlier. By adding coconut cream to the recipe, you can elevate this already delicious coffee drink’s flavors and produce something truly unique and wonderfully tasty.

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There you have it: an excellent introduction into the strange but utterly delicious world of egg coffee! You might still be questioning adding any part of an egg to your morning coffee, but keep an open mind until you taste for yourself how amazing these recipes are. It not only offers variety, but you’ll also be reaping the health benefits as eggs pack in protein and healthy fats into every bite — or sip, in our case. And you can even benefit from putting eggshells in coffee. We hope you enjoy this new twist on coffee as much as we do!

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