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Does Dutch Bros Have Sugar-Free Syrups? How to Order!

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Waking up to a hot coffee or our favorite coffee-based beverage has become a custom many of us have grown to love. Whether we are brewing a cup at home before heading out the door or waiting to run by the Dutch Bros drive-thru on our way to work, school, or wherever life leads us, the effect is still the same. Many people fuel themselves several times throughout the day with coffee and the caffeine inside.

Unfortunately, the sugar inside those tasty drinks can be an issue for many coffee lovers worldwide. This is especially true if you are a fan of those amazing drinks found on the Dutch Bros menu. While the yummy mixes they concoct make us fall in love, people cannot deny the sugar content. This may make you wonder, does Dutch Bros have sugar-free syrups available? The answer to that question is yes, they do!

Let’s learn a bit more about their options so you can start making healthier choices when you stop by your local Dutch Bros for your favorite drinks.

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What Is Dutch Bros?

If you aren’t familiar with Dutch Bros, you should get acquainted. Dutch Bros is a drive-thru coffee shop that offers a wide variety of drinks with incredible flavors. How did this coffee shop come into existence? It all started in 1992 when Travis and Dane Boersma decided it was time to leave their careers in the family dairy business behind. Instead, they wanted to serve espresso, play great music, and make a connection with their community. In the beginning, it was a simple coffee cart peddled near local railroad stations.

Within a few years, loyal customers and great word of mouth gave the brothers the money they needed to open their first store. Add a few more years to that timeline and the franchises began. Now, Dutch Bros is a true rival to coffee giants, operating hundreds of stores in 11 states. Even better? Dutch Bros and their “brotistas” show no sign of slowing down. According to the company, plans for more shops and the chance to share their coffees, sodas, and infused flavors are in the works.

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Dutch Bros Drinks and Syrup

What Dutch Bros has on other coffee giants is the options. Yes, Starbucks has an amazing coffee menu, but Dutch Bros isn’t afraid to give anything a whirl. When you order, most coffee beverages start with a simple espresso or Americano. It’s how you flavor it that shakes things up. How do these flavors come into play? Like other coffee shops out there, they use flavored syrups. Torani’s flavored syrups are what you normally find in a Dutch Bros location. These tasty syrups add that flavor kick we all hope for when we stop by a coffee shop.

Flavored syrups, whether they are from the Torani company or made at home, can be added to hot or cold coffee. Those caramel macchiatos you love so well are made using these types of syrups. Unfortunately, when you add syrups, sauces, and all the other options found on most coffee shop menus, the sugar content begins to rise. Luckily, there are better options out there for those watching their sugar intake.

Sugar-Free Syrups at Dutch Bros

As we’ve already mentioned, Dutch Bros understands that not everyone can handle a ton of sugar each time they grab a drink at the drive-thru. Whether someone is watching their weight, trying to control illnesses, or simply wanting to avoid excess sugars, the company provides lots of options. Most of the drinks at Dutch Bros can be made sugar-free. This is done by switching from regular syrups to the sugar-free version. That doesn’t mean you won’t have any sugar in your drink, however. It’s up to you to avoid the added sauces or toppings. This, coupled with sugar-free syrups, can leave you with an equally tasty drink that is much healthier for you overall.

The sugar-free syrups used at Dutch Bros are made using Stevia. What is Stevia? It is a natural sugar substitute that many use in hopes of avoiding added sugar in their diet. Stevia is made from plant leaves, making it a safer, natural option. It’s also a lot sweeter than regular sugar and contains no carbs, calories, or artificial ingredients. Some people may not like Stevia, however, due to its bitter taste. This is why many of the sugar-free syrups using Stevia also use monk-fruit extract to help with the bitter taste.

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The Dangers of Too Much Sugar

Many of us may not realize it, but sugar is hiding in lots of the foods and drinks we enjoy each day. There’s even sugar in certain veggies. When sugar is taken in properly, it supplies your body’s cells with the energy they need. It’s when too much added sugar hits the mix that problems occur. What do we mean by added sugars? Those are the ones added in by manufacturers to give foods a better taste and extend shelf life. Unfortunately, with sugar being so abundant in our foods and drinks, we often face issues with consuming too much, even if we don’t realize it.

Most of us know what happens when we take in too much sugar. We gain excess weight and struggle with our health. Too much sugar can lead to heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes. Another issue with too much sugar intake is what it can do to our dental health. Sugar is known for causing cavities and tooth decay, so dentists are on-board with most doctors about the need to limit sugar intake.

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Final Thoughts on Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Syrups

If you’re a fan of Dutch Bros but not a fan of sugar in your drinks, you have options. When you pull up to the drive-thru, explain your situation to your “brotista”. They will inform you of the sugar-free syrups they have and help you come up with a drink you’ll love. Making this change will allow you to continue enjoying your favorite drinks without the added calories or sugar. It’s a win for everyone!


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