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What Is Snapchill Coffee? 2024’s Latest Coffee Trend

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Coffee lovers like to keep up with all the current trends, and one of the newest things to get popular is Snapchill Coffee. Many people want to know what it is. The short answer is that it is coffee quickly chilled after brewing, but there’s more to it than that. Keep reading as we look at why it’s considered better than traditional brewing methods and where you can get some.

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What is SnapchillTM Coffee?

Snapchill is a brand of coffee that uses a chemical-free method to chill its coffee as soon as it’s brewed in order to lock in flavor and aroma. Many people feel that cold coffee from other brands often tastes watered down and doesn’t have the flavor or aroma of a hot cup. The Snapchill method works to fix that problem.

The Snapchill Process

The Snapchill process starts with hot water because it is believed to be is the best way to extract the flavor from the coffee bean. Hot water is essential for releasing the oils, sugars, and acids that make up the brew’s body. The hot coffee is then placed in a special thermodynamic machine that instantly cools the coffee, going from 140 degrees to 40 degrees in only 1 minute. It is then immediately sealed in a can to preserve its flavor. Quickly cooling the water prevents the coffee from oxidizing and degrading the flavor.

Snapchill Flavors

There are several flavors of Snapchill for you to enjoy, with the most popular ones being Papua New Guinea Timuza, Galactic Standard, and El Mirador. All coffee varieties use single-origin beans from Burundi, Colombia, and Ethiopia. The Ethiopian coffee has a fruity flavor, the Colombian has a peanut butter flavor, and Burundi tastes like a raspberry wine. The company hopes to create new flavors soon and even intends to look into producing a few varieties from tea.

What Is the Difference Between Snapchill Coffee and Cold Brew?

The difference between Snapchill coffee and cold brew is in how you make the coffee. Snapchill coffee uses hot water to extract the flavor. As the name suggests, cold brew uses cold water to extract the flavor from the beans, and it takes longer, up to 12 hours or more to produce 1 cup. Many people enjoy cold brew because it has a smooth flavor without the acidity of other brewing methods, making the coffee much bitter. However, the people that make Snapchill point out that this method also prevents some of the nuanced aspects of the flavor from developing properly.

What Is the Difference Between Snapchill Coffee and Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee is a type of cold coffee, so it is more closely related to cold brew than Snapchill coffee. The Nitro process adds nitrogen to the cold brew, which gives it a foamy head of bubbles similar to what you might find on a commercial beer.

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Snapchill coffee is a special type of coffee created by the Dussault and Elemental company that uses a proprietary machine to quickly reduce the temperature of freshly brewed coffee from 140 degrees to 40 degrees in only 1 minute to prevent oxidation and preserve flavor. This method enables the consumer to enjoy a much more robust coffee at a cold temperature than many other brands, which seem watered down. It’s also much faster than a cold brew, which can take 12 or more hours to complete.

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