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What Is Bulletproof Coffee? Surprising Facts Behind the Trend

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If you are leading a low-carb lifestyle or following a keto diet, you may have heard of bulletproof coffee. Also known as butter coffee, this coffee is used by dieters to start their day off with a bang. If you’re interested in bulletproof coffee or want to start a journey into the world of low-carb, high-fat diets, then you should continue reading. We’ll learn what this coffee truly is, what it can do, and whether it’s a healthy way to start your morning.

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The Truth About Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is the brainchild of American author and entrepreneur, Dave Asprey. The coffee is designed to be high in fat and calories and accompanies Asprey’s Bulletproof Diet. The diet, like the coffee, is intended to kickstart weight loss and help people learn which foods they can eat while avoiding the need to count calories.

The intent behind bulletproof coffee is to help people who are cutting carbs or doing keto avoid breakfast foods that are often high in carbohydrates. These diet plans, including Asprey’s own Bulletproof Diet, try to offer another alternative to foods, drinks, and snacks with high card content. It is believed by following these types of plans and using replacements like bulletproof coffee, people can put their bodies into ketosis and burn away pounds more efficiently.

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What Does Bulletproof Coffee Do?

First and foremost, bulletproof coffee is coffee. While it may include extras like MCT oil and butter that normal coffee does not, it still has caffeine. There haven’t been studies conducted on bulletproof coffee itself, but most of us know the benefits of coffee in general. The caffeine in coffee helps us wake up in the mornings, enhances our mood, and even offers our minds a bit of clarity. With this in mind, it would make sense that bulletproof coffee does the same, but perhaps a bit more.

The butter used in bulletproof coffee provides some of the fuel your body needs each day. This component, combined with the MCT oil, turns this coffee into a well-balanced, high-calorie meal replacement. According to Dave Asprey, the creator of bulletproof coffee, you’ll feel full and energized after making this drink a part of your normal morning routine.

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The Flip Side of Bulletproof Coffee

Like with anything we add to our diet, there are both good and bad aspects. While bulletproof coffee may be a great way for those following high fat, high calorie, low carb diets a boost each morning, it, unfortunately, takes away many important nutrients the body receives when having a well-balanced breakfast.

Like with most coffees, bulletproof coffee contains caffeine. While most adults do fine with the daily allowance of caffeine, it is possible to take in more than your body can handle. To avoid this issue, and the stress, jitteriness, and potential nausea, caffeine may make you feel, it is best to limit the amounts you drink and try to follow the FDA’s caffeine guidelines when possible.

Bulletproof Coffee and Your Health

While bulletproof coffee may help dieters feel full in the mornings, it doesn’t seem to offer benefits greater than those offered by a traditional cup of coffee. On the contrary, for those who are dealing with issues like high cholesterol, the additional saturated fats in bulletproof coffee could be harmful to their health. As with any health routine, if you’re interested in adding bulletproof coffee to your daily diet, know your body’s blood fat levels and speak with your doctor first.

What Does Bulletproof Coffee Taste Like?

Every coffee drinker has their preferences when it comes to their favorite morning drink. Some prefer it black, others need cream and sugar, while some prefer coffee-based drinks that are rich and smooth. When it comes to bulletproof coffee, your flavor palette will play a huge role in whether you enjoy the drink or not. For most, bulletproof coffee tastes like a thick, buttery latte. A few die-hard coffee fans, however, feel that it’s nothing more than an oily version of their morning favorite. The included butter and MCT oil play huge parts in this taste difference. If you are a fan of plain black coffee, most likely, bulletproof coffee won’t be your favorite. If you’re more open when it comes to your coffee experience, you may love this buttery morning fill-up.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee at Home
Bulletproof coffee is a blended mix of fresh-brewed coffee, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil. We'll share with you how to make this breakfast meal replacement drink that is a high-calorie drink with lots of protein and healthy fats.
Bulletproof coffee

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Is Bulletproof Coffee Right For You?

As you can see, bulletproof coffee has both good and bad points. The key to any major diet change is to know your body and your health. If you’re uncertain as to whether bulletproof coffee would be a wise choice for your morning routine, reach out to your doctor. They will go over the pros and cons and help you decide whether this buttery coffee is right for you.

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