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Tanzania Peaberry Coffee: History, Flavors & More

tanzanian peaberry coffee

Peaberry coffee is a rare type of coffee bean that some claim is tastier than regular coffee, with countries striving to have the best peaberry coffee in the world. One of the biggest leaders of it, Tanzania, is high on the list of Peaberry coffee producers. Tanzania Peaberry coffee is high in demand, and for a good reason: it’s got a distinct taste that can only come from their coffee beans.

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All About Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Where does Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Come From?

Tanzania Peaberry coffee comes from Tanzania, a country in East Africa that produces coffee as its number one crop export. The country grows and produces thousands of metric tons of coffee a year, but peaberry coffee is different than regular coffee. Tanzania Peaberry coffee is a rare specialty of the country, and the demand is overwhelming, with some coffee enthusiasts saying it’s some of the best peaberry coffee in the world.

How is it Processed?

Most Tanzania Peaberry coffee farmers and producers use the wet method of processing the beans, which is true about regular coffee beans as well. The wet hull method of processing coffee is simply using water to remove the beans from the cherries, but it’s important to keep in mind that methods change the flavor.

Plenty of coffee bean brands process their coffee using the wet method, but the dry method is just as popular. Regardless of wet or dry, most Tanzania Peaberry coffee uses a natural process to separate the beans from the cherries.

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Image Credit: Abdullah Öztürk, Pexels

What is the Flavor Profile?

Tanzania is well known for its peaberry coffee, with each region having its unique version to offer. It has a distinct and unique flavor profile, with notes of chocolate, wine, citrus, and tart fruit. It’s more acidic than regular coffee, especially compared to other African coffee beans. It’s also medium-light in the body and has a sweet taste due to the natural sweetness that peaberry beans usually have. Many coffee enthusiasts say that it simply tastes brighter and stronger in flavor, yet it’s not as bitter as traditional coffee.

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What is Peaberry Coffee?

Peaberry coffee is a type of coffee that comes from a rare type of coffee bean, which differs from a regular coffee bean:

Regular vs Peaberry Coffee

Coffee beans come from coffee cherries, the fruit that coffee farmers harvest and process. Inside the coffee cherries, there are normally two coffee seeds (beans) that are around with a flat edge. Once in a great while, a coffee cherry will contain one bean. Peaberry beans are rounded with almost no flat edge, usually encasing the entire coffee cherry. Some peaberry beans have a pronounced split down the middle.

Peaberry coffee bean
Peaberry coffee beans | Image Credit: Chad Cassin, Flickr

Around 4-6% of the coffee cherries contain only one bean, so peaberry coffee beans are rare in that aspect. However, they’re found around the world, and each country’s peaberry coffee tastes different due to growing and processing methods.

How Different Is the Flavor?

Peaberry coffee is famed for its brightness and complex flavor profile, with floral and fruity notes that are more intense than regular coffee beans. It is rare and costly, but some coffee drinkers swear that peaberry coffee is the best beans in the world. It’s a hot topic of debate in the coffee world since some think peaberry beans are mostly hype, as well as the cost of buying these rare beans. Regardless of if it’s just another coffee fad, trying a peaberry coffee at least once can still be a fun experience.

How to Brew Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Image Credit: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

There are a few ways to brew Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, but each brewing method will bring out different aspects of it:

  • Pour-Over – Pour-over brewing Tanzania Peaberry coffee will bring out the acidity of it, so this method is the best for light and medium roasts. The pour-over method is easy to do as long as you have the right setup, though it’s more work than a standard coffee maker. Grind your peaberry coffee fresh before you brew it for the best results.
  • Drip-Brew – The drip-brew coffee makers will also bring out the acidity of peaberry coffee, but it might dull the flavors of light roast. This is the best method for medium roast Tanzania Peaberry coffee, especially if it’s closer to a dark roast than light. It’s also the easiest method, which is convenient when you’re making coffee in the morning.
  • French Press – For medium or dark roasts, the French press will extract the natural sweetness and depth of flavor that Tanzania Peaberry coffee has. The French Press method has a slight learning curve, but the taste of French Pressed coffee is incredible when done correctly. You can also use your French Press to make cold brew Tanzania Peaberry coffee, which is less acidic and bitter than traditional iced coffee.

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Tanzania Peaberry coffee is one of the most popular peaberry coffees, which is a unique type of coffee bean. While peaberry coffee itself might be all hype, Tanzania’s peaberry coffee is one of the best in the world. If you’ve never tried this style of coffee, Tanzania’s version of it is at the top of the list to try. It’s got incredible flavor and aroma, but the price per bag might stop you. If you have the chance to, give Tanzania Peaberry coffee a try to see if it’s worth the price.


Featured Image credit: Per Bengtsson, Shutterstock


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