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3 Tips & Tricks For Switching To Black Coffee (It’s Easy!)

how to switch to black coffee

Whether you’re looking to cut calories, save money, or impress your friends, there are plenty of reasons to switch to black coffee. But how do you enjoy that bitter cup when you’re used to smooth, creamy coffee?

Don’t worry: drinking black coffee is not as scary as intense as they say, and there are lots of ways to enjoy it. Today we will give you some tips and tricks to help you enjoy a cup of coffee the “right” way. You’ll be impressing your friends in no time!

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Top 3 Tips To Make Black Coffee Taste Good:

1. Brew Methods

The first thing you can do is switch up your brew methods. Different brews bring out different notes in the coffee. A French press coffee is a hearty cup, oily and strong, while a Chemex will be clean as a whistle, bright and crisp. Do you like cold brew or iced coffee? Try nitro-infused drinks, which have a creamy, decadent mouthfeel without any actual cream.

coffee scale with Chemex brewing
Image Credit: Najib Kalil, Unsplash

2. Beans

You can try changing your beans. This might cost you extra, but you can have fun exploring the world of coffee and getting out of your coffee rut. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite coffee, but you might miss cream and sugarless if you change coffee types, too.

True story: the craziest, best cup of coffee we’ve ever had tasted exactly like strawberries and whipped cream. It was an unflavored coffee with no cream or sugar in it. You can find something you can handle. Promise.

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gourmet coffee beans
Image Credit: Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash

3. Water

This is the easiest way you can alter your drink: add more water after you brew. Think of an Americano — the bold, sometimes bitter flavor is rounded out by extra water. The flavor doesn’t go anywhere; it just becomes a bit more tolerable if you don’t like strong coffee.

water for coffee
Image Credit: Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash

4. Recipe

Along with your brewing method, you can change the ratios of everything you are putting in your coffee. As with different brewing methods, a different brewing process can greatly change the way your coffee tastes. This could be grind size, water temperature, water amount, or coffee amount. Why not experiment to find your favorite flavors?

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Why switch to black coffee?


A cup of black coffee has almost zero calories. Just saying.

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Creamer and sugar cost money. Arguably, they are two thirds of your home coffee costs. Plus, buying black coffee at a café is significantly cheaper than ordering lattes and mochas. Maybe some of that spare change you were looking for was hiding in your cup of coffee this whole time.

Impressing Your Friends

Most coffee snobs don’t go in for creamers or syrups, so if you want to impress your friends, you’ll need to drink your coffee black. Plus, you might actually learn something! With black coffee, you’ll be able to taste the differences in brewing methods, origins, and roasts. And why not try a coffee club?


Featured image credit: Brigitte Tohm, Pexels


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