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How to Make Authentic Jamaican Coffee at Home: The Easy Recipe

Jamaican coffee

Jamaica is well-known for many things, including producing what is considered by many to be the world’s best coffee. If you haven’t heard of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee before, we will remedy that here and discuss what’s so special about this coffee and the best ways to brew it.

We also give you a “fun” coffee recipe that includes Jamaican rum. But the truly authentic Jamaican coffee begins and ends with Blue Mountain coffee.

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How to Make Jamaican Coffee:

  • Coffee grinder (conical burr recommended)
  • Kitchen scale
  • Thermometer
  • Timer
  • French press (or drip pot or percolator)
  • Coffee mug

1. Grind the beans.

The best grinder to use, particularly for special beans like these, is to use a conical burr grinder set to coarse (texture should be like kosher salt).

conical burr grinder
Image Credit: nikkytok, Shutterstock

2. Weigh the grounds.

Using these beans is an exact science. For making 8 ounces of coffee, measure the grounds on your kitchen scale at 1.1 ounces (just a little over 2 tablespoons).

3. Boil the filtered water.

You can use tap water but filtered water is best. For this coffee, you should also check that it is at an ideal temperature. Boil the water until it is between 195°F and 205°F.

4. Put the grounds in the French press.

While you’re waiting for the water to boil, place the grounds in your French press.

french press coffee maker
Image Credit: sawangthongdee, Pixabay

5. Pour the water.

Once the water is at the right temperature, pour it into the French press, seal it, and set your timer for 4 minutes.

6. Plunge and drink.

When your timer goes off, plunge, pour, and enjoy!

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The Jamaican Coffee Experience

jamaican coffee
Image Credit: foto-kriegner, Shutterstock

The Blue Mountain Beans

You should be prepared to pay quite a bit for an authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee experience. The beans are grown in a certain area in Jamaica (in the Blue Mountains) and must specifically grow in Portland, St. Thomas, St. Andrew, and St. Mary.

They also must grow in altitudes over 3,000 feet and under 5,500 feet to qualify as Jamaica Blue Mountain. These altitudes, as well as the volcanic soil, are what make the beans among the best. When harvested, the beans are separated by hand, and the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board (JCIB) must approve them.

The JCIB inspects the beans before and after roasting and even does blind taste tests before awarding the Blue Mountain seal. If your beans don’t have the official seal, you’re not drinking real Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Notes on the Preparation

We used a French press for the preparation, which is recommended as one of the best ways to prepare Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans, but you can use whatever you have on hand. The water should be at a precise temperature, though, and you’ll have more control with a French press, percolator, or drip pot than with a traditional coffee maker.

You should only grind the beans when you are going to use them. Otherwise, they should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark, and dry place. Do not put the beans in the fridge or freezer, as this can draw out the moisture from the beans faster.

If you don’t want to weigh the grounds on a scale route, you can use 2 level tablespoons of ground Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for every 8-ounce serving.

The use of filtered water isn’t necessary but will help the coffee stand out on its own. Tap water can have a subtle flavor, and you don’t want anything standing in the way of your tastebuds when you’re brewing a cup of exceptional coffee,

Finally, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is offered in light, medium, dark, and French roasts, as well as Peaberry. You should pick whichever roast you already prefer, but light and medium roasts are recommended because the natural, subtle flavors will stand out more.

French Press
Image Credit: yari2000, Shutterstock

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Alternate Jamaican Coffee Recipe

If you can’t get your hands on Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans but would like to try a boozy, dessert, Jamaican-inspired coffee, we have a recipe just for you.


  • ¾ ounces of dark Jamaican rum (Appleton’s rum is recommended)
  • ¾ ounce of coffee-flavored liqueur
  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of whipped cream


Brew your coffee the way that you usually prefer, and add the rum and liqueur. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream, and you’re done!

Jamaican coffee

Simple Jamaican Coffee Recipe

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee should definitely be on your radar. Preparing authentic Jamaican coffee might be slightly more complex than your average cup of coffee, but the taste explosion when you’re done is so worth it!
5 star average
Prep Time 6 minutes
Cook Time 4 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Jamaican
Servings 1 drink


  • Coffee grinder (conical burr recommended)
  • Kitchen scale
  • Thermometer
  • Timer
  • French press (or drip pot or percolator)
  • Coffee mug


  • Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans
  • 8 ounces of filtered water


  • Start by grinding your coffee beans, but only the amount that you want to use. Your coffee beans should remain whole when not in use. Use a conical burr grinder and set it to coarse, which should be similar to kosher salt in texture.
  • Using your kitchen scale, measure out 1.1 ounces of ground coffee (which works out to just a little over 2 tablespoons).
  • Boil the filtered water, and then, using your thermometer, check that it reaches 195°F to 205°F.
  • While you’re waiting for the water to reach the right temperature, put the Jamaica Blue Mountain grounds in your French press or coffee maker.
  • Once the water has hit the perfect temperature, pour it into your French press, seal it, and set your timer for 4 minutes.
  • Once the timer goes off, plunge it, pour it into your favorite mug, and enjoy!


The calories are 0 if you drink your coffee black, but this changes when you add sweeteners, milk, or cream.
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Don’t forget to look for the seal of certification that is only stamped on genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. While brewing this coffee might sound more complicated than throwing a pod and water into a modern-day coffeemaker, the effort and the extra price are worth it!

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