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Dirty Fasting with Coffee: How To Do It Correctly

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Many of us are always on the lookout for great ways to lose weight and live healthier. One of the most popular ways of doing this right now is called dirty fasting. What is dirty fasting? It is similar to regular fasting with the exception that you can consume a small number of calories throughout your fasting period.

For coffee lovers, the idea of dirty fasting with coffee is something they can get behind. The opportunity to lose weight, be healthy, and still enjoy your coffee is a winning situation. Let’s learn more about dirty fasting coffee and give you the information you should know.

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What Is Fasting?

To better understand dirty fasting, we should first learn what fasting is. Fasting is when you stop eating for a specified period. A fast can last for 12 hours, 24 hours, or even longer. Typically, during a fast, people are allowed to drink black coffee, unsweetened tea, and water. It is the calories that most try to avoid when fasting. The biggest appeal of fasting is the fact it can be contoured to your schedule and needs. Many people fast intermittently or do time restrictions to control when they are allowed to take in calories.

Fasting has been around for centuries and has been part of several major religions during this time. It isn’t only used for religious celebrations, however. Many people use fasting to help them lose weight, control their blood pressure, and improve their cholesterol and glucose levels. During a fasting period, it’s expected for a person to be hungry, especially in the beginning. The longer you do it, the easier it gets. Most experts feel that fasting is relatively danger-free if done correctly and in correlation with your doctor’s suggestions.

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What Is Dirty Fasting?

Now, what is dirty fasting and how does it differ from a regular fast? Dirty fasting is when you add a small number of calories during your intermittent fasting window. For example, for those who fast but want to enjoy their morning coffee with the addition of cream, this would make it become a dirty fast instead. For those who practice dirty fasting, a food intake of up to 100 calories is allowed during your fasting window.

The big question when it comes to dirty fasting is whether it is as effective as regular or intermediate fasting and whether the addition of calories changes things. The answer, it’s unclear. That’s why people refer to this type of fast as the dirty version. Yes, your body is in fasting mode, but when small calories are added, it slows the process down a bit.

Where Does Coffee Come Into Play?

As we’ve mentioned, many feel black coffee is okay during both clean and dirty fasting. A cup of black coffee has roughly 2.5 calories per cup. Some experts feel it best not to consume coffee during a clean fast due to these calories. When it comes to dirty fasting, however, it is completely allowed. What about the cream and sweetener many people add to their coffee? During a dirty fast, most of these sweeteners and creams are also allowed in small amounts.

The Cleveland Clinic explains that certain sweeteners such as stevia, monk fruit, swerve, and even OMAD are considered safe to consume during dieting. This same reasoning can carry over into the world of dirty fasting. Many of these sweeteners have no calories and will not change your caloric intake when adding them to your coffee. Creams such as whole milk, almond milk, cream, and even grass-fed butter can be added to a cup of coffee and add a relatively low amount of calories for consumption during your dirty fasting window. So go ahead and dirty fast with coffee creamer in your coffee if you like.

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Is Dirty Fasting with Coffee Effective?

Adding a few calories to your fasting time may break your fast in some people’s opinions. To be honest, it is up to you how you see this process. Yes, dirty fasting works slower than regular or intermittent fasting, but that doesn’t mean it is not doing something inside your body. The key to being successful in a dirty fast is the types of calories you intake during your window. Taking in good fats during this period will affect your fast and the ketosis your body is in less and should help you be more successful when it comes to dirty fasting with coffee.

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Whether you’re new to dirty fasting or have been practicing for some time, the addition of coffee featuring fats such as cream is allowed. Yes, you can even add proper sweeteners to your coffee cup during your dirty fast. Like with any fast, however, a lack of calories for extended periods can be dangerous to your body. Keep this in mind when you determine how long you want your dirty fast to be and always consult with your doctor before starting any fasting routine.

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