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Coffee with Lemon Benefits: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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New trends find their way across social media daily. Often, these trends have to do with foods and drinks that people claim have health benefits and can help you lose weight. One such trend that’s currently catching traction is coffee with lemon. For most of us, the idea of adding lemon to coffee may seem disturbing, but do the benefits outweigh the possible taste?

While the combining of coffee and lemon juice may not be a weight-loss miracle, that does not mean these two components aren’t beneficial. Read on while we discover the possible benefits of coffee with lemon so you can decide whether you want to be brave enough to try this unusual combination.

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Coffee with Lemon Health Claims

While shedding pounds is cited as the most common claim to fame when it comes to coffee with lemon, it isn’t the only one. Many people swear that by making themselves drink this not-favorable combo they’ve also eased headaches, relieved themselves of diarrhea, and even cleared their skin. Let’s take a look at these claims and determine whether there’s any truth to them.

Weight Loss

Unfortunately, for those of us who would love to find a miracle when it comes to losing weight, coffee with lemon is not the answer. Alone, coffee and lemon offer individual benefits, but putting the two together does nothing but provide you with a yucky morning drink. According to Healthline, there’s no evidence to show people using this as a weight-loss method will be successful. When it comes to people on social media claiming they’ve shed pounds with this method, the most likely answer is they are using coffee with lemon as a substitute for breakfast and are losing pounds thanks to the loss of calories.

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Relief from Headaches

Headaches can sideline people of all ages. This is especially true if the headaches become dreaded migraines. Some who suffer from headaches are now claiming that coffee with lemon can help stop them and even keep them at bay. For some people, this claim may be true. The reason isn’t the odd combo of coffee and lemon, however, it’s most likely the caffeine. Some believe that caffeine may help relieve headaches. Others believe the exact opposite and feel that excess caffeine may be considered the culprit for headaches.

Diarrhea Relief

Another trend many are following is eating ground coffee and lemon together to fight off diarrhea. Unfortunately, for those people, there’s no research to back these claims up. In reality, coffee is considered a diuretic that could make the situation worse when you have diarrhea. Coffee is also known for stimulating your colon which can make you need to use the bathroom more often.

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Skin Care Claims

While the other claims made by users of coffee with lemon may be hit or miss, when it comes to skincare, there is some truth to it. Coffee has antioxidants and helps improve the flow of blood in the body. Better blood flow helps improve hydration. While coffee is helping your skin’s hydration, the vitamin C in lemons promotes better elasticity due to its stimulation of collagen in the skin. While the benefits to your skin can be gotten by each of the ingredients coffee and lemon, for those who are brave enough to combine them for their early morning drinks, their skin may be better for it.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, not all the claims made about coffee with lemon benefits are true. Most of the things this unappetizing combo can do for you can easily be achieved without attacking your taste buds each morning. You can simply enjoy your morning coffee as usual and partake in lemons or lemon juice later in the day.

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