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11 Coffee Market Trends You Need to Know in 2024!

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The love of coffee is steadily growing, but this alone cannot sustain the coffee market. With so many things happening in the world around us, those of us who love coffee and want to enjoy it daily, are left to wonder if uncertainties will affect the production and distribution of our favorite beverage. Let us take a look at the coffee market trends you should know this year so you can be prepared for things on the horizon.

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Top 11 Coffee Market Trends in 2024:

1. Ongoing Pandemic Impacts

farmer harvesting coffee berries
Image Credit: HunterProducciones, Pixabay

Covid-19 has slowed the world around us since its emergence. While the coffee industry continues to grow, like all parts of the world, it is suffering setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic. Slower coffee production, disruptions in the supply chain, and even the loss of smaller coffee shops and growers are impactful but not detrimental to the coffee market. The market is still expected to see a growth rate of 4.22% from 2020 to 2025.

2. Sustainable Coffee Demand

Coffee drinkers are becoming more aware of not only the world around them but the impact of the coffee industry on the environment as well. Thanks to this knowledge and concern for the planet, more consumers are demanding sustainable coffee. What is sustainable coffee? It is coffee that is grown in ways that are better for the environment while also helping to provide a good livelihood for those growing it. This demand helps cement the working relationship between growers and the companies buying their beans.

3. Climate Change Impacts

coffee bushes in a shade-grown organic coffee plantation on the western slopes of the Andes in Ecuador
Image Credit: Dr Morley Read, Shutterstock

You may not realize it, but the climate affects the growth of coffee substantially. When temperatures rise or the amount of rainfall decreases, growers and producers struggle. You’ll also notice that with these higher temps, bugs can breed more easily. This overbreeding can send them to areas they don’t normally inhabit. This can be hard on coffee crops and leave the farmers struggling to save their livelihoods.

4. Agri-Tourisms Growth in the Coffee Sector

male ang female tourist touring in a coffee farm
Image Credit: Those_Coffee_People, Pixabay

Visiting a winery is something many people love to do. With the love of coffee on the rise, coffee growers are finding that consumers want to visit their production areas and take tours. This helps coffee lovers feel more connected to the experience while learning the ins and outs of the trade at the same time. This trend can also help local roasters and growers bring in profits to keep their businesses going strong.

5. Easy Home Brewing on the Rise

Keurig troubleshooting

Most coffee drinkers have an automatic drip machine in their kitchen. Or at least, they did. Making the brewing process at home easier is all the rage. While single-cup makers have been the rage for years, this is expected to grow even more this year. This is due to everyone wanting speed and convenience. Whether heading off to a busy day of work or school, having a cup of coffee to take along helps when in a time crunch.

6. Market Consolidation

In the coffee industry, market consolidation has been on a rise. This trend has been taking place for the past few years but is only expected to increase with coffee’s popularity. While this may not be as noticeable to normal consumers, it does leave companies entering the coffee market needing time to learn terms, functions, and the daily ins and outs of the coffee game.

7. Coffee Shops Make a Comeback

coffee shop
Image Credit: Toa Heftiba, Unsplash

Like the industry overall, coffee shops took a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic. With mandates lifting, it appears as though this year may see these shops increasing their revenues and possibly reopening their doors. Coffee lovers will always enjoy making coffee in the comfort of their own homes, but visiting coffee shops and supporting local businesses could easily become a trend this year.

8. Healthier Coffees

cups of oat milk smoothie
Image Credit: zefirchik06, Shutterstock

Every few years a new healthy coffee craze emerges. No one can be sure what the big thing will be this year, but one thing is for sure, healthy coffee additives are already on the rise. Adding milk alternatives, collagen creamers, and other boosted coffee additives are leaving coffee drinkers feeling healthier with each cup.

9. Buttered Coffee

buttered coffee
Image Credit: Hajai Photo, Shutterstock

Popping in a coffee shop and being asked if you’d like cream or sugar is a routine event. Have you been asked if you would like butter? Yes, buttered coffee is becoming a trend. The nutrition of your coffee can be boosted using this little extra. The fact that it is taking off with celebrities and athletes is leading more coffee drinkers to try it.

10. Blended Coffees

Credit: fotoblend, Pixabay

For years, coffee has been better accepted if it comes from a single origin. Thanks to the creativity of roasters and baristas around the world, blended coffees are now getting a bit of recognition. By mixing two different coffees, unique tastes emerge that many consumers are enjoying.

11. Locally Roasted Coffee

coffee roasting
Image Credit: Tim Mossholder, Unsplash

Once a coffee bean is roasted, it begins to lose its freshness. In hopes to avoid this issue coffee shops are choosing to use locally roasted coffee beans. This keeps each cup they serve fresher and their customers happier.

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In Conclusion

As with other industries around the world, the coffee market is always changing. These 11 coffee market trends will keep you in the know throughout the year. If you’re a true coffee enthusiast you’ll love what is on the horizon. Prepare your taste buds, it’s going to be a yummy year.

Featured Image Credit: Tatiana Bralnina, Shutterstock


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