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10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa: Amazing Cafés To Try in 2024

best coffee shops in tampa

Tampa is a bustling, thriving city in Florida that is home to excellent food, music, and culture. It’s a place that both locals and tourists enjoy, paving a road for businesses and restaurants to flourish. It’s also home to a lot of coffee shops and coffee roasters, serving some of the best-tasting coffee in the state. If you’re in Tampa and you’re in the mood for some premium coffee, check out the 10 best coffee shops in Tampa:

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Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa, Florida

1. Buddy Brew Coffee

Our pick for the best coffee shop in Tampa is Buddy Brew. Buddy Brew coffee specializes in fresh-roasted coffee both at their local Tampa locations and online, something they’ve attributed widely to their success. Winner of Best Coffee Shops in Tampa Magazine, Buddy Brew Coffee is a top coffee shop to visit whether you’re a local or a tourist. They also have a truck driving around Tampa Bay, so look out for the BBC Brewtruck when you’re walking around the area.

2. Blind Tiger Café

Exceptional coffee meets a cozy atmosphere at the Blind Tiger Café, focusing on community and quality at each of their locations. Not only is their coffee top-notch with unique flavors, but their pastries are also to die for. If you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long day of work or touring the city, the Blind Tiger Café is the place to do that.

3. Felicitous Coffee & Tea House

Felicitous Coffee & Tea House strives to provide for everyone, whether you’re looking for top-quality coffee or dietary restrictions. With two locations in Tampa, Felicitous also has a dog menu for your canine companions. Local art and music are celebrated in these coffee shops, so check them out for some local flavor.

4. DI Coffee Bar

DI Coffee Bar is a chic location to enjoy artisan coffee and a bite to eat, whether you want to sit inside or enjoy the weather outdoors. DI serves Panther coffee, a Miami-based coffee company, to keep everything Florida-centered. They even have Pup-accinos (whipped cream) for your dog to enjoy!

5. Spaddy’s Coffee

Spaddy’s Coffee is a great experience all around, both at their mobile coffee bar and at their café location. They have a menu of coffee, teas, and a few tasty treats available, as well as signature drinks to try. If you’re in the Seminole Heights area, a visit to their coffee truck is a must. For those in the South Tampa area, visit their on-site location with their partner, Raw Smoothie Co.

6. The Lab Coffee

Partnering with local roasters like Zeal Coffee and Blind Tiger Roasters (Our #2 pick!), the Lab has just about everything for everyone. With a sleek bar design and a hipster vibe, the Lab is always brewing something tasty. A lot of people especially love their espresso, so a cappuccino is a perfect drink to order here.

7. Caffeine Roasters

With two locations and a huge Tampa fanbase of their house-roasted coffee, Caffeine Roasters has a wide variety of coffee, espresso, and food to try as you enjoy their cozy locations. Their lattes are notably popular, and they also have a slow bar for more complex drinks, which are always worth the wait.

8. Jet City Espresso

If you’re in the Hyde Park area, Jet City Espresso is a must-have that sits inside a beautiful historic home. A walk-up shop that offers coffee, smoothies, and pastries to try, Jet City has gluten-free options for patrons with gluten allergies. Jet City Espresso has been proudly serving Tampa residents since the early 90s.

9. Guanabo Coffee Shop

Guanabo Coffee Shop is a great stop for some great-tasting coffee and a quick bite to eat, especially if you’re in the mood for outstanding Cuban food. The service is fast and consistent, with a great selection of coffee drinks to try. The Cafe con Leche and the Cuban are highly recommended.

10. Twist Vapor Café

Coffee meets vaping with the Twist Vapor Café, specializing in coffee drinks and e-liquid flavors to enjoy. This is a pro-vaping shop, so expect to see plumes of vape ‘smoke’ as you walk into this hip shop. Enjoy a vape and some coffee at the same time, which is an experience in itself.


Featured Image: Katarzyna Grabowska, Unsplash


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