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What Was Nordic Coffee Culture?

Nordic Coffee Culture

When it comes to coffee, some people like a cup of coffee in the mornings, but some people find more than just a drink when it comes to coffee. Coffee culture is a community, and the Nordic coffee scene is one of the most passionate. “There is nothing in this world quite like Nordic café culture. Coffee is all about community. It’s about communication. It’s about conversation. It’s about discovering and experiencing. Nobody knows this better than the Swedes, the Danish, the Norwegians, the Finnish, the Icelandic…” according to the Nordic Coffee Culture Blog.

Focus on the Nordic Coffee Culture Experience

The Nordic Coffee Culture Blog focused on this culture and experience of coffee. Their coffee makers were the first thing they turned on in the mornings, and the last thing they turned off once guests were gone. The blog believed that coffee was something to be discovered and experienced alone or with friends. It served as a way to meet people, connect with people, and connect with oneself. In Nordic coffee culture, coffee is much more than a drink.

The focus of the blog was on filter coffee served black and the culture surrounding it. The aim was to bring attention back to filter coffee, giving it the recognition it deserves. Black filter coffee was the original coffee source before espresso drinks, flavored coffees, and milk-heavy drinks with a splash of coffee swept the world. It’s both simplistic and complex, with different coffees bringing forward different flavor profiles. Like a fine wine, some coffees are best enjoyed slowly, with a focus on flavor and texture.

Where is the Nordic Coffee Culture Blog Now?

Although the Nordic Coffee Culture Blog is part of Coffee Affection now, it’s still true to the belief that black filtered coffee should be an experience to be enjoyed. Regardless of origin, great coffee is full of rich flavor and cultural importance. It brings together friends and strangers, and it continues to endure as a beloved beverage with its own ethos. Coffee across the world brings its own local flair. The Nordic Coffee Culture Blog worked to bring together coffee enthusiasts not just from Scandinavia, but from across the world.

The Nordic Coffee Culture Blog aimed to bring attention to a culture, unintentionally creating its own culture and community along the way. This blog’s focus became far more than coffee, though. Among the product reviews and opinion pieces, you were sure to find human interest pieces that showed the support of the coffee-loving community.

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