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Caffeinated Sparkling Water: 13 Top Brands & Caffeine Content

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For some, caffeinated sparkling water is the perfect fusion of the refreshment of a bubbly, sparkling water, and the stimulating kick of caffeine. Typically, caffeinated sparkling waters are relatively low in caffeine, at least when compared to highly caffeinated energy drinks, but there’s a selection of plain and flavored waters to choose from.

Below, we look at 13 brands of caffeinated sparkling water, including their caffeine content, so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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Top 13 Caffeinated Sparkling Water Brands

1. Aha

AHA Sparkling Water

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 30 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 2.5 milligrams

Aha is made by Coca-Cola and the caffeinated variants come in a choice of citrus and green tea, mango and black tea, and Fuji apple and white tea, all of which contain 30 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce can. There are uncaffeinated flavors, too, so if you’re looking for a caffeine hit, be sure to check the variety you buy.

2. Arti

Arti Caffeinated Sparkling Water, Korean Pear

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 120 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 10 milligrams

Arti is a highly caffeinated sparkling water with 120 milligrams of caffeine in every 12-ounce can, giving it four times as much of a caffeine kick as Aha, above. Flavors include ginger, Korean pear, mandarin orange, and persimmon. While it has the kind of caffeine levels associated with energy drinks, Arti uses natural flavorings and is free from artificial sweeteners and colors.

3. Bubbl’r

BUBBL'R twisted elix'r, Antioxidant Sparkling Water

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 69 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 5.75 milligrams

Bubbl’r comes in a wide range of flavors and claims to offer “bubbles with benefits.” As well as natural caffeine derived from guarana seed extract, it also contains vitamin A and B while containing no sugar or artificial sweeteners. It uses stevia to provide sweetness and, as a result, each of the cans contains 69 milligrams of caffeine and only 5 calories per can.

4. Bubly Bounce

bubly bounce caffeinated Sparkling Water

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 35 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 2.9 milligrams

Bubly Bounce is a lightly caffeinated drink from PepsiCo with flavors that include triple berry, mango and passion fruit, and blueberry and pomegranate. All cans contain 35 milligrams of caffeine and come in 12-ounce servings. The drinks are calorie and sugar-free, and they are low in caffeine compared to others.

5. Chirp

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 50 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 4.2 milligrams

Chirp Sparkling Energy Water comes in a variety of flavors from pink grapefruit to black cherry, with every 12-ounce can containing 50 milligrams of caffeine derived from white tea. The sparkling water does not contain any sugar and is calorie-free. It also contains L-theanine, which helps improve concentration, giving the caffeine itself a boost.

6. Guru Organic Energy

Guru Organic Energy

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 140 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 11.67 milligrams

Guru Organic Energy is a caffeinated sparkling water made using caffeine from green tea and guarana. It is highly caffeinated with more than 11 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce. It comes in five flavor varieties including original and light, as well as tropical punch, yerba, and matcha flavors. The drinks do not contain any calories and are made using organic, natural products.

7. Hi-Ball Energy

Hi-Ball Energy

Drink Size: 16 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 160 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 10 milligrams

Hi-Ball Energy is an energy seltzer that comes in a really wide range of flavors and has 10 milligrams per fluid ounce, making it a highly caffeinated energy drink. It uses natural ingredients, contains no sugar or calories, and includes organic caffeine as well as ginseng, guarana, and B vitamins.

 8. Limitless Lightly Caffeinated

Limitless Lightly Caffeinated Sparkling Water, Cucumber Pear

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 35 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 2.9 milligrams

Limitless does two types of energy sparkling water: one containing L-theanine and a lightly caffeinated version. Limitless Lightly Caffeinated contains just under 3 milligrams of caffeine—derived from coffee beans—per fluid ounce, making it one of the lightest caffeine kicks on the list. It comes in a choice of watermelon or grapefruit hibiscus and contains no sugars, no sweeteners, and no calories.

9. Perrier Energize

Perrier Energize Pomegranate Flavored Carbonated Energy Water Beverage

Drink Size: 8.45 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 99 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 11.7 milligrams

Perrier is a very well-known brand of sparkling water, and they have added a caffeinated version to their product line. In fact, with 99 milligrams of caffeine in an 8.45-fluid-ounce can, it is one of the most highly caffeinated sparkling waters on the list and gives roughly the same amount of caffeine as you would find in a cup of brewed coffee of a similar size. Flavors include tangerine, pomegranate, and grapefruit.

10. Phocus Energy Drink

Phocus Caffeinated Sparkling Water

Drink Size: 11.5 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 75 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 6.5 milligrams

Phocus Energy Drink is a moderately caffeinated sparkling water drink that contains 75 milligrams of caffeine per can, as well as L-theanine, both of which are derived from tea. The drinks do not contain any sugar, sweeteners, or calories. Flavors include cola, root beer, blood orange, cucumber, and mint as well as a selection of fruit options.

11. Soleil & Caffeine

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 35 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 9 milligrams

Soleil & Caffeine is a caffeinated version of Safeway’s Soleil sparkling water drink. A 12-ounce can contains 35 milligrams of caffeine, which is approximately the same as a can of standard soda. The drink comes in a choice of three flavors and gets its caffeine from green coffee beans. The caffeinated flavors are lime, blood orange, and grapefruit.

12. Sparkling Ice

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Orange Passion Fruit Sparkling Water

Drink Size: 16 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 70 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 4.4 milligrams

Sparkling Ice is a moderately caffeinated drink with the equivalent of just under 4.4 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce, but because it comes in a large 16-ounce can, you do get a reasonable caffeinated boost from a serving. The drink, which comes in mixed berry, apple raspberry, and citrus twist flavors, also contains B vitamins and green tea extract. It does not contain sugar but does have a small amount of sweetener, giving 5 calories per can.

13. Yerbae

Yerbae Energy Seltzer

Drink Size: 12 ounces
Caffeine (Per Drink): 100 milligrams
Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce): 8.3 milligrams

Yerbae does a selection of caffeinated seltzers as well as other energy drinks, and they boast “ingredients you can pronounce”. Their energy seltzers only contain seven ingredients and come in a selection of flavors. They contain zero sugars, zero calories, and no sucralose. The seltzers contain 100 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce can, making them a modest to highly caffeinated drink.

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Caffeine Content Ranking

We’ve included the caffeine content of Coca-Cola, a typical espresso, and Red Bull, for reference.

Brand Drink Size Caffeine (per drink) Caffeine (Per Fluid Ounce)
Aha 12oz 30 milligrams 2.5 milligrams
Coca-Cola 12oz 34 milligrams 2.83 milligrams
Bubly Bounce 12oz 35 milligrams 2.9 milligrams
Limitless Lightly Caffeinated 12oz 35 milligrams 2.9 milligrams
Soleil & Caffeine 12oz 35 milligrams 2.9 milligrams
Chirp 12oz 50 milligrams 4.2 milligrams
Sparkling Ice 16oz 70 milligrams 4.4 milligrams
Bubbl’r 12oz 69 milligrams 5.75 milligrams
Phocus 11.5oz 75 milligrams 6.5 milligrams
Yerbae 12oz 100 milligrams 8.3 milligrams
Red Bull Energy Drink 8.46oz 80 milligrams 9.5 milligrams
Arti 12oz 120 milligrams 10 milligrams
Hi-Ball Energy 16oz 160 milligrams 10 milligrams
Guru Organic 12oz 140 milligrams 11.67 milligrams
Perrier Energize 8.45oz 99 milligrams 11.7 milligrams
Espresso 1.5oz 75 milligrams 50 milligrams

Of the caffeinated sparkling water products we were able to find, Aha has the lowest caffeine content and contains slightly less per fluid ounce than Coca-Cola does. Although Perrier Energize has the highest caffeine content of sparkling waters and noticeably more than Red Bull, none come close to the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce as a traditional espresso.

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Sparkling water may not be the first beverage that people think of when looking for a caffeinated boost, but it does offer a fizzy kick that can wake you up. Caffeinated sparkling water gives this carbonated boost an extra kick with a caffeine content that often surpasses that of standard sodas like Coca-Cola and even, in some cases, contains more caffeine per fluid ounce than the likes of Red Bull. However, nothing can take the caffeinated crown of the traditional Italian espresso.

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