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Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real? (Facts & FAQ)

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If you are an avid coffee drinker and you go to Dutch Bros regularly to feed your coffee addiction, then you have probably already heard about the Dutch Bros straw code. The debate over whether the straw code is real has been going on for quite some time now with mixed opinions.

If you’re unaware of the mystery surrounding the Dutch Bros straw code, then allow us to enlighten you. The straw code is simple. It is said that the Dutch Bros employees invented the straw code to let customers know how they secretly feel about them.

The color straw the barista gives you could very well be a compliment, or it could be an insult. The straw colors given are said to determine whether the employee thinks you’re cute, ugly, or just plain so-so.

So, is the rumor true? Is there a straw code at Dutch Bros, invented by their baristas and other employees? Many experiments have been done, but there’s still no proof as to whether it’s real or not. In this article, we’ll talk about the Dutch Bros straw code and try to determine for ourselves whether there’s a deeper meaning.

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What Do the Dutch Bros Straw Colors Mean?

The straw system is pretty simple, with different colored straws meaning different things to each recipient. Granted, the straw code brings business to the coffee shops, as what person isn’t going to go purchase tons of coffee to see which straw they might be given? The color straw you get tells you what the employee that gave it to you thinks of your appearance or personality.

The straw colors and their meanings are listed below.

If you’re given a pink straw, that means the barista thinks you’re cute or pretty, which leads many coffee addicts to go through the drive-thru at Dutch Bros hoping to get that pink straw in their coffee drink.

If you’re given a green straw in your coffee drink, then that means you’re unsightly or ugly to the barista who put it in your drink.

If you end up with an orange straw sticking out of your cup, it means that you’re mysterious, strange, or the employee thinks you’re weird.

If the straw in the cup that’s handed to you through the drive-thru window is yellow, it means you’re average or just so-so.

If the straw sticking out of your smoothie is blue, that means the person who made your drink thinks you’re a rude person.

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Where Did the Straw Code Originate?

So far, no one has been able to determine where the straw code originated from. Still, it has caused a ton of controversy on the internet, on social media, and among customers who are diehard coffee drinkers and frequent Dutch Bros establishments.

According to a few websites, including The Veronica Show, customers have said that sometimes the straw code is in action, and other times it isn’t.

Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real?

When it comes right down to it, many daily customers of Dutch Bros don’t believe that the straw code is real. They say that the employees of the Dutch Bros franchise are extremely busy, and there’s no way they have time to choose a colored straw to assign to different customers. These customers feel that the straws are given at random and that the code doesn’t exist.

However, there are other customers who have done their own experiments and swear the straw code is real, in place, and functioning at top speed.

Interviews with a few employees of Dutch Bros have been said to prove that the straw code is true—but this information still did not come directly from the source and could just be hearsay as well.

Are you a regular at Dutch Bros? Have you seen any proof of the existence of the straw code? Readers want to know, is the straw code real, or is it not?

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The Straw Code

Whether the straw code is real or not still remains a mystery. But the fact remains that people will continue to order their coffee and smoothies through the drive-thru at Dutch Bros daily just on the off chance that they might be presented with that pink straw.

What do you think? Is the straw code at Dutch Bros true or false?

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