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10 Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits (According to Science)

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Did you know you can make a refreshing and healthy beverage with green coffee bean extract? Many people often opt for coffee made with roasted Arabica or Robusta beans, but green coffee bean extract should start getting more attention. What comes with its mild taste is a slew of benefits that are advantageous to your health and wellbeing.

Get some water boiling in your kettle while we list how green coffee bean extract boosts your health and everyday life.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

1. It Lowers Blood Pressure

Green coffee bean extract is proven in studies to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive individuals significantly. It also contributes to lowering blood pressure by reducing the amount of cortisol in your bloodstream. The substance responsible for this reduction in cortisol is chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid has many beneficial effects on the body, one of which is hypertension relief. A scientific study showed the intense heat in the coffee bean roasting process reduces the content of this life-changing substance. With green coffee bean extract, you keep the chlorogenic acid intact and maintain your cortisol levels in check.

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2. It Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking coffee is a common way people choose to boost their weight loss. The caffeine in coffee helps gym-goers complete their intense workouts while stimulating thermogenesis. The temporary reduction in the desire to eat helps keep you from munching on your favorite snack and packing on the calories.

Lab mice that were given green coffee beans showed suppression in fat accumulation. In humans, adiponectin, the hormone responsible for boosting metabolism, increases when you consume green coffee bean extract.

3. It Helps Lower Your Blood Sugar

Chlorogenic acid not only helps reduce blood pressure but can increase insulin sensitivity and stabilize blood sugar levels. With approximately 1 in 10 people in the United States having diabetes, it’s apparent that the ability to regulate blood sugar is essential for millions of people.

Combined with healthy eating habits, drinking green coffee bean extract three to four times a day can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 30%.

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4. It May Reduce Your Cholesterol

The health of your heart and blood vessels is another area that green coffee beans can contribute. Green coffee bean extract may help you reduce your cholesterol, as this study suggests. Lab rats given coffee beans showed a reduction of plasma cholesterol and triglycerides by 40-50%.

5. It Increases Your Energy

The caffeine in green coffee bean extract offers a moderate boost in energy enough for getting through a tough morning without the subsequent crash. This happens because unroasted coffee beans have less caffeine than the roasted beans used for your regular cup of coffee. The increased chlorogenic acid content of green coffee beans enhances your cognitive function so you can remain alert and perform your daily tasks optimally. This is good news for slow starters or people who tend to run out of energy during their day.

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6. It Improves Your Skin

Green coffee bean extract improves the quality of your skin by helping it remain hydrated. Chlorogenic acid not only keeps your skin’s moisture from evaporating but also aids blood flow to the skin. This means that essential nutrients can reach your skin and provide the building blocks necessary for it to repair and remain smooth. Green coffee bean extract also enhances your skin’s ability to protect itself from the harmful effects of UV rays.

7. It Has Anti-Aging Effects

Chlorogenic acid comes to the rescue once again as its antioxidant properties help your body eliminate free radicals, a common culprit in the aging process. Free radicals can break down your DNA, causing damage to accumulate over time and accelerate the body’s wear and tear.

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8. It May Help Prevent Cancer

Enjoying a delicious beverage and mitigating cancer risk is a combination that green coffee bean extract users enjoy. Research findings indicate that green coffee beans contain a potent cancer-fighting molecule that is particularly helpful in preventing colon cancer. What is this miracle molecule? It’s none other than chlorogenic acid complex (CGA7).

9. It Improves Mood

The caffeine content of green coffee beans allows for a larger amount of dopamine to be present in your system. Known as the “feelgood hormone,” dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain and used as chemical communication between neurons. When you consume green coffee bean extract, the caffeine blocks the reabsorption of the hormone into your body. This means that you feel better for a longer period.

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Image Credit: KevinRojas, Pixabay

10. It Detoxifies

Green coffee beans help your body rid itself of the waste produced through its day-to-day function. It cleanses the liver naturally, helping it eliminate toxins, excess cholesterol, and unnecessary fats. With your liver in good shape, your body’s metabolism can fire on all cylinders, helping supercharge weight loss and all the other benefits mentioned above.

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For those who enjoy coffee but seek a milder-tasting beverage that has a long list of health benefits, green coffee bean extract is a great choice. Its moderate caffeine content offers a tamer experience for people who want a little extra energy without the crash that comes with potent stimulants.

The evidence behind green coffee bean extract’s ability to help treat diabetes while preventing heart disease and cancer is growing. The presence of the multi-purpose chlorogenic acid molecule is the key element that sets green coffee bean extract apart from roasted coffee.

Green coffee bean extract is safe for most healthy adults to consume. People who experience insomnia and anxiety should avoid excess intake as it may exacerbate their condition as any other stimulant will.

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