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How Much Caffeine Is in Sunup Pure Green Coffee? 2023 Breakdown

Sunup - Pure Green Coffee

You have several options for getting your caffeine kick these days that differ from a regular cup of coffee. Sunup pure green coffee drink is one of the ways and is a refreshing, high-energy brew made from only one ingredient: organic green coffee beans. It has a smooth taste that can be compared to homemade tea, with no roasted flavor or bitterness from roasting.

Sunup Green Coffee is twice as strong as regular coffee, with more antioxidants and 200 milligrams (mg) of caffeine.

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What Is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is made from unroasted coffee beans derived from Coffea fruits and has a higher concentration of chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee. Green coffee contains caffeine as well, but in smaller amounts than regular coffee.

By brewing raw coffee beans rather than roasted coffee beans, the coffee has higher levels of natural compounds and fewer by-products of the high-temperature roasting process. The antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid, which promotes health and well-being, is preserved in the process.

green coffee beans
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How Much Caffeine in Green Coffee?

In general, green coffee contains less caffeine than black coffee. The caffeine content of the beans is the same whether they are roasted or green. The roasting process has no effect on the caffeine content, but it does change the bean volume for a given weight. Roasting causes the coffee beans to shrink and lighten and allows the beans to be ground prior to brewing. Grinding exposes more surface area of the bean, increasing the possibility of caffeine being released.

100 grams of black coffee has more bean surface area than 100 grams of raw green coffee beans, and the more surface area of the bean in your cup, the more caffeine in your coffee.

Average Caffeine Content in a Cup of Coffee

Green coffee 20 mg
Black coffee 100 mg

How Much Caffeine in Sunup Green Coffee?

Sunup’s 11-ounce can contain 200 mg of caffeine and 200 mg of antioxidants, which is equivalent to two cups of coffee without the roasted bitterness.

Sunup Pure Green Coffee

How Much Sunup Can You Drink a Day?

Green coffee beans, like roasted coffee, naturally contain caffeine. Although moderate caffeine consumption is safe for most healthy people, excessive caffeine consumption can have negative side effects.

Caffeine should not be consumed in excess of 400 mg per day by healthy adults. That’s roughly four 8-ounce cups of brewed coffee or ten cans of cola. Teens should limit their caffeine consumption to less than 100 mg daily (one 8-ounce cup of coffee or about two cans of cola).

An 11-ounce can of Sunup Green Coffee contains 200 mg of caffeine. One Sunup should be the daily limit if accompanied by another caffeinated drink, and if Sunup is the only source of caffeine for the day, then two drinks are the recommended daily limit.

Here is a comparison table of other caffeinated cold drinks that are regularly enjoyed:

Drink Serving size Caffeine
Sunup green coffee 11 oz 200mg
Chameleon coffee cold brew 8 oz 520 mg
Pure leaf iced tea 18.5 oz 69 mg
Honest honey green tea 16 oz 94 mg

Here is a comparison table of popular caffeinated hot drinks:

Drink 8 oz Caffeine
Coffee 163 mg
Decaf 1.5 oz 5.6 mg
Espresso 77 mg
Green tea 18 mg
Tea 28 mg
green coffee beans
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Health Benefits of Green Coffee

Green coffee is becoming more popular in the health community. It is well known for its properties in assisting weight loss, but those studies are not yet definitive, and more research is needed. Other than weight loss, green tea has other health benefits. It contains an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid that can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and reduce blood pressure.

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With a recommended daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine a day, if you choose to drink Sunup, two cans a day would reach your daily limit.

While green coffee is high in caffeine, it is said to have a few health benefits. Sunup provides a refreshing drink that gives you an energy kick without the extras that other cold drinks contain, like sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

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