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10 Best Tim Hortons Iced Coffee Drinks: 2024 Options Ranked & Reviewed

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Tim Hortons is Canada’s premier coffee company. With great coffee, great service, and a stellar reputation, it isn’t surprising that so many people choose to visit the company’s shops. With iced coffee drinks on the rise in popularity those who love a cool sip often find themselves debating on what to try when they stop by Tim Hortons. Debate no longer. Here’s a list of the 10 best Tim Hortons iced coffee drinks to help you place the perfect order when you stop by for a coffee.

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The 10 Best Tim Hortons Iced Coffee Drinks

1. Iced Cappuccino

If you’re a routine visitor to Tim Hortons then you may have heard people talk about the Iced Capp. For those of us who aren’t up on the proper lingo, that’s an Iced Cappuccino. This cool iced beverage is a great way of perking yourself up on a hot day. The Iced Cappuccino is made using Tim Hortons’ signature coffee base then adding cream. For those who want fewer calories, you can substitute the cream for 2% milk. If you don’t mind a bit of sweetness they even offer an Iced Cappuccino Supreme that features whipped cream and a bit of chocolate drizzle to make things even more amazing.

2. Iced Capp with Chocolate Milk

While we’re on the subject of the Iced Cappuccino, you can’t talk about the best Tim Hortons iced coffee drinks without mentioning the Iced Capp with Chocolate Milk. For fans of chocolate, this is the perfect go-to. You’ll notice that the chocolate milk makes the drink richer and even lightens it slightly. Just like with the original Iced Cappuccino, you can ask for a supreme and get whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

3. Iced French Vanilla Coffee

Tim Hortons’ French Vanilla Coffee has been one of Canada’s favorite drinks for quite some time. Now, lovers of iced coffee beverages can experience the greatness. According to fans of this drink, both the hot and cold versions, a Tim Hortons French Vanilla coffee has the perfect blend of vanilla and coffee. Make sure to give it a try when you’re looking for an iced coffee drink to love.

4. Iced Coffee

It may sound simple enough but Tim Hortons Iced Coffee is easily one of the most popular iced drinks on the menu. Most stores make this beverage by using Tim Hortons’ signature premium blend and pouring it over ice. If you’re a fan of their coffee, you’ll love it. If you’re new to the chain and feel this drink isn’t sweet enough, they have several flavors you can add to shake things up.

5. Iced Americano

If you want things straightforward and on the cool side, the Iced Americano may be your safest bet. This tasty drink is made using an espresso shot that is topped with cold water. Add a little ice afterward and you have an unsweetened, iced coffee beverage that fans of simple coffee will love.

6. Iced Latte

Many people feel that an Iced Latte at Tim Hortons is the same as the store’s Iced Coffee. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re wrong. An Iced Latte is made with espresso, not regular coffee. This gives you that extra kick you need. Add in the milk used to sweeten this iced coffee drink and you’ll see why so many people love it.

7. Iced Mocha Latte

Like a plain latte, the Iced Mocha Latte is made using chilled espresso and sweetened with chocolate milk. This is a great iced coffee drink for the chocolate lover in you, especially the one that wants a kick of caffeine with their sugary indulgence.

8. Iced Espresso Matcha

When you can’t choose between tea and coffee, why not go for a dirty tea combo? With Tim Hortons’ Iced Espresso Matcha you get the best of both worlds. This drink is made using espresso, milk, and of course, matcha tea powder. There are no syrups or other sweeteners added. But don’t worry, the matcha powder itself is sweet enough to make this drink tasty.

9. Iced Macchiato with Maple

Tim Hortons is a Canadian-based coffee chain. It only makes sense that they would add a bit of maple to a drink. The Iced Macchiato with Maple features espresso poured over cold milk. This changes things up a bit from a typical latte. The addition of the maple flavoring really offers a sweet treat once you take your first sip.

10. Nitro Cold Brew

No true coffee chain can offer their customers iced beverages without putting a Nitro Cold Brew on the menu. At Tim Hortons, the Nitro Cold Brew is steeped for 16 hours and then infused with nitrogen. This iced coffee drink is smooth and refreshing for those who can’t do without their cold brews.

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If you’re stopping by Tim Hortons in hopes of cooling down with an iced coffee drink, they have you covered. The 10 drinks on this list feature the store’s signature coffee with a few additions to make them tasty, sweet, and cool. If you’re unsure of what you want to try, refer to this list. We’re sure you’ll find a new favorite you’ll want to add to your go-to list of coffee treats.

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