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9 Best Coffee Shops in Jacksonville 2024: Try One Today!

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Florida is known for sunshine, beaches, and a laidback lifestyle. It’s also home to some of the best coffee shops around. While coffee shops may be on every street corner, finding the best ones takes a bit of time and effort. We’ve done that for you. Here’s a look at our picks for the 9 best coffee shops in Jacksonville, Florida to get you started on your coffee journey in this amazing state.

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The 9 Best Coffee Shops in Jacksonville

1. Setlan Coffee Co.

Setlan Coffee Co. logo

  • 1435 Naldo Ave. Jacksonville, FL

If you love a great-tasting coffee and a touch of whimsical style in one place, Setlan Coffee is the place for you. When visiting this shop, you’ll order from their trailer then make your way over to sit outside under the floating umbrellas. Did we mention they also have a floating plane? Yes, all this style and excellent service to match.

2. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters logo

  • 869 Stockton St. Riverside, FL
  • 2400 3rd St. S, Unit 200, Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • 1905 Hendricks Ave. San Marco, FL

All beans at Bold Bean Coffee Roaster’s multiple locations are sustainably sourced and locally roasted. Their coffee drinks are sublime and the atmosphere is welcoming. You’ll spend time sitting by open windows while enjoying your tasty coffee with lots of people around to start a good conversation.

3. Vagabond Coffee

Vagabond Coffee logo

  • 934 Edgewood Ave. S, Jacksonville, FL

When you’re looking for a coffee shop that is welcoming to everyone who walks through the door, you must visit Vagabond. With a wide variety of espresso-based drinks and cold brews, you’ll easily find the perfect coffee drink for your tastes. Make sure to check out the fresh pastries when you stop by too—they are delicious!

4. Brew Five Points

Brew Five Points logo

  • 1024 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL

When you’re in the mood for coffee and a bite for brunch, Brew Five Points is an excellent choice. They have a tasty lunch menu and amazing coffee drinks. Inside is ideal for grabbing snapshots with your friends of getting a bit of work done while enjoying the city.

5. Social Grounds Coffee Company

Social Grounds Coffee Company logo

  • 1712 N Main St. Jacksonville, FL

If you want more than coffee in your day, Social Grounds may be the place for you to visit. As a veteran-owned business, this shop helps veterans throughout the walks of their lives. While visiting you can expect great conversation, delicious coffee, and even fresh beans to take home if you choose.

6. Southern Grounds

Southern Grounds logo

  • 1671 Atlantic Blvd. San Marco, FL
  • 3562 St Johns Ave. Avondale, FL
  • 200 1st St. Neptune Beach, FL

Whether you enjoy inside or outside seating, Southern Ground has what you’re looking for and more. This coffee shop features a full menu of coffee-based drinks, breakfast foods, and three locations to choose from.

7. Brass Tacks Coffee Co.

Brass Tacks Coffee Co. logo

  • 4352 Southside Blvd. Jacksonville, FL

For a coffee shop with friendly baristas and cute décor, Brass Tacks may be the answer. This shop’s mission is to “stay sharp” by offering amazing coffee drinks that are expertly executed. The menu is easy to understand and the overall vibe is ideal for sitting and staying awhile.

8. The Flamingo

The Flamingo logo

  • 1176 Edgewood Ave. S #1, Jacksonville, FL

The Flamingo has everything you’re looking for. Great coffee, wine, beer, and even tasty baked goods. If you’re out enjoying Jacksonville and looking for the perfect place to unwind, this is one of the spots you should definitely check out.

9. The Brick Coffee House

The Brick Coffee House logo

  • 214 N Hogan St., Jacksonville, FL

The name says it all when it comes to The Brick Coffee House. This brick-walled shop is the ideal place to order a deliciously crafted coffee drink or bite to eat on a busy day. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere, the people, and most especially the taste.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, Jacksonville has some of the best coffee shops you can find throughout the beautiful state of Florida. If you’re looking for a new place to try or simply want to visit the best there is while you’re visiting the sunshine state, this list is the perfect start for an amazing coffee journey.

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