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Is There Caffeine in Sprite? 2024 Breakdown


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Caffeine seems to be available just about anywhere, from coffee drinks to workout supplements. It’s a popular stimulant that helps people get through their day, especially in the early hours of the morning. Over 75% of the US population has some caffeine, which shows how important caffeine can be for many. Caffeine is even found in soft drinks, but not all of them contain soda.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi both have caffeine, but other popular sodas like Sprite don’t have any caffeine. Sprite is a fan-favorite of many, but it’s surprisingly caffeine-free. The crisp, lemon-lime soda has no caffeine and there are no plans to change that fact, so pass up the Sprite if you’re looking for a jolt of energy.

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Caffeine & Sprite

Although it may surprise some, Sprite has always been a caffeine-free drink. Coca-Cola, the company that owns Sprite, decided to sell it as a competitor to 7-Up. Since 7-Up is also caffeine-free and has always been caffeine-free, Coca-Cola went ahead and made its version of lemon-lime soda without America’s favorite stimulant.

Even other name brands and store brand lemon-lime sodas are almost always caffeine-free, except for Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew-like citrus drinks. Aside from those types of citrus drinks, Sprite, 7-Up, and other clear lemon-lime sodas are caffeine-free and plan on staying that way.

All About Sprite

When was Sprite created?

Sprite was first created in 1951 and was first sold in the United States in 1961, by the world-famous Coca-Cola company. Although its location of origin was West Germany and the name was completely different (Fanta Klare Zitrone), Sprite was brought over to the US to combat the growing popularity of 7-Up. Throughout the years, Sprite underwent many different changes in the logo, slogans, and demographics of advertising, maintaining its popularity even in today’s times.

What Flavor is Sprite?

The original flavor of Sprite is a lemon-lime citrus flavor, famous for the crispy, refreshing taste with the carbonation adding texture. Many flavors have been added to Sprite, both actively sold now and discontinued formulas. Flavors like cherry, orange, grape, and vanilla are all available in select retail locations, while others are region-specific or seasonal like Sprite Cranberry. Coca-Cola also variations of Sprite that had reduced sugar or no sugar, which helped lower the caloric count.

Is Sprite Bad for You?

Despite being fruit-flavored and a clear liquid, Sprite is still not a healthy choice. It’s high in sugar and sodium, as well as loaded with artificial flavoring and preservatives. One 20oz bottle can have over 230 calories, 50g of sugar, and 100mg of sodium, which can potentially lead to health issues if it becomes a habit. Although it’s not inherently dangerous to drink once in a while, Sprite is far from a good option in terms of a healthy diet.

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Sprite is a popular soft drink, famous for its crisp, refreshing taste. Sprite is a classic in multiple places around the world, with seasonal and regional limited-edition flavors occasionally released. Although it’s high in sugar, Sprite is caffeine-free and won’t give you a big energy boost. If you’re looking for a soda that contains caffeine, you’ll have to pass by the Sprite section and look elsewhere.

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