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17 Ingredients in G Fuel: Is This Energy Drink Really Healthier?

G Fuel Energy Drink Variety Packs

In 2012, an energy drink was introduced to an intended market, gamers. While more people than just gamers drink G Fuel, the ingredients in this drink are designed to be healthy, promote energy, and increase focus. The question is, are the claims true? Let’s take a look at G Fuel’s ingredients so we can better determine whether this drink is healthier than other energy drinks or not. First, we’ll look at the eight main ingredients in G Fuel. Then, we’ll discuss the five ingredients in the energy complex and the four ingredients in the focus complex. Let’s get started!

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The 8 Main Ingredients in G Fuel

1. Vitamin C

G Fuel contains 250 mg of vitamin C. Your maximum daily dose of this vitamin is 2,000 mg. Having vitamin C in your G Fuel is great for your body as you need vitamin C to stay healthy and help fight off diseases and illnesses.

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2. Vitamin E

There is 151U of vitamin E in G Fuel. Luckily, for your body, vitamin E is great for your brain, skin, and even your blood. You should be very careful when consuming vitamin E and never exceed your daily limits.

3. Niacin

You’ll find 15 mg of this B vitamin inside your G Fuel. This nutrient’s job is to help turn our food into the energy our bodies crave. This vitamin also helps aid the nervous system.

4. Vitamin B6

The 10 mg of vitamin B6 in G Fuel is added to help enhance your mood. Focusing on overall brain health, this vitamin is great for gamers who have tendencies to rage-quit.

5. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is used quite often to help with mood-enhancing and focus. The 10 mcg in G Fuel is also used to fight against megaloblastic anemia which can leave people feeling weak or tired.

6. Sodium

Most of us know that sodium is salt. There is 79 mg of sodium in G Fuel to help with the flavor. The amount added isn’t high and shouldn’t cause too many issues for people who must monitor their salt intake daily.

7. Calories

Yes, like most drinks, G Fuel has calories. What is surprising is the low amount. You’ll only find 15 calories in this mix. Calories are the energy the foods we eat contain and provide our bodies. This energy is what we burn. When losing weight, people keep up with how many calories they consume per day, as well as how much they burn.

8. Total Carbohydrates

Carbs are normally a good thing. When consumed in excess, however, they can cause the body to put on extra pounds. In G Fuel, you’ll only find 3 grams of total carbs. But what are carbs? Carbohydrates are starches, sugars, and fibers found in the foods we eat. While you may want to avoid them, to keep from gaining weight, your body needs a few carbs to stay healthy. This is why G Fuel made sure to keep a few in their formula.

The 5 Ingredients in G Fuel’s Energy Complex

Here’s a look at the ingredients used in G Fuel’s energy complex which is a mix of ingredients designed to provide energy to those who drink it.

9. Taurine

Taurine helps calm the nervous system and can positively impact brain function. It is also considered a wonder molecule and is safe when taken in proper doses. You’ll find that most energy drinks like G Fuel include this ingredient.

10. L-Citrulline Malate

L-Citrulline Malate is often used to improve blood flow. It helps relax the arteries and can improve endurance and fight off fatigue.

11. Caffeine

There’s 140 mg of caffeine in G Fuel. Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant often used in energy drinks. It helps promote energy and focus. Caffeine is relatively safe if not taken in large doses.

12. Glucuronolactone

Glucuronolactone is another ingredient that you’ll find in many of the energy drinks people consume. Like most of the other ingredients in G Fuel, it’s used to promote energy and alertness for gamers.

13. N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine-HCI

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine-HCI is an ingredient that naturally occurs inside the body of G Fuel drinkers. It helps promote healthy blood sugar levels and depression. It can also give the body energy which is the main reason it is included in G Fuel.

The 4 Ingredients in G Fuel’s Focus Complex

Like the energy complex, the focus complex is a mixture of ingredients designed with the sole purpose of helping promote better focus.

14. L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine aids in producing certain chemicals in your brain that improve the communication between the brain and your nerve cells. It also helps improve your mood, increase alertness, and improve your focus.

15. Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate has several benefits for the body. The way it acts is very similar to vitamin B, which is naturally created inside your body.

16. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

This amino acid is great at helping regulate pleasure and reward sensors in your brain. It also helps with memory and the improvement of motor skills. It makes sense that an energy drink aimed at gamers would include this ingredient.

17. Adenosine-5 Triphosphate Disodium Salt

This ingredient is ideal for gamers. It acts similarly to a storage vault. The energy it provides is stored away until you need it instead of wasting away.

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Antioxidant Complex

This complex, unlike the energy and focus complexes mentioned above, consists of over 2 dozen ingredients. These ingredients are mostly fruit extracts and powders. Other energy drinks often include these antioxidants. They are also part of the reason many energy drinks, including G Fuel, are so expensive. Fruit extracts and powders can cost quite a bit of money for drink makers.

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Is G Fuel Healthy?

G Fuel is promoted as a healthy energy drink for gamers that helps improve their focus and energy levels in hopes of keeping them going. Is it truly healthy? Actually, if drank in moderation, it is not bad for you. The only true issue with G Fuel is the high levels of vitamins inside. While too many vitamins can be dangerous, the levels found inside G Fuel would require several servings to be consumed daily to reach dangerous levels. If you take vitamin supplements, you should pay close attention to the amounts you are consuming while drinking G Fuel.

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As you can see, as an energy drink designed for gamers, G Fuel provides ingredients that help promote energy and focus, which people need when gaming. While this drink is relatively healthy, you should always remember that any energy drink you consume should be taken in moderation.


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