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How Much Caffeine Is In Full Throttle Energy Drinks? 2024 Breakdown

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Caffeine is the fuel for productivity. Our culture glamorizes consuming beverages with this stimulant by showing us advertisements with smart entrepreneurs sipping lattes at their desks or young people having a good time while drinking soda. Full Throttle labels their consumers as heroes and frequently depict their energy drinks being consumed by firefighters, police, or men in the military.1

The idea is that caffeine gives us the energy to hustle through our busy schedules and helps us feel happy on our days off. But how much caffeine is good for us? And does the Full Throttle energy drink caffeine content stay within the recommended guidelines? A 16-ounce can of Full Throttle contains 160 mg of caffeine. Continue reading to find out.

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How Much Caffeine Should We Consume In a Day?

According to the FDA, the standard recommended guideline for caffeine is no more than 400 mg per day. However, this number doesn’t account for any other factors such as age or pregnancy. Every individual is different, so 400 mg is more of an estimate than an accurate calculation.

Full Throttle energy drinks run in the middle of this estimate. A 16 oz. can contains 160 mg of caffeine, but the recommended serving size is two servings per drink. Therefore an 8 oz. serving contains 80 mg of caffeine.

According to the recommended amount of 400 mg, it would be safe for a typical person to consume up to two cans of Full Throttle every day. How does this compare to other energy drinks? Here’s a chart of 10 popular energy drinks and how they compare.

Full Throttle Energy Drink Citrus

Caffeine in 10 Popular Energy Drinks

Red Bull* 150 mg
Monster Energy* 160 mg
Bang Energy 300 mg
Rockstar Energy 160 mg
NOS Energy 160 mg
Reign Energy 300 mg
Burn Energy 150 mg
Mountain Dew Energy Drinks 180 mg
Full Throttle 160 mg
Spike Hardcore Energy 350 mg

*Both Monster and Red Bull have zero-sugar forms of their energy drinks, but the caffeine level is the same as their regular varieties.

Full Throttle features a typical amount of caffeine in an energy drink, which is usually around 150-160 mg. Some energy drinks such as Reign and Spike Hardcore can have up to 350 mg, which is almost the total recommended amount for the entire day.

When it was first created in the mid-2000s, Full Throttle was available in a variety of flavors, but currently it is only offered in Original Citrus and True Blue. Both flavors contain the same amount of caffeine.

Energy shots are another popular choice for a quick pick-me-up, and they often contain even more caffeine than energy drinks. Here’s how the top 4 choices for energy shots compare to Full Throttle.

Full Throttle Energy Drink Blue Agave

How Four Common Energy Shots Compare to Full Throttle

5 Hour Energy 200 mg per 2 oz. bottle
Tweaker Shot 275 mg per 2 oz. bottle
Stacker Extreme 205 mg per 2 oz. bottle
Bang Shot 300 mg per 3 oz. bottle
Full Throttle 160 mg per 16 oz. can

How Does Full Throttle Caffeine Content Compare to Coffee Caffeine Content?

Of course, the classic choice for caffeine consumption is a good old cup of coffee. But did you know that even your cup of Joe doesn’t have a standard amount of caffeine? A typical drip coffee made at home from popular grocery store brands hovers around 70-140 mg of caffeine, or 95 mg on average.

This varies greatly, however, depending on the brand and the size of your cup! In contrast, commercial coffee from chains like Starbucks contains considerably more caffeine. Here’s the average amount of caffeine found in a few common coffee drinks.

Full Throttle Energy Drink Full Citrus

Coffee vs. Full Throttle

A typical cup of coffee brewed at home 70-140 mg
Starbucks drip coffee 180-415 mg
Standard Single Shot of Espresso 63 mg
Single Shot of Espresso at Starbucks 75 mg
Starbucks DoubleShot Espresso 120 mg per 6.5 fl. oz. can
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee 155-360 mg
Full Throttle Energy 160 mg

Even a black drip coffee at Starbucks ranges between 180-415 mg of caffeine! Depending on the size and type of drink, your Starbucks craving probably contains more caffeine than a Full Throttle energy drink.

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In Conclusion

Whether you’re trying to find the strongest caffeine medium or you’re seeking to cut down on caffeine, it’s good to know how much caffeine is in what you drink. If you’re looking for a drink with a moderate amount of caffeine that doesn’t exceed the daily guidelines, Full Throttle could be the choice for you. Compared to other popular energy drinks, the caffeine amount in Full Throttle is pretty standard. But depending on what and brand of coffee you drink, Full Throttle may have more or less caffeine than your favorite coffee beverage.

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