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How Much Caffeine Is In a Dutch Bros Rebel? Complete Breakdown

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Caffeine (serving: 8.4 fl oz)
80 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

For those who want a kick of energy but are not in the mood for the taste of coffee, Dutch Bros has you covered. With the introduction of the company’s Blue Rebel Energy Drink, you can now stop by your local Dutch Bros to have them whip up a tasty drink using this energy drink as the base. What you will have is a refreshing drink with caffeine that can be whatever flavor you choose.

But just how much caffeine is in a Dutch Bros Rebel? Don’t worry. While the words energy drink may instantly make you think of high caffeine levels, the 80 mg of caffeine in the Dutch Bros Rebel base is considered a moderate amount. Let us take a deeper look at the Dutch Bros Rebel so you can decide whether you want to try one of these refreshing treats the next time you stop by your local shop.

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A Bit About Dutch Bros

Before you learn about the Dutch Bros Rebel drink, it helps to know a bit about the company itself. Dutch Bros is a United States-based company that started as a small brand in Georgia. Originally, the company sold its espressos on the street before opening its first franchise store in 2000. Of course, the company didn’t stop there. Currently, you will find Dutch Bros franchise stores in 11 states with no sign of slowing down.

The Dutch Bros Blue Rebel, the base energy drink for the Dutch Bros Rebel available in the company’s franchise stores, hit shelves in 2012. It marked the company’s emergence into the energy drink world. Nowadays, along with being the base of franchise store’s drinks, the Dutch Bros Blue Rebel energy drink is a popular energy drink available around the country.

What Is the Dutch Bros Rebel?

As we’ve already mentioned, the Dutch Bros Blue Rebel is the company’s popular energy drink. That isn’t where the story ends, however. The Dutch Bros Rebel comes into play when you use the plain Blue Rebel base and mix it with either regular or sugar-free syrups available at the Dutch Bros stores. If you visit the store or check out their page online, you can find a list of creatively named drinks that start by using this base and getting creative with syrups. A few of the most popular are the Aftershock, Double Rainbow, Electric Berry, Peach, Shark Attack, Unicorn Blood, and Gummy Bear.

Here’s a look at how the Dutch Bros Rebel’s caffeine content stands up to other beverages the company offers:

Dutch Bros Rebel 8.4 fluid ounces 80 mg of caffeine
Dutch Coffee 12 fluid ounces 93.5 mg of caffeine
Keto Americana 12 fluid ounces 93.5 mg of caffeine
Dutch Mocha 12 fluid ounces 101.5 mg of caffeine
Chai Latte 12 fluid ounces 40.65 mg of caffeine

The Dutch Bros Rebel vs Energy Drinks

Whether you go out to grab a Dutch Bros Blue Rebel or opt to have a Rebel made in-store using your favorite syrups, the caffeine level will be the same, 80 milligrams. This level of caffeine is the same as a Red Bull, but lower than many of the other coffee-based drinks served by the company. Luckily, for those looking for a boost of energy without too much caffeine, the Dutch Bros Rebel could be the answer.

Here’s a look at how the Dutch Bros Rebel’s caffeine content stacks up against some of the most popular energy drinks on the market:

Dutch Bros Rebel 8.4 fluid ounces 80 mg of caffeine
Red Bull 8.46 fluid ounces 80 mg of caffeine
Monster Energy 16 fluid ounces 160 mg of caffeine
Rockstar Energy 16 fluid ounces 160 mg of caffeine
Bang Energy 16 fluid ounces 300 mg of caffeine

Is the Caffeine in a Dutch Bros Rebel Safe?

When it comes to how much caffeine is safe to consume, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA recommends no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day for a healthy adult. The key, however, is to keep in mind that this amount takes in all the caffeine you consume. Caffeine can be found in your coffee, the sodas you drink, and even the chocolate you eat. You could safely consume a Dutch Bros Rebel of your choosing without reaching your daily limit, but if you fuel yourself with lots of caffeinated foods and beverages throughout the day you should be careful and monitor yourself for signs that you’ve consumed too much.

Here are a few side effects you may experience when you’ve consumed too much caffeine throughout the day. If you notice any of these issues, lower your caffeine amounts or speak to your doctor.

  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Dehydration
  • Shakiness

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Final Thoughts

Whether you drink a Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink or stop by a local shop to have a Dutch Bros Rebel whipped up using your favorite flavors, the caffeine amount of 80 mg stays the same. This is due to the popular energy drink serving as the base for the beverages offered at Dutch Bros locations. You can easily receive a boost of energy and enjoy a tasty drink, without the need for coffee or worries of side effects, as long as you keep an eye out on the amount of caffeine you’re consuming daily. When it comes to the flavor combinations available with the Dutch Bros Rebel, this makes it easier to enjoy one of these tasty drinks and have fun coming up with great concoctions for you and your friends.

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