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How Much Caffeine Is In Bang Sweet Tea? 2024 Breakdown


Caffeine (serving: 16 fl oz)
300 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

One of the most popular drinks in the southern half of the United States is sweet tea. The reason is an interesting story involving prohibition, crystal glasses, and alcohol. All three were served together for years in the south, but when prohibition took over, only the glasses and tea were left. The drink persevered and, today, is still a heavy favorite for America’s favorite drink.

Like all sweet teas, Bang Sweet Tea has caffeine. However, because it is also an “energy drink,” Bang Sweet Tea has a lot more. Bang Sweet Tea contains 300 milligrams, about seven times the caffeine you’ll get in a regular, 16-ounce serving of “regular” sweet tea. Read on to learn more about the caffeine content of Bang Sweet Tea and how it matches up to other energy drinks!

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How Much Caffeine Does Sweet Tea Contain?

Like coffee, tea contains caffeine, but, in most cases, it has a bit less of the focus-providing substance. The typical 8-ounce glass of sweet tea contains about 20 milligrams of caffeine, whereas the typical 8-ounce cup of coffee has double that, about 40 milligrams. That would give a 16-ounce glass of sweet tea about 40 milligrams of java, much less than a 16-ounce can of Bang Sweet Tea which, as we now know, contains about 300 milligrams.

What’s truly interesting is that, in tea, caffeine isn’t called caffeine but, instead, is called theine. That’s not the only difference, either. For example, theine contains polyphenols,  a class of compounds found in many foods. Because of these polyphenols, theine goes into your bloodstream slower than caffeine, gives you less of a quick buzz, and doesn’t give you the inevitable crash after drinking.

Bang Sweet Tea is made with theine from black tea extract, which means it’s less potent than the caffeine in regular coffee. However, since the manufacturer puts 300 milligrams of the stuff into every can, the “jolt” you get from it is similar to espresso and other highly caffeinated beverages.

Bang Lemon Drop Sweet Ice Tea Energy Drink

Caffeine Content Comparison

How Does Bang Sweet Tea Compare to Other Energy Drinks?

Bang Sweet Tea has as much as some of the energy drinks with the highest amount of caffeine, including Redline Xtreme and Breinfuel. Below is a comparison chart to give you a better idea of how Bang Sweet Tea compares to other energy drinks in terms of caffeine content.

Energy Drink Caffeine Content
Bang Sweet Tea 300 milligrams
Breinfuel 360 milligrams
5-Hour Energy 200 milligrams
Ghost 200 milligrams
Monster Energy 90 milligrams
Red Bull 110 milligrams
Redline Xtreme 316 milligrams
Rockstar 260 milligrams
Spike Hardcore 350 milligrams

How Does Bang Sweet Tea Compare to Other Teas?

As an energy drink, it’s not surprising that Bang Sweet Tea has more caffeine than regular tea drinks. The question is, how much more? The chart below will give you a much clearer idea.

Energy Drink Caffeine Content
Bang Sweet Tea 300 milligrams
Regular sweet tea 42 milligrams
Black Tea (brewed 5 minutes) 27 milligrams
Green tea (brewed 5 minutes) 21 milligrams
Lipton Tea 56 milligrams
Instant Tea 40 milligrams
Lipton Iced tea 20 milligrams
McDonald’s Sweet Tea 24 milligrams
Arizona Iced Tea 20 milligrams
Nestea Iced tea 10 milligrams

Bang Wyldin Watermelon Sweet Ice Tea Energy Drink

All About Tea Energy Drinks

Everyone knows that coffee is the drink of choice in the morning when you need a boost of energy and focus. However, some people don’t want a hot beverage. That’s where Bang Sweet Tea and other products like it come into play.

Energy drinks made with tea offer a different way to get caffeine (or theine). That’s why sweet tea energy drinks have become so popular because they provide something that’s different from your regular tea drinks, plus the added energy boost that most often comes from coffee.

Fun Facts about Bang Sweet Tea

3 Delicious Flavors: Bang Sweet Tea comes in 3 flavors, including Georgia Peach, Lemon Drop, and Sweet Iced tea. The Georgia Peach flavor is the most popular.

Its Not Carbonated: Unlike many popular energy drinks, Bang Sweet Tea is not carbonated.

It Has Sucralose: – Many energy drinks today use artificial sweeteners, and Bang Sweet Tea is one of them. The drink contains Sucralose, one of the most well-known of the “fake” sugars.

10X More Than Coke: Bang Sweet Tea contains 300 milligrams of caffeine, about 10 times more than the average can of Coca-Cola.

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Final Thoughts

How much caffeine is in Bang Sweet Tea? Quite a bit, actually, at 300 milligrams. That’s as much as two to three cups of regular coffee but not as much as some energy drinks. For example, Breinfuel has a whopping 360 milligrams, and several others have over 300 milligrams. If you live in the south or just like tea more than coffee, Bang Sweet Tea is a great choice, which will provide a quick energy boost.

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