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How Much Caffeine Is in Alpine Start Instant? 2024 Breakdown

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee Variety

Caffeine (serving: 8 fl oz)
120 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

It is nice to wake up each morning, brew a cup of coffee, then slip on your favorite fuzzy slippers and cozy up on the porch to enjoy the morning. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy this blissful type of wake-up. Instead, for many people in the world, kids are screaming, dogs are barking, work is calling, or classes are starting. For those people, the ones who wish they had time to sit and enjoy their coffee, instant coffee is your best friend.

While certain people give instant coffee a bad reputation, it’s clear to see the world of instant coffee is doing better when it comes to taste. Look at Alpine Start Instant. This coffee is known for its great taste and ability to wake you up. It’s also a favorite of caffeine lovers. Why you might ask? The answer is simple. Alpine Start Instant has a high caffeine content for instant coffee with each cup containing 120 mg of caffeine.

Let’s learn a bit more about Alpine Start Instant, the caffeine inside, and whether the amount of caffeine in a serving of this instant coffee is too much.

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The Story of Alpine Start Instant

Instant coffee has been around for ages. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been considered tasty. The unpleasant taste associated with instant coffee is what got mountain climber Matt Segal wanting to provide people like himself, those with busy lives, a better-tasting coffee.

On a climb in British Columbia, Matt had enough. He drank a lot of coffee each morning to help him stay alert on his adventures and could no longer stomach the brews in his cup. To create a better instant coffee, he reached out to his friend and natural food enthusiast Alex Hanifan. While Matt didn’t really have a lot of business experience, he did have a vision and drive. Alex and her knowledge of the food and business world was the perfect partner. Before long, the two of them had boots on the ground and a product on the rise.

The flagship coffee the duo created is crafted from high-quality Arabica beans from Colombia. They even kept the issue of measuring the perfect spoonful of instant at bay by creating pre-portioned packages. For coffee drinkers on the go, all they needed was hot water, or cold if they preferred. Once your cup has the water needed, the pre-measured package is added and you have a cup of great-tasting, high-energy coffee with 120 mg of caffeine in your cup.

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee Coffee+Creamer

The Caffeine in Alpine Start Instant

We already mentioned that the beans used in Alpine Start Instant are 100% Arabica beans. However, the team at Alpine Start didn’t want a basic instant coffee. They wanted one for people who needed to be on the go. Whether it was climbing, working, school, or just dealing with life, caffeine was a requirement. Each pre-portioned package contains 120 mg of caffeine. This amount can be considered quite high. However, for those who have a high tolerance for caffeine, a couple of cups each morning shouldn’t be an issue.

Let’s see how the caffeine in Alpine Start Instant compares to other popular instant coffees on the market.

Starbucks Via 135 mg of caffeine per serving
Alpine Start Instant 120 mg of caffeine per serving
Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee 98 mg of caffeine per serving
Waka Colombian 70 mg of caffeine per serving
Nescafe 61 mg of caffeine per serving

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee Original Blend

Is the Caffeine in Alpine Start Instant Dangerous?

Everyone reacts to caffeine differently. There are people in the world who can drink caffeine, and lots of it, all day long and never have a negative side effect. Then others can enjoy one cup of coffee and have the jitters for hours. When it comes to caffeine consumption, you know yourself best.

If caffeine doesn’t sit well with you, Alpine Start Instant may not be the right instant coffee for you. When consuming caffeine, watch for signs like insomnia, headache, jitteriness, anxiety, upset stomach, and increased heart rate. If you experience any of these, cut back on your caffeine consumption and reach out to your doctor to discuss the issue.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an instant coffee that has great taste and lots of caffeine for your busy life, Alpine Start Instant is your answer. For those who aren’t huge consumers of caffeine, drink with caution. The 120 mg of caffeine in each pre-portioned package of this coffee can be considered quite high. As with any beverage high in caffeine, consume in moderation and pay close attention to your body for signs of any adverse reactions.

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