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How Much Caffeine Is in 7-Eleven Energy Shot? 2024 Breakdown


Caffeine (serving: 2 fl oz)
260 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

Most people have visited or heard of 7-Eleven. These convenience stores can be found around the country and are one of the most popular places to stop for gas, snacks, and drinks when you’re on the road. With the popularity of the brand, and the number of people that visit their stores each day, it only makes sense that 7-Eleven would carry a few of their own brands on their shelves. One of the brands they carry is their 7-Eleven energy shot also known as 7-Select.

Like most energy shots, 7-Select comes in a small, 2-ounce bottle. If you’re a fan of these little energy shots to get through a long day, you already know they are packed with caffeine to provide that energy. How much caffeine is in 7-Eleven’s energy shot? In one of these tiny bottles is 260 mg of caffeine, which is considered an extreme amount. Let’s take a look at these shots and how the caffeine inside compares to other caffeine shots and energy drinks on the market.

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Meet 7-Eleven

Although it has had other names, 7-Eleven has been around since 1927. John Jefferson Green, the founder of the chain, started as an ice salesman for the Southland Ice Company. Green came up with the idea of offering people in the area things they need without them having to drive so far to get them. With permission, Green started selling milk, bread, and eggs out of one of the Southland Ice Company stores. The idea was a success and a short time later Green bought the company he worked for and renamed it Southland Corporation.

It wasn’t until 1946 that the name we’re all familiar with would come into play. Wanting to reflect their new hours of operation, 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., Southland Corporation changed its name to 7-Eleven. Over the years since the name change, there have been ups and downs such as near bankruptcy, but as recently as 2021, 7-Eleven’s success is still apparent as they launched a $70 million ad campaign to remind customers they are more than a gas station.

The Caffeine in 7-Eleven Energy Shot

While 7-Eleven Energy Shots – or 7-Selects – feature an extreme amount of caffeine, they are a bit different than some of the other energy shots out there. Those other energy shots are made with synthetic caffeine. 7-Select energy shots are made using ingredients like green tea extract and yerba mate which are all naturally occurring. What’s the difference between naturally occurring and synthetic caffeine? Let’s take a look.

Synthetic Caffeine

Yes, caffeine can be made. Synthetic caffeine, like that found in many energy shots, is very similar to naturally occurring caffeine. It gives you the same stimulation as natural caffeine, but it’s made using urea and chloroacetic acid.

Natural Caffeine

Naturally occurring caffeine is found in more than 60 plant species around the world. Both natural and synthetic caffeine stimulate the brain and boost alertness. It can even help lower risks for certain illnesses and diseases.

How Do 7-Eleven Energy Shots Compare?

If you’re considering trying out the 7-Selects at your local 7-Eleven location, you may be curious as to how the 260 mg of caffeine inside each shot compares to other energy drinks you’ve tried. Having this information can help you decide whether these drinks are the right ones for you or if you should stick with what you’re used to. Check out comparisons here:

7-Select Energy Shots (2 fl oz serving) 260 mg of caffeine
5-Hour Energy Shot (1.93 fl oz serving) 200 mg of caffeine
E6 Energy Shot (1.93 fl oz serving) 235 mg of caffeine
Phoenix Energy Shot (2 fl oz serving) 280 mg of caffeine
Redline Xtreme Shot (3 fl oz serving) 300 mg of caffeine

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Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of energy shots, it’s clear that 7-Eleven energy shots, or 7-Select, are great options. Yes, they are high in caffeine, logging in at a whopping 260 mg of caffeine in each 2-ounce bottle, but the caffeine sources are pure and naturally occurring. As with any energy drink or source of high caffeine, drink responsibly and monitor your intake.

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