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How Much Caffeine Is In E6 Energy Shot? 2024 Breakdown


Caffeine (serving: 1.93 fl oz)
235 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine strength

Energy drinks have been popular for decades, but consumers have been clamoring for a new take on this classic product: energy shots. An energy shot contains a lot less liquid (2 ounces) with the same or more caffeine content as its larger cousin. That makes an energy shot even more potent than an energy drink because all that caffeine gets in your system quickly when you need it.

If you drink E6 Energy Shots, you may wonder how much caffeine is in them. Every 2-ounce shot of E6 contains 235 milligrams of caffeine, which is the equivalent of two to three cups of brewed coffee. Read on to learn more about E6 Energy Shots, like how their caffeine content compares to other energy shots, soft drinks, and your favorite coffee concoctions!

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How Much Caffeine Do Most Energy Shots Contain?

The caffeine content of the energy shots on the market today can vary from one to the next, but one thing is sure; they all contain a significant amount. That’s the point of an energy shot: to deliver a very fast energy boost in the easiest way possible. Since most rely on caffeine for the majority of the “energy” they provide, they contain quite a high amount, typically between 180 and 250 milligrams. In other words, it’s not unusual that all energy shots have a lot of caffeine, including E6 Energy Shots, because that’s what they’re all about. However, some do have significantly more caffeine than others.

E6 Fruit Punch Energy Shot 12 Pack

Caffeine Content of Energy Shots

The chart below will give you a good idea of how E6 compares to other brands.

Energy Shot Caffeine Content (Based on 2-ounce shot)
E6 Energy Shot 235 mg
Tweaker Sour Apple Energy Shots 275 mg
Ethan’s Organic Energy Shot 150 mg
XMODE Extra Strength Energy Shots 300 mg
5-Hour Energy 200 mg
Vitamin Energy Immune Shots 260 mg
Naked Fire Shots 100 mg
Bang Energy Shots 300 mg (3-ounce shots)
Forto Coffee Shot 200 mg
Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Shot 205 mg
Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots 150 mg
Eternal Energy Shot 230 mg
7-Eleven Energy Shot 260 mg
Balance Energy Shot 150 mg
Equip Pure Energy Shot 100 mg
Rip It Energy Shot 120 mg
Redline Xtreme Shot 300 mg
Jump Start Energy Shot 150 mg

E6 Energy Shots Compared to Coffee and Coffee Drinks

Coffee has been our go-to energy drink for thousands of years as caffeine does some wonderful things to the human brain. Hence, it is no surprise that many still get their daily dose of caffeine from java. If you’d like to compare E6 Energy shots and other shots to coffee and the more popular coffee drinks, the table below will help. Keep in mind that brewed coffee drinks can sometimes have much more or much less caffeine based on how they’re made.

Energy Shot Caffeine Content
E6 Energy Shot 235 mg
Cappuccino 75 mg
Cold Brew Coffee 155 mg
Espresso 75 mg
Frappuccino 65 mg
Flat White Coffee 130 mg
Iced Coffee 120 mg
Instant Coffee 63 mg
Latte 80 mg

E6 Berry Energy Shot

What, Exactly, Are Energy Shots?

An energy shot is more or less the same as an energy drink except in a much smaller and more convenient package. Like an energy drink, the point of any energy shot is to give you a fast energy boost. The difference is that an energy shot is usually 2 ounces of liquid, whereas an energy drink is usually 8, 12, or 16 ounces. That makes a big difference in how much liquid and how long you have to drink.

With an energy shot, you can get the equivalent of 2 to 4 cups of coffee into your body in a single gulp, with an absolute maximum of 2 gulps. One of the things many people like the most about energy shots is that they’re convenient to carry around, especially compared to large, bulky energy drinks (or a hot cup of coffee). You can, for example, put an energy shot in your pocket, your purse, or the glove compartment of your car with ease.

Fun Facts About E6 Energy Shots

  • Most energy shots are 1.9 ounces, which is .4 ounces more than an actual “shot” of alcohol.
  • Energy shots have been proven in scientific studies to boost your focus and concentration
  • The FDA does not regulate energy shots as they are considered a supplement, not a food.

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Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, a 2-ounce E6 Energy shot contains 235 milligrams of caffeine. That’s quite a bit when you consider the coffee would be 16 ounces of liquid compared to the 2 ounces in E6. If you’re always on the go, studying like a champ, or need a boost to get you over the afternoon slump, an E6 Energy Shot has 235 magnificent milligrams of caffeine to help you focus on the task at hand.

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